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Watch Dogs Legion storyline, gameplay, release, and review ratings.
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Watch Dogs Legion is an action-adventure game series developed by Ubisoft Toronto and published by Ubisoft.

It is currently in the third installment of the Watch Dogs series, a follow up to the sequel Watch Dogs 2. 

The game is set in a post-Brexit open world, a fictionalized description of modern-day London, England.

A beautiful feature of the yet to be released game is that it will give gamers control over multiple characters that are recruited in the settings of the game. 

However, these characters can be permanently lost or killed as playthrough advance, giving the game’s narratives a more dynamic outlook, meaning the player’s personal choices are crucial to the game’s outcome.

Watch Dogs Legion Storyline

Following the wake of events in Watch Dogs 2, the pace of artificial intelligence and automation development negatively affects the British economy.

Cryptocurrencies have dominated the pound, so unemployment and organized crime have become a norm. 

London hacker group, DedSec, aided by a new tech design AI called Bagley, investigates a criminal group known as “Zero Day” who nurture evil intentions to destroy the Houses of Parliament with explosive devices. 

However, Duncan Wolfe, an operative of DedSec, secretly infiltrate the building to stave off the attack and realize the group is impersonating DedSec to frame them for the attack.

Wolfe disarms the explosive.

However, it wasn’t enough to save the day as Zero-Day set off explosives wired around London, which throws the city into havoc and disorderliness. 

Before Wolfe tries to make known his discovery evidence on Zero Day impersonation, he is murdered by an unknown attacker who steals his findings.

In the aftermath of the chaos, the British government swung into action and tasked a private military company Albion to restore stability, law, and orderliness.

Private military company CEO Nigel Swiftly was granted the city COS (central Operating System) provided by tech company Blume to further expand his horizon in getting the city back in control. 

Nigel Swiftly begins chase on all DedSec operatives who he perceives are responsible for the city’s woes.

The hackers are forced to lay low, going underground to escape Nigel Swiftly Albion’s watchful eyes. 

Albion successfully restores calm to the city, but at London’s expense, becoming a surveillance state where citizens’ activities are always monitored, and personal choices are vastly limited.

In time DedSec resurfaces once the city is safe and begins to recruit new members among the city’s inhabitants to uncover the who behind the impersonation and city’s bombing and liberate London from its surveillance state.

In summary, Watch Dogs Legion’s storyline is about a branch of a London hacker group attempting to liberate the city from an intense surveillance state and clear its name framed for a string of terrorist attacks.

They recruit allies from inhabitants and seek answers to the who, the what, and the why concerning the attacks and thus uncover a deep conspiracy centered around the head of a private military organization in charge of the city’s brutal surveillance.

Watch Dogs Legion Gameplay

Watch Dogs Legion Trailer

Watch Dogs Legion is played from a third-person perspective.

Its environment setting is within an open world, a fictionalized representation of London in the future. 

Notable landmarks, boroughs, and cultural styles of the city are part of its encompassing setting.

A player would be able to navigate the city by foot, a variety of vehicles, or through the fast-traveling city’s underground stations. 

Players can partake in missions at any given time, thus permitting players to engage in side-activities or searching the city for hidden secrets.

Missions can be completed using any of three approach techniques: open-combat approach, stealth to elude enemies, and hacking to create distractions, traps, or to track objectives via cameras. 

The combat techniques focus on a variety of fighting skills in disarming and overpowering enemies using lethal or non-lethal firearms.

Stealth gives the ability to escape the enemies and achieving a quiet attack.

Hacking involves using a range of computerized tools using hackable environments, drones, and vehicles to get enemies off your trail.

Legion features another exciting aspect that makes the game all the more fun and endearing.

Unlike previous games of the series, Legion has a specific feature that allows players to recruit characters from the city for the hacker group DedSec.

These characters make up a listing that is available to the player to use in the game for specific missions and exploring the city with the choice to switch to any other character on the listing any time.

Other characters in the listing currently not in use continue their daily activities and life routine per their background and lifestyle until been called up for duty, i.e., contacted by DedSec for help.

Characters that can be recruited are assigned to one of three classes, which requires a particular set of skills and tools- enforcer, hacker, and infiltrator. 

More interesting is the characters’ customizable features.

Each character can be customized with several clothing options, as seen fit by the player, including a mask to use when infiltrating law prohibited areas and a variety of weapons taken from enemies or purchased.

Before the recruitment of a character, players would have to complete a mission for such character relating to a situation they are caught up in.

Upon being recruited, characters are at risk of being killed by criminal gangs or law officers during the playthrough, resulting in permanent removal of such character from the player’s listing of characters.

In a compromising situation, If a character is severely injured, players can explore the option to have the character surrender and plan a rescue mission at another timing or attempt an escape from pursuers but at the risk of the character being killed.

Players can team up to in cooperative gameplay and share progression between single-player.

Watch Dogs Legion Release Date

After a teaser of the game was shared on Twitter by Ubisoft on 5 June 2019, the announcement of Watch Dogs Legion was made at E3 2019.

At first, the game had been scheduled for release on 6 March 2020, which would see PC versions of the game exclusive to the Epic Games Store for a year.

However, the release date was pushed further.

In July 2020, Ubisoft announced a new release date, 29 October 2020. 

The game upon release would be available for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Stadia with later date to be announce for it availability for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions.

Will there be a Co-Op/Multiplayer?

Watch Dogs Legion Online Multiplayer
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Ubisoft confirmed a co-op multiplayer option within the game that would feature dedicated online missions and side-activitues.

This feature will allow a player to pair up with friends and engage in missions and several side activities like illegal couriering, knuckle boxing, freestyle soccer, and street art painting.

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