15 Games Like Terraria You Can Play Right Now

Top-15 Games Like Terraria You Can Play Right Now

Are there any games like Terraria? Check out our collection of similar and alternative games to Terraria.

As common with most successful video games, there are usually hundreds or more games developed in a similar imitation of such video game, and Terraria is no different.

Terraria, an action-adventure sandbox game developed by Re-Logic and first release in May 2011, has inspired the creation of several other games that are worth playing.

Terraria, which has sold over 30 million copies since its release, features the exploration of its 2D in-game world where players are required to craft, build, combat, and paint as part of its gameplay.

It is one of the most played indie games, and this article list out 15 games like Terraria, which is also worth playing.

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The Best Games Like Terraria; Similar and Alternative Games to Play

15. Crea


Although Crea RPG element differs from Terraria to a certain degree, it still holds a lot of comparison to Terraria.

Its adventure is nothing short of sizzling and exciting.

The fact that the game is mod-friendly, i.e., users can modify the in-game environment, characters to their taste is an added advantage.

The game boasts over 80 skills that a player can learn with the game’s talent system’s help.

Also, a variety of monstrous creatures a player will duel and don’t give us to explore.

If you are a fan of RPG and crafting games, no doubt you should check out Crea, for it combines a touch of RPG elements and a crafting gaming system.

14. It Lurks Below

It Lurks Below

It Lurks Below is an action, and yet survival, RPG game. Its gameplay and aesthetics hold a lot of similarities with Terraria.

Gamers acquainted with RPG games will find It Lurks Below general gameplay and characters satisfying.

Players will have to force their way through underground tunnels or levels where plenty of enemies lurk, and valuable items are held waiting to be retrieved.

Also, players would be required to go on quests, craft potions, and collect weapons based on the gameplay’s situation.

It is an exciting game lover of Terraria should check out.

13. Asteria


Asteria is an interesting indie game that offers all the excitement, gaming experience that Terraria offers.

As expected, its in-game open world is a sandbox, and players will find themselves in a world where they are required to explore, destroy, mine, collect, craft, and create almost anything.

In addition to its crafting and mining gameplay, Asteria features a bit of some sci-fi touches, which no doubt makes

Asteria much lively. Its multiplayer mode further makes Asteria exciting, and as an added advantage, it is mod-friendly.

12. Forager


Forager is one reputable game among several game titles that share synonymous gameplay to Terraria.

The aim of this game is simple but holds a lot of depth.

Players are required to buy a piece of land, then build and explore from the ground up as well as clear and develop other lands you purchase in a bid to unlock resources that can be effective to your gameplay.

That isn’t all; a player would also have to engage in combat, fight monsters to continue their quest for progress in the game, and also raid dungeons.

In all, Forager is an exciting and addictive game worthy of your attention, especially for crafting and survival gamers.

11. Alchemage


Alchemage is the ideal game to relax with after a stressful day.

It gives players a certain degree of freedom and delivers something close to a real-life adventure experience.

More importantly, it is strikingly similar to Terraria with eye-catching graphics.

It gameplay as players navigating their way in a mysterious land back home.

In this adventure to return home, players will encounter monsters they must fight against to survive and several other challenges that put an obstacle to stop them from returning home.

The game has a multiplayer mode to play with friends and family.

10. Treasure Adventure Game

Treasure Adventure Game

Although Treasure Adventure Game lacks in building elements, it makes up for it with exciting gameplay and an exploring 2D open-world along with the large percentage of similarity to Terraria.

One wouldn’t be wrong to name Treasure Adventure Game as the best 2D game in terms of exploration experience.

From interactive NPCs to different weather seasons and uncustomary in-game environments, Treasure Adventure Game is one rare exceptional 2D game.

It gameplay as players stepping into the role of an adventurer tasked with seeking treasures and engaging in various quests.

9. Epic Inventor

Epic Inventor

Imagine a game that features elements from both Terraria and Minecraft.

That exactly what Epic Inventor is.

This game is a combination of RPG, action, and sandbox elements, which puts together makes for addictive gameplay.

Players can explore and mine a randomly generated in-game world.

It offers both single-player and multiplayer modes of play.

In summary, its gameplay requires a player to collect special resources, build and crafts structures from different items.

Epic Inventor is the birth combination of two great games, Terraria and Minecraft, and most significantly an alternative to playing in place of Terraria.

8. Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight

There isn’t much to build or mine in Hollow Knight.

However, its exploration of its open world and its combat shares similarities with Terraria.

Its gameplay has a player exploring an underground labyrinth interlinked with several corridors and dungeons with a player required to combat at regular intervals.

You don’t need to play to notice it is influenced by Terraria; watching its gameplay will tell you all as long as you are acquainted with Terraria gameplay.

If you’re a fan of the Terraria game, you wouldn’t want to miss checking out Hollow Knight.

7. Dig-N-Rig


Dig-N-Rig was developed by students of DigiPen and emphasized the game’s mining and resource collection style, although on a simpler scale.

It gameplay as a mining robot digging deep into the depths of the earth, searching for resources.

Whatever resources found would be transformed into upgrades and tools. Its general style of play shares similarities to Terraria.

6. Deep World

Deep World

Deep World’s gameplay has depth and offers an intriguing crafting mechanism, which no doubt makes upon the general scale, an immersive gaming experience.

It shares similarities to Starbound and Terraria in several ways.

Deep world is a multiplayer game; hence it permits players’ interaction via its online gameplay, making for more gaming fun.

5. Craft The World

Craft The World

In Craft The World, a player is in charge of a dwarf kingdom and is tasked to build up the colony of the kingdom.

A player is also required to search for resources that will help in crafting items to build colonies.

In summary, a player has to build his dwarf kingdom and defend it against enemy threats.

Exploration is one functional play in Craft The World gameplay.

Craft The World is a touch of strategy and crafting that is primarily inspired by Terraria and delivers addictive gameplay to keep gamers hooked on for hours.

4. Don’t Starve

Don't Starve

Don’t Starve is a dark theme game that dwells on survival.

Its style of adventure is no doubt Terraria influenced.

Its gameplay has a player in a world of monsters and harmful creatures.

The goal is to survive through to the end while searching for resources to help in crafting tools that aid your survival adventure.

3. Starbound


Starbound is another game that bores striking similarity to Terraria from its looks to its gameplay.

It is filled with great, random element that offers intriguing and fresh gameplay experience.

So every time you play, notwithstanding a number of times of repeated play, for it always has something new to offer.

Its gameplay has players making stops at various planets where players will have to gather goods to build an empire.

It is a game that is bound to keep you hooked on to your screen.

2. Steamworld Dig

Lovers of Terraria would no doubt find Steamworld Dig interesting.

It is another game that emulates almost perfectly in its gameplay Terraria.

A player will step into the role of a female robot named Rusty.

Rusty goes on a mini adventure deep into the earth, digging for riches and treasures, and comes to face an ancient threat that he must overcome.

Once Rusty is back to the surface, he can sell whatever precious valuable he has mined for in-game cash and upgrades.

The in-game world of Steamworld Dig is randomized; therefore, each time a play plays, there is always something new to encounter or see.

1. Minecraft


One can’t talk about Terraria without mentioning Minecraft due to their remarkable similarity.

Minecraft is the most famous in the mining and survival genre of games.

It features similar gameplay activities of Terraria, such as mining for valuables, hunting monsters, and even exploring at your own will to create a story of your own.

Despite the fact that Minecraft graphics may not be eye-catching or stunning, its gameplay is addictive and immersive.

Minecraft is the defining game in the survival genre with a touch of adventure and RPG elements.

Final Words

Hope you enjoyed our collection of Games Like Terraria.

If you are fan of Terraria, these similar and alternative games will keep you entertained.

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