Resident Evil 3 Remake Review

Resident Evil 3 Remake Review

Resident Evil 3 is a survival horror game centering on the prequel and sequel of Resident Evil: Nemesis of 1999 and Resident Evil 2, which digs into the lives of two protagonist Jill Valentine and Carlos Olivera, in their escape to survive a zombie catastrophe while being under attack by intelligent bioweapon Nemesis.

Resident Evil 3 remake comes along with an online companion game called Resistance.

Like its predecessor, Resident Evil 3 remake expounds on gaming’s survival horror aspect with new redesigned locations and several key events to a modified story through a modern lens. 

Resident Evil 3
Platforms: Microsoft Windows PlayStation 4 Xbox One
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Genre: Survival horror
Mode: Single-player, multiplayer
Release Date:April 3, 2020

Resident Evil 3 Storyline

Jill Valentine attempts to escape Raccoon’s zombie-infested city leads her stumbling onto a fellow S.T.A.R.S. member Brad Vickers whom she saved from a zombie attack although already bitten.

Brad warns her of the incoming Nemesis threat, hunting down S.T.A.R.S. members stating they wouldn’t be able to make it out of the city, prompting Jill to redirect her steps to the police station in search of a secure way out of the city.

Brad ends up being killed by the Nemesis-T Type in his attempt to head after Jill to the station.

At the station, Jill encounters the zombies monster twice but escapes been bitten.

She comes in contact with a mercenary who works for the company responsible for the outbreak of the disaster in the character of Carlos Olivera.

She doesn’t trust him at first until after helping her escape another run-in with the Nemesis.

Carlos alerts her of a contingency escape plan set in place and together with two others, Sergeant Nikolai Zinoviev and Captain Mikhail Victor, they set in motion their escape plan by fixing a tram that would transport them outside to a clock tower where a helicopter would be waiting to pick up mercenaries upon the chiming of the Clock tower bell once rung as a signal.

However, their escape plan is foiled when Nemesis shows up again and attacks.

Captain Mikhail sacrifices himself to guarantee his squadmate escape and detonate a grenade that knocks Nemesis out of the tram.

Jill and Carlos ring the clock tower bell to signal the helicopter; unfortunately, Nemesis proves a thorn in their flesh as he shows up and shoots down the helicopter, forcing Jill and Carlos to face him in a fight.

The Nemesis wounds up being defeated, collapsing in a fire, but Jill gets infected with the t-virus.

Carlos sought safety in the chapel in the clock tower with an infected Jill, next heads to a nearby hospital where he creates a vaccine for the t-virus.

However, unknown to him, Sergeant Nikolai becomes a traitor and plant explosives around the hospital.

He, however, escapes the building before the explosion.

Carlos returns to Jill and injects in her the vaccine, which makes the t-virus inactive.

Their search for a new escape route leads them to a hut in Racoon Park’s cemetery with a secret room where they discovered the city is about to be destroyed in a missile attack.

Nikolai reveals his true self as a traitor to Jill and attempts to kill her, but the threat of a giant worm makes him run off, leaving Jill alone to face the creature she eventually kills.

Jill reunites with Carlos, and the duo discovers a way out of the city, a helipad with a chopper.

Before the final escape, Jill faces the Nemesis once more and must defeat him to escape.

If the Nemesis is defeated, based on several choices made by the player prior to reaching the facility, Jill will escape with Carlos in the chopper, or Nikolai would beat them to it before the missile strike.

If Nikolai beat them to it, the player can either destroy the chopper or try negotiating with Nikolai.

Whichever the choice, one thing is sure the player doesn’t leave with the helicopter.

Resident Evil 3 Gameplay

Players will step into the roles of two different characters, S.T.A.R.S. officer Jill Valentine and Mercenary of Umbrella Corporation, Carlos Oliveira.

The events of Resident Evil 3 takes place after Resident Evil but before Resident Evil 2. The game centers on Carlos and Jill in their bid to escape Raccoon City during the outbreak of the t-virus.

Escape proves a nightmare as they have to battle between zombies, a traitor, and a mutant.

Players will control Jill and Carlos throughout the game jumping between one of the two as the story plot uncovers their role.

As much as a player controls both characters, the player cannot have both character swap or share inventory as each character possesses their set of equipment and weapons.

For instance, Jill has in possession a lock prick useful in getting access to hard prohibited places.

In contrast, Carlos has in custody an assault rifle perfect for gunning down hundreds of zombies.

Switching between the two characters is a nice change of pace and adds more depth and intrigue to the story plot.

It helps a player get a perspective of the game outside of the character currently in their control.

As a follow-up with previous games, new additional features open up upon completion of Resident Evil 3, which allows players to acquire new weapons, costumes, and several other items.

This feature essentially gives the player the freedom to customise the next playthrough with the benefit of specific essential items to aid attack and defense capability been available.

Resident Evil 3 also features a multiplayer online mode, Resistance.

This mode pit four survivors against an antagonist.

It’s more of online horror.

The four survivors must implore several skills and tactics to defeat monsters and complete the game’s objectives to get through to the stage exit.

Simultaneously, the antagonist player observes the four survivors’ actions, sets various traps, exploits the environment, and calls forth monsters to hinder the group escape.

Resident Evil 3 Graphics

Resident Evil 3 graphic is nothing short of brilliant.

RE Engine didn’t disappoint; everything looks realistic and detailed, including the lighting and reflection.

A little graphical error would be in the outline of characters hair, which looks sort of a blur.

Also, the shrinking to 30 fps when enemies are farther away in the distance while the rest of the environmental scene and character moves at 60 fps.

It a little odd as it makes the entire game scene look distorted or out of place.

Aside from this minor criticism, the game’s graphic overall is excellent.

Resident Evil 3 Audio

Like the one of its predecessor, the music in the game tends to create a tense environment from its tunes.

Depending on the situation in the game, the music will take a switch of tune.

Zombies could be jumping at you from a number of corners, and suddenly, the music will come to live with a jumpy tune that will startle even a calm player.

It is up to par.

Resident Evil 3 Release

In December 2019, in an online PlayStation presentation, Resident Evil 3 was announced, and on March 19, 2020, a demo of the game was released along with a Resident Evil: Resistance beta on March 27.

April 3, 2020, saw the game’s release on PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One.

Critics praised the game for its excellent graphics, gameplay, and fast-paced horror.

The game has sold over 3 million copies to date.

Resident Evil 3 Verdict

Undoubtedly, Resident Evil 3 creates a positive first impression, especially with the new varied urban locations and online resistance mode.

It makes the opening hours of gaming incredibly addictive; however, it doesn’t keep up with the pace of that addictive energy that keeps players hooked on.

It becomes stale and routine.

has a strong start, but afterward, it is more of a retelling of the previous series.

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Resident Evil 3 Review
  • Graphics
  • Control
  • Music/ Sound F.X./ Voice acting
  • Play Value
  • Overall Rating- Great

Resident Evil 3 Summary

Graphics: The game’s graphic is strikingly cool, the visuals fantastic, and the atmosphere immersive except for few glitches in its frame rate. 

Control: Awesome, straight forward, even new players wouldn’t have a problem getting accustomed to the control within the first few clicks.

Music/ Sound F.X./ Voice acting: Fitting to the horror theme of the game. 

Play Value: With a satisfying story plot, gaming is fun but can become stale after long hours of play.

Overall Rating- Great: It’s a thrilling, nerve-racking game that would get you on the edge of your gaming chair.

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