Top-15 Horror Games like Alien Isolation

Top-15 Horror Games like Alien Isolation

Are there games like Alien Isolation? Check out our of similar and alternative games to Alien Isolation.

Alien: Isolation is one of the best sci-fi survival horror games ever released on multiple platforms featuring stealth and elite-tactical elements.

The game offers sufficient player freedom by non-combat tactics and scavenging as players strive to defeat their ultimate antagonist without prioritizing combat.

Alien: Isolation is terrifying, has retro-futuristic visuals, and a high replay value, but many players have rummaged for its alternatives as the Isolation’s intriguing moments linger in their hearts.

Here is a compilation of the best fifteen games like Alien Isolation.

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The Best Games Like Alien Isolation; Similar & Alternative Games to Play

15. The Persistence

The Persistence

The Persistence contains, horror and sci-fi elements like Alien: Isolation. It features an ill-fated space colony that you must survive in, despite its murderous and horrific aberrations.

Players are missioned to bring a spaceship back to earth, so combat, explore, upgrade abilities, and fabricate weapons to achieve your mission.

14. Penumbra: Black Plague

Penumbra: Black Plague

Penumbra: Black Plague is a psychological horror, adventure, and first-person shooter video game available on PC platforms.

Players will assume Philip’s role to combat aggravating terrors that threaten to derail him mentally.

Philip flees a cell, only to meet himself in a facility almost without human life.

His embarks on a journey to save his father but voices calling out from the darkness are his fiercest terrors.

13. Beyond Horror: Episode One, A Father’s Journey

Beyond Horror: Episode One, A Father’s Journey

You can tell from the game’s title, that it contains horror elements in its synopsis.

Rightly so, A Father’s Journey features the story of a father seeking to uncover the mystery behind the endless torment he suffers since his wife disappeared, and his daughter died in a camping trip.

Players will encounter several hostile creatures in the game world, and enjoy their share of suspense in the interwoven psychological horrors featured.

Amazingly, each chapter features a different theme and distinct gameplay that keeps the game fresh till the end.

A Father’s Journey is beyond horror as its name implies, featuring FPS, puzzle, action-adventure, survival and stealth elements.

12. Case: Animatronics

Case: Animatronics

You might mistake Case: Animatronics for a sci-fi game or action-adventure, but unlike its name sounds, it’s a horror game.

Players must escape the dilemma they find themselves after an anonymous hacker attacks a police station, locking the exists, and switching off the lights to create a panic-filled and terrifying atmosphere.

Survival is possible in this challenging, first-person shooter stealth game, but that depends on a player’s ability to handle the tension and make tactical decisions.

Case: Animatronics is available on PC, Mobile, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.

11. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

The Dark Descent was among the games that redefined the horror genre, and cemented its place in the gaming industry when Frictional Games initially released it in 2010.

It features protagonist Daniel who wakes up in a desolate castle with little information about how he got there.

Players are to solve several puzzles within the castle, but the highlight lies in the game’s terrifying light and shadow interplay, and the spawning monsters.

You can never be sure where the monsters are lurking in the extensive gothic castle, and the fast-spawning monsters can be so creepy.

Moreover, Amnesia: The Dark Descent is one of the most electrifying survival-horror games you can play in Alien: Isolation’s stead.

10. Blair Witch

Blair Witch

Blair Witch is similar to many horror films, starting out in an ordinary fashion but introducing horrific scenes as the story uncovers.

You and your dog will embark on a search mission for a lost child in a psychological horror story, unraveling supernatural mysteries as you get lost in the woods.

The Blair Witch video game was inspired by all three movies released by the American horror franchise Blair Witch.

Lionsgate Games initially released Blair Witch for the Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One platforms in 2019.

9. Outlast


Many horror games foster combat mechanics to aid survival but the story is quite different with Outlast, where players must hide or run to survive.

Players must assume control of freelance journalist, Mile’s Upshur and document the happenings at a psychiatric hospital, detailing the lunacy-inducing horrors they witness.

Outlast is a dark-themed game where your only light source is often your camera.

Meanwhile, batteries are scarce, so you most take important pictures to avoid wastage.

Outlast is quite challenging as you seem to always run out of options, but offers a very rewarding sensation after you escape hordes of murderous mentally-derailed patients.

8. Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2 is Silent Hill’s second primary entrant that integrates its prequel’s gameplay and storyline in updated mechanics.

The game is developed with tactical horror mechanics like its creepy town, ancient cult, and under-cover intruder.

Players are also provided with role-play elements as they assume control of James Sunderland who goes to Silent Hill town in response to his dead wife’s request.

However, the revealing ordeal in Silent Hill town is a psychological and terrifying account of betrayal, lust, love, and murder that serves as an Alien: Isolation alternative.

7. Slender: The Eight Pages

Slender: The Eight Pages

The Eight Pages is a frightening dark-themed horror video game filled with uncanny suspense, an expectation of peril, and a search for mysterious pages.

Players are to find these mysterious pages to uncover the anonymity behind a faceless black-clad figure that hunts them through a forest in the middle of the night.

Slender: The Eight Pages certainly isn’t so content-filled but offers a horror-packed escapade for your pastime.

Parsec Production initially released Slender: The Eight Pages in 2012.

6. Until Dawn

Until Dawn

What are your after thoughts after a horror-survival movie? That you could live through the whole gore and carnage?

If that is your thought, you can test your survival hypothesis in PS4-exclusive Until Dawn.

Assume control of eight teenagers and lead them through a carnage weekend at an isolated cabin from a psychotic killer’s reach.

You may liken Until Dawn’s tragic storyline to a high school horror-survival movie, but the gameplay mechanics adds the extra spice, allowing you make crucial decisions that affects the storyline.

5. Bloodborne


Bloodborne is more akin to the action-adventure genre than horror, but has the rudimentary horror elements in its gameplay.

Players will travel haunted castles, and combat some hostile, terrifying creatures like plague beasts and skeleton monsters.

Combating these creatures can be terrifying, considering Bloodborne’s well-timed spawns, difficulty, and fast-paced gameplay.

Bloodborne offers an electrifying experience, combining action-adventure, horror, and role-play elements in a gothic setting.

Sony Interactive Entertainment initially published Bloodborne on the PlayStation 4 console in 2015 and it has won the “Best Game Design” category at the British Academy Games Award.

4. The Last of Us

The Last of Us

The Last of Us portrays a sorrowful loss of humanity resulting from a parasitic zombie attack.

But what’s most captivating is the game’s boundless horde of perfectly-timed deadly attacks that scares the daylight out of many players, especially the horror-genre first-timers.

The game implements fluid and realistic character motions, well-developed relative animation systems, inspiring soundtracks, and a decent voice acting.

Players must strive to survive amidst the viral attack and conflicts between unaffected humans.

Sony Interactive Entertainment initially published The Last of Us on the PlayStation console in 2013 and released its sequel.

3. Prey


Prey prioritizes horror, but contains survival, first-person shooter, and role-play elements.

Players will take on Tommy’s role, trying to survive space abduction with his girlfriend and grandfather through the dark-themed outer-space game world.

Both games have similar mechanics and sci-fi synopsis, but Prey centers on action than Alien: Isolation while the contains more carnage features than earlier.

Prey requires, creativity, elite tactical reasoning, and discernment as you will encounter brutal shape-shifting aliens.

2. Resident Evil: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

The Resident Evil series is carnage and mind-blowing, featuring horror, survival, and action-adventure elements.

However, Biohazard is one of the most prominent Resident Evil’s title in the horror genre, adopting a high-level scare factor via its intense virtual reality mechanics and dark-themed game world.

The game offers an expansive game world where players must deal with several terrifying challenges that will keep them scared stiff, and survive on limited food, welfare supplies, and stealth weapons.

Resident Evil: Biohazard is available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, which makes it a creditable Alien: Isolation alternative if you have any of the above consoles.

1. Dead Space

Dead Space

The Dead Space series has some of the best horror-survival games in the industry, offering gore, picturesque landscapes, and tactical survival techniques that engage players.

It features a sci-fi setting that prioritizes stimulating horror elements even though the protagonist is fully armed with a plethora of assorted weapons.

Dead Space games have achieved wide-spread acclaims for their soundtracks and visuals, drawing comparisons with other prominent games in the industry like Alien: Isolation.

Electronic Arts (EA) initially released Dead Space in 2008 and its direct sequel Dead Space 2 emerged three years later.

Final Words

Hope you enjoyed our collection of games like Alien Isolation.

If you are a fan of Alien Isolation, these games would keep you entertained.

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