10 Hidden Objects Games Like June’s Journey

10 Hidden Objects Games Like June's Journey

Are there any hidden objects games like June’s Journey? Check out our collection of similar and alternative games to June’s Journey.

Of the multiple genres of games available, Hidden Objects games may not seem like an interesting genre, but the self-fulfillment and feeling of self-worth that comes after patiently completing a puzzle or spotting a cleverly hidden object can be said to be soothing.

No wonder gamers receive the famous hidden objects game June’s Journey, developed by Berlin-based mobile-first game developer, Wooga with open arms.

The game that rewards users with points after successfully finding cleverly hidden objects was launched on Facebook in 2017.

Since then, June’s Journey has progressed to become one of the very best games in the hidden object genre.

The interest players have in June’s Journey has expanded their hunger for hidden object games.

As a result, hidden object game lovers are always in a constant hunt for hidden object games that bear similarity to June’s Journey.

As a result, Gamingtell has taken it upon itself to bring the 10 best-hidden objects games like June’s Journey.

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Hidden Objects Games Like June’s Journey; Similar & Alternative Games to Play

10. Mystery of the Secret Guardians

Mystery of the Secret Guardians

With over 30 levels, Mystery of the Secret Guardians keeps you in constant awe as you piece together clues hidden in ways that it only takes a clever mind and observant eyes to find.

The guardians of the game seem to have vanished, and it is the duty of the gamer to piece the clues, which are intelligently hidden in plain sight, in order to unravel the mystery of the secret G

If you are up for some intense brain-racking, Mystery of the Secret Guardians is for you.

9. Crime City Detective: Hidden Object Adventure

Crime City Detective: Hidden Object Adventure

A detective without eyes for clues surely is an amateur, and in the universe of Crime City Detective: Hidden Object Adventure, you don’t want to be an amateur.

Players step into an FBI agent’s shoes who work with an FBI team as they unravel the uncertainties shrouding crime scenes by searching for hidden clues.

The game boasts of multiple investigations with expertly written plots, capable of making you start considering a career as a detective.

While searching for hidden clues in the game is fun, the fun reaches its apex when you join forces with other players to interrogate suspects, observe crime scenes, and solve crime cases.

8. Home Designer – Dream House Hidden Object

Home Designer – Dream House Hidden Object

If you love games related to decorating, but with a dose of puzzle, Home Designer – Dream House Hidden Object is the game for you.

In the game, players are tasked with redesigning a home by replacing old objects with new ones.

At first, it may seem uninteresting, but when you see your design taking full form, you are bound to fall in love with Home Designer – Dream House Hidden Object.

Players can find hidden objects and modes such as the silhouette, mystery words, pictures, anagram, memory mode, spot the difference mode, mirror mode, night mode, flash sale mode, and others.

7. Sherlock Holmes Hidden Objects Detective Game

Sherlock Holmes Hidden Objects Detective Game

Who else is a better detective than Sherlock Holmes? You guessed right, no one (no, not Arya Stark).

In this game, players can step into the world of the notable and prominent detective Sherlock Holmes, but not as Sherlock Holmes, but as an assistant. Think of yourself as Dr. Watson.

Players prove their worth of being an assistant to Sherlock Holmes by spotting clues in crime scenes, which adds up to solve cases.

The game has as many as 1000 hidden object games, which are in various game levels.

6. Alice in the Mirrors of Albion

Alice in the Mirrors of Albion

This game taps inspiration from the famous Alice in Wonderland story, but this time, for Alice to be completely free from the queen of hearts and the evil surrounding her, she has to complete tricky puzzles.

In the game, ice travels through a magical and mysterious place, filled with dangers and mysteries.

To protect Alice, players have to find clues and complete the tricky puzzles.

5. The Secret Society – Hidden Objects Mystery

The Secret Society - Hidden Objects Mystery

In this game, players enjoy the prestige and sense of elevated status from being of the ranks of a secret society of individuals who possess special powers.

This power gives these individuals the power to migrate between our world and the magic world.

Suddenly, your uncle goes missing, but luckily for you, you piece together hidden objects and clues to find him thanks to your special powers.

The game has over 5000 quests, 70+ locations, puzzles, and other entertaining features.

4. Murder in the Alps

Murder in the Alps

The Alps is known for chilling happenings, and in Murder in the Alps, it is no different.

The game is designed as an interactive novel that stretched hours, that tasks players to find hidden objects in various locations, to unravel the mystery behind a murder that occurred in a hotel in the Alps.

To ease the game’s difficulty, there are strategic guides that provide hints to players as they progress in the game.

If you feel overwhelmed by the game and need a side distraction, there are minigames you can treat yourself to.

3. Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek

Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek

With evils lurking in Vermont’s rural land, players have to struggle with mixed-up memories, fight off ghosts, and save a little girl from Vermont’s evils

To save yourself as well as the little girl, players have to complete puzzles. As players progress in the game, the character memory is restored.

2. Ravenhill


A perfect fusion of role-playing and hidden object game, Ravenhill lives up to a standard few games that combine two genres can.

Players get to customize their character, who has to find smartly hidden clues, to figure out how a once flourishing city abruptly transformed into a ghost town.

The fun part of the game has to do with the restrictive time limit, where players have to find hidden objects, to progress in the game.

Players who are unsuccessful in finding the hidden object have to pay in-game gold to earn more playing time in the level.

Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure

In Hidden City, everything is hidden, and it only takes a smart brain and observant eyes to find hidden treasures in Hidden City.

Players have to visit the mysterious Hidden City covered with fogs, and other scary and mysterious beings, searching for a friend who disappeared after visiting the city.

Players have to find expertly hidden clues and objects, with new friends’ assistance, to find your missing clues.

Final Words

Hope you enjoyed our collection of hidden objects games like June’s Journey.

If you are a fan of June’s Journey, these games will keep you entertained.

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