Top-11 Hardest Video Game Levels

Top-11 Hardest Video Game Levels

What are the hardest video game levels?

You’re enjoying your favorite game.

In giggles and smile, you sing tunes of your favorite song as you smash effortlessly through its gameplay; suddenly, the next level of play surprises you with repeated failure of a trial, then it dawns on you this isn’t fun anymore.

Every gamer has had that experience.

Some games level seems to have been intentionally designed to be brutally punishing.

In this article, we review some of the most challenging video game levels.

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Hardest Video Game Levels

11. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Dam Level

Dam level aggrieves players with a lot of frustration and pressure.

Repeated play will have a gamer banging the gaming console as it is an underwater level that requires a player to direct a turtle through tons of obstacles while disarming bombs with an electrified wall punish players for any wrong move.

All this has to been done under a time count of two minutes.

10. Spyro The Dragon – Tree Tops

Spyro The Dragon is a fun-filled, simple, and accessible game for an average skilled video gamer until the Tree Tops level.

This level changes the flow in difficultly.

It distinguishes the pros from the amateurs.

Players will have to traverse platforms separated by enormous gaps with the use of ramps and speed boosters for an extreme long jump that is really difficult to make.

A few of these ramps make jumping a nightmare as players will have to bind them together in a weird, ridiculous manner to aid in jumping to certain long-range distances.

Most gamers, Spyro The Dragon gaming adventure, often end at this level.

9. Kingdom Hearts II – Sora Versus Sephiroth

Gamers acquainted with the initial Kingdom Hearts II have an understanding of what a challenging fight exactly is.

Although engaging in a duel with game antagonist Sephiroth is optional, the fact that defeating him unlocks one of the best and effective weapons in the game is enticing enough to keep gamers trap at that level.

Sephiroth is very fast and blessed with a number of killing moves to do wreckage to players with a long-lasting health bar that stubbornly wouldn’t just decrease no matter the hitting he receives.

His sword is another ache players will have to worry about.

Even the best of skilled players will have a long, tedious fight to get overcome him.

There isn’t an avenue for mistakes in a fight against Sephiroth.

One wrong move and the battle would be over.

8. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock – Through the Fire and Flames

The rhythm genre in this guitar-playing game is unbelievably difficult.

It is easier to play an actual guitar than attain the needed game skills to pass this level.

For any gamer to successfully make it through the”Through the Fire and Flames” song by Dragonforce, such gamers would need to be extremely fast in tapping in the right note at the perfect timing.

Most gamers fall out at the intro.

And even if a gamer does make it through this level, the following songs after it is increasingly difficult.

7. Mario Kart Wii – Rainbow Road

This particular level has been incorporated in several games on the Mario kart franchise, and it doesn’t change the slightest in its difficulty.

The Rainbow Road track is the most treacherous of levels in any Mario Kart game installment.

Wii version is particularly tricky with a nasty reimagining.

Several steep slopes, sudden sharp turns, and the absence of guardrails make players likely to fall off this Rainbow Road.

Highly skilled gamers familiar with this path might make it through but with the greatest test of cautiousness for one wrong move spells dooms.

6. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out – Mike Tyson

One wouldn’t be wrong to believe that the Mike Tyson character in Punch-Out was definitely made in the real Mike Tyson image in his strength and boxing prowess.

He is the only real-life boxer featured in the game, others were fictional, and Mike was brutally challenging to defeat.

His punches came swiftly down on opponents like a thousand lightning bolt struck at once, and even if a player does defend these punches, they still end up quite damaged.

It is almost impossible to defeat Mike Tyson’s digital doppelganger; likely, the real Mike Tyson can’t defeat his doppelganger.

5. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – The Water Temple

The difficulty isn’t the reason gamers dread this level.

No, it is relatively easy if you’re familiar with The Legend of Zelda gameplay.

However, it is its frustrating and lackluster dull play that makes gamers wince at this level.

Navigating through this dark temple is really frustrating.

The rise and fall of water levels, which requires gamers to frequently equip and un-equip Link’s Iron Boots to continue gameplay, is a tiring experience coupled with the fact these boots slow down Link pace.

For the 3Ds ports version of this game, altercations were made to this level to endear gamers to playing rather than quitting.

4. Super StarvWats Series – Any Level

Choosing a level for its difficulty in play in these film-to-game adaptations is pointless. Every level is mercilessly difficult.

They look easy at first with tempting colorful platformers, but they could break the spirit of even the most addicted gamer.

Players will be entangled in the web of enemies attacks constantly, spawning from every direction at a very fast pace.

It becomes frustrating and yet exciting, with each level getting more difficult as a player progresses.

An immense deal of patience is required to finish a level.

Truth be told, you’ll derive more gaming satisfaction watching someone else play it than you playing it.

3. Dark souls – Ornstein and Smough

Fighting this giant is enough threat to scare a gamer acquainted with Dark Souls gameplay.

It is one of the hardest moments in the game, and the task of defeating this giant is undaunting.

Precision and quick reflex is a necessity to emerged victorious.

Also, taking advantage of the pillars in the fighting environment to evade incoming blows will be helpful.

Likely, gamers will lose and lose before getting that final breakthrough, but as a fan of the Dark Souls, I’d say there’s fun in losing too.

2. Battletoads – Turbo Tunnel

One factor in Battletoad’s rise to fame was its gameplay difficulty. It is one of the most difficult games ever.

Its third level, the Turbo Tunnel, tunes this difficulty a notch higher.

A great deal of unreasonable difficulty is filled in this third level.

At first, it seems simple with its introductory beat-em-up segment, then transition to a driving segment, and that is its beginning of gameplay nightmare.

So fast is its driving, players are left with little less than a split second to react to obstructive obstacles in the way.

This level, no doubt, will discourage chicken-hearted gamers from playing further.

1. GoldenEye 007 – Aztec

GoldenEye is generally famous as a first-person shooter genre of game but not for gameplay difficulty.

However, its secret Aztec level does boast a great deal of difficulty. Aztec is a labyrinth of corridors and sneaky corners filled with hundreds of enemies at every turn.

These enemies are extremely fast and accurate in their attack.

The best way to get through this level is a heightened level of precision and control and a lot of trial and error.

as a result of the multiple trials, Aztec can be said to be at the top of the hardest video game levels in video game history.

Final Words

Hope you enjoyed our collection of the hardest video game levels.

Which of the levels have been very challenging?

Tell us in the comment section.

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