Top-25 Best GTA 5 Game Mods

Best GTA 5 Game Mods

What are the best GTA 5 game mods?

Following the release of games by video-game franchises, players or fans of the game modify some aspects of the game; either its performances or graphics features.

These modifications are called Game Mods.

While some mods may be just little alterations, others are complete patch-ups.

These mods usually increase the play value of video games or boost the excitement fans derive from them.

GTA 5, one of the most exciting and best-selling action-adventure games in modern times, has also had some modifications.

In this article, we’ll consider the top-25 of the best GTA 5 game mods you need to know.

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The Best GTA 5 Game Mods

25. Gravity Gun

The Gravity Gun might be used for defense but incites more fun than aggression.

With the Gravity Gun mod installation, players can lift vehicles through the air for as long as possible, smashing them around.

24. Incredible Hulk Script – Hulk Smash

It’ll be destructive imagining Hulk as a gangster.

Yet GTA V players can become the Incredible Hulk in Los Santos, and nothing can stop them.

23. Pokéball

Seems this mod was created by a Pokémon fan.

The Pokéball mod helps players trap GTA V pedestrians and make them work fighting for them.

However, players must first approach these pedestrians and establish common ground.

22. Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul

The Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul Mod improves its physics by enhancing its visual touches, animations, and reactions.

21. Los Santos Zombie Apocalypse

GTA cites have never been infested by Zombies.

Hence, the Los Santos Zombie Apocalypse is for players looking for a new adventure.

The mod turns the entire Los Santos city into a zombie-infested area.

20. Open All Interiors

Most buildings in GTA V are closed, but the Open All Interiors Mod grant players access to every facility; shopping can be done, change of clothes and haircuts can also be done.

So players can explore the town than just strip clubs, car dealerships, and gunships.

19. Dismemberment

Gangsters love blood and have guts, and that’s why the Dismemberment Mod is a good addition.

Players can inflict the utmost harm on their casualties, causing blood everywhere within the game area.

18. Carmageddon

As a GTA gangster, blowing cars is definitely fun.

The Carmageddon Mod grants players the ability to explode any vehicle within a reasonable distance; even the corps would be in danger within that distance.

17. Vehicle Cannon

Bows use arrows, guns use bullets, how about vehicle-shooting cannons?

With the Vehicle Cannon Mod, players can shoot anything with vehicles, quite significant at a gang fight.

16. Ripplers Realism

The Ripples Realism grants players full control of the game’s weapons.

Players can recoil, increase muzzle flash, and completely change the way the guns perform.

15. Prison Mod

Since GTA games have never been built with a busted mechanic feature, corps can’t arrest a player and incarcerate him.

However, jail terms are possible with the prison mod. Instead of being shot for a crime, a player would earn the corps’ mercy and be imprisoned until the player breaks out or ultimately serves his jail sentence.

14. Spider-Man

As the name implies, the mod allows players to play as Spiderman.

Following complete installation, a player can swing across buildings, climb vertically, and shoot webs.

Playing GTA V with the Spider-Man game mod is one every player should try; it would be a lot of fun playing superhero as a badass criminal.

13. GTA V Remastered

The GTA V Remastered game mod enhances the graphic quality of the game.

Its realism and texture detail makes players question the quality of the original GTA V.

12. Force Field Mod

Driving supercars at about 200 mph in GTA V might be a challenge around city areas in GTA V; however, the installation of the Force Field Mod can actually make this experience more fascinating.

The mod generates a force field around a player, blasting anything around the field.

11. Single Player Apartment

While the GTA V offers a host of standard apartments to own, players can enjoy more freedom and acquire more luxurious houses with the Single Player Apartment Mod.

10. Grand Theft Space

Not often would a game offer space adventure; not even the original GTA V.

Now, with the Grand Theft Space Mod, players can go on space adventures, exploring a total of eleven planets, three moons, and discover a new storyline.

9. Realism Dispatch Enhancer

Many game developers only pay attention to the realism of the main game’s main characters and environment, overlooking peripherals related to the game.

While the GTA V’s authenticity on the corps is standard, the Realism Dispatch Enhancer Mod enhances the police, improving their looks and interactions.

8. Visual V

Just like the GTA V Remastered, Visual V focus lies on the game’s graphic features.

Following complete installation, players will observe significant changes in the game’s visuals.

There are enhancements in time cycles, volumetric fog, fixed rendering code, shadows, colors, and many others.

7. Ghost Rider

Many were fascinated when they saw the Ghost Rider movie or played games with similar storylines.

Some GTA V players may want to experience some Ghost Rider’s moves in the game; the Ghost Rider Mod has made that possible.

Many players would prefer to be a gangster with such a Ghost Rider status.

6. Psychokinetic

Phoenix and Xavier in the X-Men movie became one of the most loved characters for their power to control people’s minds.

This power, though, might seem unrealistic in the real world. Gamers would love to flex their imaginations by controlling people’s minds.

Installing the Psychokinetic mod for GTV V would enable players to control other people’s minds.

By this, they can earn cars, escape from the corps, and fight rival gangs with a fantastic superpower.

5. Tsunami

The Tsunami Mod is quite brutal as players use the mod to sink the entire of Los Santos while the player is safe in an aircraft, boat, or submarine.

4. Blade Runner

Players who may not need a graphic overhaul, but little enhancements would undoubtedly love the Blade Runner Mod.

Following complete installation, color and lighting effects will be enhanced.

3. Vice City

GTA Vice City may not be soon forgotten by GTA fans.

Players who want to play with the GTA V features in Vice City may install this mod.

Once installed, the whole Los Santos will be substituted for the fictional Miami of Vice City with better graphic elements.

2. Become Iron Man

Iron Man, one of the Marvel franchise heroes, basically because of his suit.

Many people will want to have a day with the fictional hero’s multipurpose case.

However, Become Iron Man Mod provided for GTA V players will give players the gangster Iron Man feel.

1. NaturalVision Gangster’s Paradise

It comes to this, the best GTA V game mod.

It is the NaturalVision Gangster’s Paradise mod, which is a total overhaul of the GTA V graphic features.

The realism is top-notch as it is praised for looking as close to Southern California as it could be.

Final Thoughts

Think we missed out any in our best GTA 5 game mods?

Please let us know in the comments section below.

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