Ghost of Tsushima Review

Ghost of Tsushima Review

Ghost of Tsushima is an action-adventure game developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The new video game was release on July 17, 2020 for PlayStation 4 device and as surprisingly become one of the most sought after game of 2020. 

The game’s features an open world that highlights a samurai quest in protecting the Island of Tsushima during the first Mongol invasion of Japan. 

The game received praise and has been widely accepted by critics since its release. Below are summary details of the game’s storyline, gameplay, and graphic. 

Ghost of Tsushima
Platform:PlayStation 4
Developer: Sucker Punch Productions
Publisher:Sony Interactive Entertainment
Genre:Action-adventure, stealth
Modes:Single-player, multiplayer
Release Date:July 17, 2020

Ghost of Tsushima Storyline

The year 1274, the Mongol made a move that would twice backfire and burn them when they invaded the Japanese island of Tsushima with nothing short of a massacre.

The hundreds of Mongol armies had no reason to respect and uphold the island’s samurai’s view and desire for a balance, honourable warfare, so the natives of the island were thrown off balance and decisively devastated.

The results was a brutal, salvaging, and bloody war that would ultimately end in a debacle for the Mongols, as the empire would be plunge off the Japanese mainland preventing them from establishing any kind authoritative dominance.

The first invasion of Tsushima island begins with the battle of Komoda beach.

80 samurai stands against the odds as they attempt a doom hold back hundreds of Mongol Invaders, from their voyage across the sea into the island territory.

The game’s storyline is a grim, dark, unapologetic, and tragic portrayal of war that reflects in the game’s protagonist, Jin Sakai.

He slays and kills enemies invading and ravaging his home.

He obviously fill with rage as he barely in the hundreds butchered bodies laying lifeless all around him.

Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay & Control

The protagonist Jin is the major fighting threat to the Mongol Invaders, however the only thing that stands in the way Jin during attack is an enemy’s defensive stance.

A player or Jin can overcome this defence tactics by breaking open the opponent’s guard which exposes the enemies to fatal blows.

During combat Jin has four different combats stances. All are effective and boast advantageous techniques against specific enemy.

Jin’s weapons consist of throwing knives, smoke bombs, explosives, and other delusive tools that gives him a real edge and balance the odds against the numbers of Mongol fighters he’d be up against.

Combat is reactive to touch of the player, not a slight second of delay.

However it is not just about hitting the right buttons at the right time, there are options.

Players can outdo opponents with any combat stance with patience and timing, it just requires a little effort in picking the right stance as combat situation necessitate.

The game’s combat system makes battles all too satisfying.

It is an intense affair, full of bravura movement and precise swordplay.

The pull perfect party move feels incredible, its gives the feel You’re not just gaming with device control but gaming as though involved in the scenario.

Combat is reasonably grounded from a one strike hit to player displaying an array of skills in combat.

Also AI enemies are more realistic in the game.

They don’t come with overly long health bars that makes them almost impossible to die even after receiving the most brutal of stikes.

They fight and die more realistically.

A swift slice of the sword in the right spot, usually the neck and they would die in a flurry just any normal human would.

This is a welcoming and stimulating change compare to AI enemies of other action-adventure game that would have you strike over a thousand times before its death.

As the game progresses, Jin’s abilities develops.

Players can also spend on technique point to improve Jin’s skill and every perk gain is an added advantage as it brings something new to Jin’s arsenal.

The first few hours of the game can prove a tough nut to crack as players learn the tricks and stunts of the game, but as Jin improve and upgrade in skills and weaponry he blossoms into the island’s most feared fighter and that is quality depiction of character progession.

The game also features stealth attack mode where Jin goes on a silent attack with just a bow and a specially sharp knife.

Stealth form of attack is a significant strategy used in the game.

The exciting feel of isolating enemies, observing from a hidden cover and suddenly striking from the shadows knows endless bounds.

Ghosts of Tsushima combat is nothing short of intriguing especially the stealth strategy.

Forced stealth sections is the only hitch with the game.

Not too often, but there are moments in the game where raising the alarm instantly triggers game over.

From a realistic and thematical point of view, this make sense.

Secrecy is a significant role in stealth attacks and thus been spotted would ruin Jin break in.

However, Ghost of Tsushima gives a degree of freedom on how a player choose to fight and achieve his goal but the forced stealth section takes all that away and thus makes it feel restictive.

Ghost of Tsushima Graphics

Graphical perspective, Ghost of Tsushima is a sight to behold. Its open world visual exudes game beauty and brilliance.

Absence of minimap prompts players into searching for landmarks and relying on wind guidance, a feature in the game that act as a directive, thus absorbing players into the graphical aesthetics of the game.

Combine with other beautifully implemented weather effect, the environs of Ghost of Tsushima is a paradise of nature.

Sucker Punch delivered just right in the picturesque world of the game.

In the midst of the war and battles along with massacres and bloodsheds in the game, there peaceful location a player or Jin can get lost in the tranquility of the island.

The game encourages players to look for these peaceful places.

Everything, from the characters build-up to the sword imagery in the game boast great graphical content.

Ghost of Tsushima graphic content is superb, it takes cues from several action-adventure game. It is thoroughly enjoyable and admirable. 

Ghost of Tsushima Audio

The game’s audio is more than impressive.

The music is something that will likely get it tone stuck in your head.

During battle, the music, especially the pounding drums befits the scene.

It can get players adrenaline all pumped up ready slice and squash.

Slow tunes and whispery melodies plays in stealth mode.

Aside the music, the acting side and dialogue of the game can be played in both English and Japanese.

However If opt for play in Japanese the English subtitles automatically graces the screen.

The voice track whichever you choose are excellent. 

Ghost of Tsushima Release

After a delayed in the initial scheduled date of June 26 largely due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the game was finally released for PlayStation 4 on July 17, 2020.

Four editions of the game are available, the standard, digital deluxe, special, and a collector’s edition.

In August 2020, Sucker Punch announced a multiplayer expansion of the game.

It will hit the gaming market late 2020.

The multipleplayer game will see addition of supernatural element from Japanese mythology.

In November 2020, Ghost of Tsushima became the fastest selling original PS4 game with over 5 million downloads.

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Ghost of Tsushima Review
  • Graphics
  • Control
  • Music/ Sound FX/ Voice acting
  • Play Value
  • Overall Rating- Must Buy

Ghost of Tsushima Review Summary

Graphics: No doubt, Ghost of Tsushima graphics is stunning. Sucker Punch delivered perfectly.

Control: The fate of the game lies in the hands of the player. Everything flows well according to the touch of the button.

Music/ Sound FX/ Voice acting: Voice acting is great, both the Japanese and English languages. And the music especially during attacks just fit the scenario.

Play Value: Gamers can easily deviate from the main quest of the game

Overall Rating – Must Buy: Definitely not an average game. It’s a must get for racing game freaks.

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