15 Games Like The Battle Of Polytopia

Top-15 Games Like The Battle of Polytopia You Can Play Right Now

Are there any games like The Battle of Polytopia?

Check out our list of top similar and alternative games to The Battle of Polytopia

Many adventure game enthusiasts must have played or heard about one of the world’s most exciting strategy games, depicting charismatic tribes, strange lands, technological research, and promoting the desire to develop and dominate the game’s flat land.

You may agree with the popular opinion that The Battle of Polytopia is a unique and eccentric video game if you’re among the millions to have played it.

However, you may seek a new adventure if you have fully explored the game area and developed the map, impelling you to sort other games with similar gameplay and synopsis like The Battle of Polytopia.

You can find 15 games like The Battle of Polytopia in this article if you fall within the above category.

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The Best Games Like The Battle of Polytopia: Similar & Alternative Games

15. Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire is like Bronze Age and Villagers, using the card drafting, deck building synopsis.

However, it’s similar to The Battle of Polytopia, a strategy-based game where developing the game area is centered.

Be captivated with the fun of slaying strange creatures, discovering artifacts of superpower, and slaying the spire regardless of the card drafting and deck building task.

A player’s success is based on strategic card selection to destroy enemies and reach the top.

Other exciting features about Slay the Spire are wide-ranging playable character selection, unique deck types, surplus superpower artifacts that affect the game, and several routes that determine a player’s success.

These features allow for an abundance of tactical gameplay to derive the most satisfying results.

14. Clans to Kingdoms

Clans to Kingdoms

Expand a small clan with a single settlement to a civilized kingdom with a large army and several cities.

Clans to Kingdoms is one of the most similar games to The Battle of Polytopia, considering its adventure, simulation, and strategy-based scope.

Players can enjoy building up to eleven civilizations on a 100 x 120 or 100 x 100 map-tile. Clans to Kingdoms is released for the Windows PC platform.

13. Bronze Age

Bronze Age

Bronze Age is quite similar to Villagers, where card drafting is an essential part of the game.

Two players are set as rivals in a single deck to build the prehistoric Mediterranean most vigorous civilization.

Players must build, explore, and prosper their society; they’re also expected to focus on game details that’ll offer them other special abilities.

Adding cards to players’ civilizations guarantee points, and the player with the most points is declared the winner.

Bronze age has the primary strategy genre and kingdom-building gameplay element as The Battle of Polytopia.

12. Medieval Kingdom Wars

Medieval Kingdom Wars

The Medieval Kingdom Wars is a real-time strategy video game where players are required to alter prehistoric Europe’s history.

Players are to engage in siege battles, naval combats, and bloody field battles.

The game’s storyline is based on rulership, building kingdoms, and waging wars like The Battle of Polytopia.

Medieval Kingdom Wars is an ultimately satisfying video game, rewarding players for their gallant efforts.

The map is quite inventive, filled with strategic attacking and defensive methods.

Medieval Kingdom Wars is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to The Battle of Polytopia.

11. Supreme Ruler Ultimate

Supreme Ruler Ultimate

The Supreme Ruler Ultimate has the same strategy-based gameplay as The Battle of Polytopia.

You are required to guide the country you’ve chosen as you engage in military-based elements to protect your land throughout the gameplay.

Moreover, you will also enjoy the game’s statistical records and economic facets that aids more realism.

Integrated COM countries and the selected player country are included in a global financial system, so everyone suffers if a particular country can’t supply enough resources.

Supreme Ruler Ultimate is the fifth entrant of the Supreme Ruler series, following its prequel, Supreme Ruler 1936’s synopsis.

10. Sol 0: Mars Colonization

Sol 0: Mars Colonization

You’re to develop the first Martian colony on the Sol 0: Mars Colonization strategy video game.

You can transform the Martian soil into a prosperous and flourishing community.

Futuristic technologies and other resources spice the gameplay as you expand an experimental exploration to a self-sufficient mainstream biome.

9. Earth Space Colonies

Earth Space Colonies

Explore space at your fingertips via Earth Space Colonies.

This strategy-simulation video game offers you a solar-based game area where you can build space settlements.

You have to develop the solar game area as you would create a land settlement in The Battle of Polytopia.

Get engrossed with the idea of developing earth’s twin mars with the “Terraforming Mars,” “Fight on Ceres,” and “Explore Ganymede” story campaigns.

Persona and Pixel Studio released Earth Space Colonies in 2016 for PCs.

8. Another Brick in the Mall

Another Brick in the Mall

Another Brick in the Mall is much more similar to Startup Company but contains essential gameplay elements as The Battle of Polytopia, where you have to develop a game area.

Another Brick in the Mall allows you to design, construct, and run your shopping mall.

You can open cinemas, shops, food centers, and supermarkets like actual shopping malls and complexes.

You can also recruit workers for micromanagement purposes as they apply.

Moreover, the game is quite a thought incentive, requiring you to employ staff whose skills benefit your job requirements.

The commodity choices determine your customer base grows, so you may sell commonly-needed goods to attract many customers.

In summary, the game’s realism in aspects of commerce is awe-inspiring.

It could just be the next game on your list after The Battle of Polytopia!

7. Startup Company

Startup Company

What if you are to develop something besides a new settlement or a post-apocalyptic environment, but with the same gameplay elements as The Battle of Polytopia?

Startup Company offers you that! Here, you must build an elite software company and compete with the tech giants in the game’s commercial world.

Startup Company is a business-simulator sandbox video game that offers you adventure elements under the simulation genre.

6. Impact Winter

Impact Winter

Impact winter is one of the games with similar elements as The Battle of Polytopia.

The game features an extended period of freezing weather, resulting from a comet’s impact after hitting the earth.

You are to redevelop the apocalyptic game environment and struggle for survival, as you do earlier.

However, the game’s non-playable characters are independent, which offers more realism and diversity to a player’s story.

Impact Winter was released in 2017 and is available on the Playstation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One platforms.

5. Life is Feudal: Forest Village

Life is Feudal: Forest Village

This game is a beautifully illustrated strategy game and building simulator, featuring stunning gameplay elements for town development.

It’s a highly recommended alternative to The Battle of Polytopia as you are tasked with building and expanding the undeveloped game area.

However, Life is Feudal: Forest Village contains survival elements, offering you remarkable realism.

You have to grow food to protect them from starvation and engage in extra micromanagement practices.

Moreover, you have to use realistic gameplay elements to get basic needs.

For example, you can get wool from sheep, and growing sheep will cause you to engage in nomadic practices.

After that, the sheep can be killed for its meat or wool.

You can also recruit villagers to help you manage different micromanagement purposes like gathering resources.

4. Villagers


Imagine being the founder of a new settlement; you’re to develop the most prosperous village during the middle ages.

Villagers’ gameplay features scene development and card drafting over a round sequence via two phases, the Draft phase, and the Build phase.

It can be played in single-player mode or multiplayer mode, supporting up to five players.

You can employ workers and beat your opponents to foster the most prosperous settlement in the game.

3. Project Aura

Project Aura

You are to guide a group of climate disaster survivors through a post-apocalyptic environment plagued by a climatic apocalypse.

What is similar to The Battle of Polytopia is developing the game’s flat land through an uncertain future.

Furthermore, Project Aura encourages micromanagement strategies through survival challenges.

Pixel Quality Games released Project Aura in 2015 on the Microsoft Windows platform.

2. Unclaimed World

Unclaimed World

The Unclaimed World may come to mind whenever you think of The Battle of Polytopia.

You have a virgin planet within the large game area as you help pioneers settle into the futuristic environment.

The game has a human vs. nature synopsis in an alien-ridden planet, featuring an unclaimed world as the game’s name depicts.

will also manage production, characters’ personalities, and resources as you help these pioneers settle down.

Unclaimed World is available for PC download on the Windows Operating System.

1. Planetbase


Planetbase is amongst the many other games similar to The Battle of Polytopia.

It principally depicts an establishment of a human settlement outside the planet earth.

Planetbase is a strategy game but contains survival, simulation, and adventure elements as you lead some space settlers in a colony-establishment project.

Some players have described it as a game of challenges, constructive with inspiration as the space colony develops.

Players are well rewarded for their expertise in handling trades, colonists, hazards, and resources; this is one of the best alternatives to The Battle of Polytopia.

Final Words

Hope you enjoyed our collection of the best games like The Battle of Polytopia.

If you are a fan of The Battle of Polytopia, these similar and alternative games highlighted in this list will keep you locked in.

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