Top-12 Games like Jackbox You Can Try

Top-12 Games like Jackbox You Can Try

Are there games like Jackbox you can try.

Check out our list of top similar and alternative games to Jackbox.

Tactical game enthusiasts must have savored the tremendously challenging Jackbox— a game revered for its brain-tasking challenges, details, and comedy.

The Jackbox practically keeps its players glued to their gamepads for hours as they relish its action and adventure, and fun-filled objectives.

Nevertheless, many who have experienced the wonder of Jackbox will jump at the chance of playing another game like it that features similarities in objectives, gameplay mechanics, and captivation level.

Here are some of the best Jackbox alternatives if you wish to enjoy similar adventures and missions; this article contains a list of twelve games like Jackbox where you must challenge your brain to overcome obstacles.

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Games Like Jackbox

12. A Fake Artist Goes to New York

A Fake Artist Goes to New York

Ever thought of using other people’s ideas to achieve beautiful art?

That’s what A Fake Artist Goes to New York is all about — a drawing game where players add to a large drawing.

Drawings could be fun when the artists contributing to them have different abilities.

It’s a highly recommended alternative to Jackbox regarding trivia and comedy.

11. Use Your Words

Invite a few friends and grab hours of fun and rich playing content!

Enjoy prompts, mini-games, and hilarious answers as the game stage jokes, and you complete them.

The game uses vote counts to determine the winner so that you can set traps for opponents using the “House Answers” feature.

Use Your Words can accommodate 3-6 players and 1,000 spectators.

10. Quiplash


Quiplash is an intuitive game of intelligence and humor.

Players are to give the best responses to prompts, and the game sets them in opposition.

Winning the game is based on an audience-based vote count.

9. The Impossible Quiz 2

The Impossible Quiz 2

The Impossible Quiz 2 is a question and answer game where players must correctly answer questions with quick reflexes.

It’s similar to Jackbox, considering its brain-tasking challenges.

The Impossible Quiz 2 is The Impossible Quiz’s second entrant.

However, its graphics and soundtracks are notable upgrades on its sequel, The Impossible Quiz.

8. Logo Quiz

Logo Quiz

Ever tried guessing a brand’s name by looking at its logo?

Well, you can win points with your best guesses.

The challenge is how many brands can you tell from their logo?

Logo Quiz is a single-player and multiplayer game that contains about 2,500 logos classified in 52 levels.

You must correctly tell a brand by its logo as the computer continues to spin various logos at you.

The single-player mode is entertaining, but the multiplayer mode is more exciting.

You will have to contest against a randomly selected player from anywhere around the world.

Whoever has the best knowledge of brand logos wins the game.

7. Family Feud

Family Feud

Family Feud has gameplay comparisons to Jackbox Party Pack but has a TV show level-upgrade pattern.

A player’s family competes with another family, and the party with the most points is declared the winner.

The questions are wide-ranging, and your family must correctly answer questions to gain points.

The more a player gain points, the higher his levels increase.

Gaining up to three hundred points unlocks a multiplayer mode where you can test your guess accuracy and knowledge on real-life situations.

6. Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack

Engage in a competitive education-based trivia and puzzle session with over a thousand online players!

Well, that’s the game’s highlight, but what’s more?

It would be best if you had speed and accuracy to win the game, incorporating an adventure-based game scope.

Trivia Crack’s gameplay is quite attention-grabbing, which is why you need to play it and get over Jackbox Party Pack.

The game offers a wide-ranging question category and an innovative chat box that enables players to chat with themselves.

Furthermore, music and visual quality are other Trivia Crack’s captivating features.

5. Atriviate


Atriviate features the same puzzle and trivia elements as Jackbox Party Pack.

It’s where you ask questions to co-players and hope for a wrong answer to gain points or give a correct answer when a co-player asks a question to earn points.

You can also reply to computer questions in a single-player mode and earn points if the answers given are correct or engage in a daily challenge.

However, each question and answer session’s time frame is crucial in determining the winner, which is a smart feature.

4. Genius Quiz

Genius Quiz

Genius Quiz is a tactical game that incorporates education, trivia, and puzzle elements.

The game features single and multiplayer modes through a non-repetitive series of stages.

Not all questions in the game have literal answers, so you must think logically at times.

As you answer quiz questions, you’ll be anticipating more challenging levels and more difficult questions that’ll keep you absorbed in the game.

Thanks to Genius Quiz’s eye-catching visuals and attention-grabbing gameplay, you’ll never want to drop your gamepad when you get in the thick of things.

3. Guess a Sketch

Guess a Sketch

Know your guess accuracy as you guess sketches from other players.

On your side, you must sketch unique objects that your counterparts would hardly guess correctly to gain points.

Guess a Sketch like Jackbox is a game that requires inventiveness and imagination, but the difference lies in the earlier ‘s focus on drawing and puzzles.

You’ll also enjoy Guess a Sketch’s thrilling gameplay, fact-based narrative, and smooth graphics.

2. Fibbage


Fibbage is another incredible, strategic, and tactical game similar to Jackbox, where you answer various questions and solve unending puzzles.

Interestingly, you can tell a lie to fool other players as you try your best to avoid their lies when they try to trick you.

Cheating other players will earn you more points and quick progress.

However, answering brain-tasking questions is mandatory to progress to the following level.

Enjoy Fibbage’s stunning visuals, game mechanics, and objectives as you sharpen your tactical instincts.

1. Drawful 2

Drawful 2

Whatever got you engrossed with Jackbox will probably keep you on Drawful 2 — an all-inclusive game with elements of strategy, education, and trivia.

Drawful 2 measures your question-answering expertise and drawing skills through its single or multiplayer game modes.

There are also selections for vote-based questions, after which the game will disclose the answer with the highest vote count.

Drawful 2 contains various quiz modes like daily challenges, quick question mode, and multiple round modes.

Moreover, the game’s vivid display, stress-free controls, and soundtrack are other features that will get you absorbed in this game for hours.

Final Words

Hope you enjoyed our collection of games like jackbox.

If you are a fan of Jackbox, you find these similar and alternative games incredibly entertaining.

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