10 Games Like GTA You Can Play Right Now

Top-10 Games Like GTA You Can Play Right Now

Are there any games like GTA? Check out our collection of similar and alternative games to GTA.

The Grand Theft Auto game is among the few games that have revolutionalized the gaming industry since its release.

It created such buzz upon release and instantly became a gaming hit.

It graphical rendition of New York City, coupled with its gunplay, story plot, various mission, and immense freedom of a player in the in-game open world made it become every gamer is favorite.

Two decades after its release, gamers still crave the GTA game and are always in the expectancy mood for the latest version of the game.

Nonetheless, to minimize the torture of the long wait, you can turn your attention to the various game that shares significant similarity to the Grand Theft Auto.

Below are ten games that are not far-fetched from delivering the same intriguing and nerve-racking experience GTA offers.

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The Best Games Like GTA: Similar and Alternative Games to Play

10. LEGO City Undercover

LEGO City Undercover

Imagine a game that delivers the same GTA gaming experience but for kids.

That is what LEGO City Undercover exactly is.

You play as an undercover cop tasked to protect LEGO City, battling all sorts of crimes and handing out justice.

As common with LEGO block games, LEGO City Undercover does not exempt creation even in its attempt to deliver the GTA experience.

You still get to build objects.

It is safe for kids to play as it filters the high-grade violence associated with GTA games.

9. The Godfather: The Game

The Godfather: The Game

Watched “The Godfather” movie?

A game was created in an adaptation of the movie, and it is nothing short of overwhelming with similarity to GTA.

Players step into the shoe of a character that is striving to become a high-ranking member of the Corleone family and doing all within his power to achieve that.

To accomplish this goal, you have to register a superior presence in the family, and that involves a lot of gun blasting, bullying, fighting, etc.

The battle with rival families and the business extortion touch in this game all make for captivating gameplay.

The Godfather game offers the relish of gameplay fun synonymous to GTA.

8. Payday 2: Crimewave Edition

Payday 2: Crimewave Edition

Payday 2: Crimewave Edition is a great imitation of one of the several GTA Online game modes: Heist.

You engage in bank robberies, steal nuclear warheads, smuggle and sell drugs, rigged elections, and all sorts of criminal activities you are tasked with along with your team.

You can decide to go about your crime endeavors stealthily, keeping it silent as you progress or just face the fire of the action, jumping into a blood bath and eliminating anyone or anything that stands in your way.

If you are attracted to the Heist mode of GTA online game, no doubt, Payday 2: Crimewave Edition is a must-play.

Its gameplay will keep your blood pumping.

7. Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

You could tag Red Dead Redemption 2 as GTA V game aside from its medieval setting.

Its similarity to the GTA game is incredible, and it emulates it in such manners that make it unique.

Just like GTA games, its open-world is open to all sorts of interesting activities spanning from treasure hunting to horseback riding, poker games, fishing, etc.

And as expected, it doesn’t leave out the dangerous violence present in every GTA game.

There are shootout wars which you’ll be caught in the middle of, gang heists, and unfriendly encounters with the in-game antagonist.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a GTA game of the cowboy era, filled with gameplay fun similar to GTA.

6. Yakuza 0

Yakuza 0

The Yakuza series is great, but its sixth entry, Yakuza 0, is phenomenal.

Its open world is a fictional rendition of Japan in the late 80s.

You get to play into illegal activities and engage in rebelling misadventures of the series of significant characters.

Violent street fights, dining and enjoying the cuisine, taking on all sorts of side quests and activities that includes managing a club, even getting into the real estate business are all part of the gaming fun of Yakuza 0.

Its story plot is another reason to explore this game; it guides you from a simple, peaceful beginning to an epic conclusion.

As far as alternative or similarity of games in connection to GTA goes, Yakuza 0 can’t be exempted.

Praise to Sega for this wonderful game.

5. L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire

The game studio credited with developing L.A Noire, Team Bondi, is presently defunct; however, the results of their creation still has their name echoing in the world of gaming.

This detective action-adventure game takes advantage of its impressive and captivating facial technology to introduce a game that centers on different suspects’ reading expressions while putting you on your heels to solve a crime mystery.

Its fictional rendition of Los Angeles in the 1940s is nothing short of perfection.

In summary, L.A Noire is going to put you in a situation that will test your investigative wits and your fighting skill.

There is a lot of gun duels. All this put together, the investigation procedure, the interval fistfight, and regular shootout all too brings to mind and play the GTA experience.

L.A Noire showed such potential that Rockstar, publisher of GTA games, could not resist publishing and promoting L.A Noire.

4. Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row: The Third

The first series of Saints Row was an exact imitation of GTA.

Its first and second installments followed GTA script: gang war, street fights, and the lots.

However, there was a little difference in its third installment that made it unique and distinct from its predecessors, even though it still clings to the gang war theme.

While GTA was as it usual of being serious and tense up in its gameplay, which is pretty okay, Saints Row: The Third adopted a funny outlook of things with a touch of zany humor, and the results were a humorous GTA game.

You can attack anyone with a dildo bat, crush anything with a good old fashioned tank, and with the click of a particular button, do all sort of wonders.

If you love GTA, no doubt you would love Saint Row: The Third. Its gameplay is a combination of intriguing wonders with laughter.

3. Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2

2016 action-adventure game and a sequel to the initial Watch Dogs never gets tiring.

It is a fine alternative to the GTA game.

It holds all the allure, combat, and adventure the GTA offers.

Its story line is set in a fictionalized rendition of San Francisco, where the protagonist Marcus Holloway, who happens to be a hacker, is bent on taking down the ctOS, an organization devoted to the surveillance of the city.

To achieve his goal, he works with a hacking group. Just like GTA, Watch Dogs 2 has several missions connected to its story plot, offers unlimited freedom to explore the open world of San Francisco, and features tons of in-game fun activities you can engage in.

It doesn’t fall short of expectation in its gunplay and wild driving. You can cause a whole lot of wreckage.

Extra benefits are its multiplayer mode, so you can dive into this open-world game with a friend and enjoy all it has to offer.

Watch Dogs 2 is one of the worthy games like GTA to consider.

2. Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

Activision Blizzard had the idea of Sleeping Dogs, which as at then was a title of the True Crime series; however, they didn’t bring the idea to life as they canceled the release of the game.

In a twist of fate, Square Enix obtain publishing rights to the game and brought the idea to life, renaming the game Sleeping Dogs and released it in 2012 as a spiritual successor to the series it once had affiliations with.

The game’s fictional rendition of Hong Kong, its incredible melee combat, along with captivating story plot, plus the role play of being an undercover cop involved in the activities of a local Triad organization, gives the same worthwhile gaming experience similar to GTA.

Fans of the GTA gaming franchise can switch to Sleeping Dogs for a different taste of the adventure.

1. Mafia III

Mafia III

The first two prequels of Mafia games center on the Italian mob’s criminal deeds in the fictional city of New York.

However, Mafia III strikes a different chord from its predecessor.

Its gameplay focuses on an individual seeking to bring down the mob of the fictional city of New Orleans.

The game’s protagonist embarks on a vengeful mission towards New Orleans’s mobs after his adopted family meets a gruesome end at the hands of local mobsters.

In his revenge mission, he seizes hold of several locations run by the mob and replaces them with members of his gang in a bid to gain more influence over the city.

The timing of events in the game is in the late 1960 era, and through the music, word slangs, and automobiles, this era is thoroughly represented.

Even situations and happenings of 1960, such as racism, are perfectly described in the game for a more realistic outlook and compelling gameplay.

No doubt, Mafia III is almost as incredible as the GTA game and is worth checking out.

Final Words

Hope you enjoyed our collection of games like GTA.

If you are a GTA fan, these similar and alternative games will keep you locked in.

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