15 Exploration Games Like Gone Home You’ll Like

15 Exploration Games Like Gone Home You'll Like

Are there games like Gone Home? Check out our collection of similar and alternative games to Gone Home you can play.

Gone Home is a unique game of its kind. It doesn’t involve fighting or completing any quest. Rather, you get to explore a house and solve the mystery of the family living there.

Every single item in the house holds meaning and helps in solving the mystery.

Everything signifies a meaning to solve a larger puzzle or mystery, from broken photographs to old written notes.

This unusual style of gameplay is what makes Gone home really unique.

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The Best Games Like Gone Home; Similar & Alternative Games to Play

15. Scratches


Ever wonder the curiosity that follows when you hear the strange noise of scratches in the dark?

What do you do?

Do you ignore or try to find out the source of the noise?

That is what Scratches is all about, evoking your curiosity.

In this game, players would step into the character of Micheal Arthate, a horror novelist who seeks a source of inspiration to finish his final novel writing work, and what does Arthate does in his pursuit for inspiration; he purchases a creepy old house in England.

However, things don’t go as planned.

It turns out the house was truly haunted, which the previous owner did not reveal to Arthate.

Scratches is filled with adventure and great exploration, so if you’re looking for one of the best games like Gone Home, Scratches should be topping your list.

14. Mias Mata

Mias Mata

This game combines exploration and survival that would keep you at the end of your gaming seat.

Mias Mata is definitely a must-play for those who love realistic survival games with a touch of exploration.

Players would step into the character of Robert Hughes, a scientist who contacts a mysterious ailment.

In an attempt to cure himself, he returns to the very island where he was working with his colleagues; however, he is met by an empty Outpost.

Many of his research colleagues are dead, while a few others are missing.

From this point onward, Hughes has to survive alone on this island and find a cure to this ailment.

The island holds many hidden dangers, and although exploration is free, it comes with a price. So players have to be careful.

13. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

In this 1970’s mystery open-world game, you’re served a dose of horror and adventure that pushes you not only to explore but also to collect clues.

The games follow the life of an investigator, Paul Prospero, who has a strange likeness for paranormal activities.

His knack for the abnormal sees him visiting a small town which he finds to have been abandoned for years.

As the game progresses, dark secrets are revealed, things take a supernatural turn. Vanishing Of Ethan Carter delivers terrifying and addictive gameplay.

As expected, exploration is one of the core features of the game.

The objective of the game is for a player to solve a case by relying on their paranormal abilities.

12. Among the Sleep

Among the Sleep

Have you ever wondered about undergoing a traumatic experience when you were a toddler and remembering every single detail of it?

That is exactly what Among the Sleep serves you.

You play as a toddler who wakes in the dead of night to discover his mother missing.

You come out from the safety of your home to the darkness outside in search of answers, and that is where the real story begins.

You are a helpless kid surrounded by the night evils; if you let unnatural beings see you, they put an end to you, so you have to be crafty and careful.

11. The Path

The Path

Have you ever been faced with a situation of having to choose between two paths; one looks safe but amounts to failure, and the other looks treacherous but holds promises.

Gamers are faced with a similar situation in The Path.

What is hilarious about this game is that the game does not help you with instructions; instead, it deceives you with instructions, so you mustn’t do as you’re told!

At the onset of the game, players would have to choose one of six sisters characters with the goal of getting them to their grandmother’s house.

As stated earlier, the game provides you with two path options; one is a safe path that takes you to the grandmother’s house, but the game tells you you’ve failed and takes you to the starting point over again.

So the obvious path to success in the game is the treacherous one.

10. Slender: The Arrival

Slender: The Arrival

Imagine your friend who lives in the middle of the wood suddenly goes missing, what would you do?

It would be reasonable to call for help rather than going on a search hunt yourself.

However, Lauren, the game protagonist, goes on a search hunt herself. She begins looking for clues to locate her lost Friend.

Things suddenly began going south when a ghostly man starts to follow her.

The man is not the only thing she has to wary about, for the forest holds more nerve-racking dangers than just a ghostly man.

In summary, Slender: The Arrival is an adventure yet a heart-throbbing game that would keep you hooked on.

9. Lifeless Planet

Lifeless Planet

This game center around an astronaut after a failed mission that leaves him stranded on a distant planet without contact to his team.

What is more mysterious about the astronaut’s predicament is that previous investigation reveals that the said planet was once brimming with life.

Another discovery that raised further questions is the presence of an abandoned Soviet Union science outpost.

In a bid to survive, the astronaut must find answers to this question, solve puzzles, and explore linear locations.

Lifeless planet gameplay is straightforward but fun.

8. Until Dawn

Until Dawn

Until Dawn is filled with adventure, horror, and survival elements, it follows the story of 8 friends trapped in an isolated mountain location.

Things took an awry turn when they discovered they were not alone. In this game, a player’s decision determines the outcome, so the story plot of a game lies largely in the players’ hands.

These decisions are tight-end and would test a player’s moral and ethical value, for instance, the decision of deciding who to save.

In summary, the game is all about testing your survival wits while offering large exploration.

7. Anna


This is a bizarre game about an Amnesiac man who has been hunted in his dream by a sawmill close to his home.

Puzzled, he pays a visit to the place, and it turns out everything is not as it seems.

Anna’s story plot is a bit confusing; it would require you to do a lot of thinking.

However, as you explore the game open world, the pieces start to fall in place.

The game, no doubt, will hold your curiosity at breath point.

6. The Wild Eternal

The Wild Eternal

In this game, you get to deliberate on reincarnation with a first-person exploration.

You find yourself in a wilderness where you would meet a fox-like demi-god creature.

Who offers to help you in your spiritual journey as long as you assist him.

For this spiritual experience, your body is that of an older woman who previously experienced a life of suffering and has now come into the Himalayan wild in an endeavor to find peace.

In this spiritual realm, you’re on an adventure to heal yourself with the help of the demi-god creature in an attempt to escape the cycle of suffering.

You will find ancient shrines with healing powers to assist you in the journey.

Overall this game offers a unique world for exploration and encounters with other wildlife personalities.

5. What Remains Of Edith Finch

What Remains Of Edith Finch

In this game, players would step into Edith’s character, the last member of the Finch family, believed to be cursed.

At the onset of this game, players would explore a large mansion, searching for stories into the family history.

Hopefully, these family stories would answer questions about Edith’s existence and may save her from the disastrous fate of her family.

This game holds a lot of family stories waiting to be explored and adventures to embark on.

4.The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable

Players would step into the character of the protagonist, Stanley.

One seemingly normal day at his work changes the priority of his life.

His colleagues had suddenly disappeared from work, and upon seeking answers to the sudden disappearance, he finds himself in the deepest and darkest part of his office overall; the game holds a lot of surprises and gives temptation to rebelliousness as players are likely to disobey the in-game narrator’s voice.

Whatever the choices you’re in for an intriguing gameplay fun.

3. Brotherss: A Tales Of Two Sons

Brothers: A Tales Of Two Sons

A sick and dying father asks his sons to help find a cure to his illness which can only be found in the wilderness.

Players are to guide these sons through a dangerous, challenging, and bending puzzled path in this beautiful open world.

This game will test your thinking ability the only disadvantage of this game is the lack of dialogue; other than that, it is fun; in fact, it is one of the best indie games.

2. Proteus


In this game, you have nothing else to do other than just walk.

The lack of purpose and beautiful landscape in this game remarkably changes gameplay strategy.

You might be right to call it not a game; however, its lack of purpose is the real hook here.

It serves you a typical action with calmness; therefore, if you’re seeking a game like Gone Home that is more relaxing, Proteus is the ideal game for you.


As the name implies, this game is simply about traveling to a mountain far off in the distance while meeting other players.

There’s a little story plot in this adventure game, and it is told without words but rather through discoveries in gameplay and certain cutscenes.

In summary, this game is an adventure through sand dunes of lost civilization where you have to meet up with other players to achieve your objective.

Upon getting to the in-game destination, a large city awaits gamers’ discovery.

Final Words

Hope you enjoyed our collection of games like Gone Home.

If you are a fan of Gone Home, these games will keep you entertained.

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