Top-15 Bullet Hell Games like Enter the Gungeon

Top-15 Bullet Hell Games like Enter the Gungeon

Are there games like Enter the Gungeon? Check out our collection of similar and alternative games to Enter the Gungeon.

Since its initial release in 2016, Enter the Gungeon has become one of the most prominent titles in the bullet hell genre.

The game features adventure, roguelike, dungeon-crawling elements, fast-paced and challenging gameplay, multiple playthroughs, and several rewards.

These spectacular features have wowed bullet hell enthusiasts, but the game’s intensity could be overwhelming for amateurs.

Gamingtell has considered all-and-sundry, compiling a list of the best fifteen bullet hell games similar to Enter the Gungeon.

This fifteen-game list contains games with varying difficulties that offer gameplay similarities and a measure of satisfaction as Enter the Gungeon.

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The Best Games Like Enter the Gungeon; Similar & Alternative Games to Play

15. Exit the Gungeon

Exit the Gungeon

You probably need to tell — Exit the Gungeon is a spinoff from Enter the Gungeon. Like its predecessor, Exit the Gungeon features an intense bullet-hell gameplay.

However, both titles differ concerning dungeon-crawling.

While Enter the Gungeon is a top-down dungeon-crawler, Exit the Gungeon is a dungeon-climber where players must survive hordes of enemies and dangerous elevators.

14. Just Shapes & Beats

Just Shapes & Beats

Berzerk Studio’s Just Shapes & Beats is a 2018 bullet hell video game with rhythmic elements.

The game has a 2D shape layout as players control a square, dodging a series of pink shapes to remain in the game.

Just Shapes & Beats has no aesthetic creativity, but it’s a get-away for amateur bullet hell gamers.

13. Blue Wish Resurrection

Blue Wish Resurrection

You might want to play Bullet Heaven 2 or Crimzon Clover: World Ignition if you’re looking for more challenges.

Blue Wish Resurrection is designed for bullet hell amateurs, featuring a few ships and difficulty levels.

However, these casual features do not undermine the excitement it offers.

12. Forced Showdown

Forced Showdown

BetaDwarf’s Forced Showdown is an enticing virtual package offering reflexes and challenge, a well-designed art style, and fun-varied gameplay.

You must be alert, using your skills and reflexes to dodge bullets and lasers that spawn above your screen.

Forced Showdown combines role-play and roguelike elements, prompting you to fight for your life in a sequence of scenes, using the deck building and combat mechanics.

11. Super Galaxy Squadron

Super Galaxy Squadron

Super Galaxy Squadron impeccably blends top features and a merciful difficulty curve to accommodate a wide-ranging audience.

It isn’t the typical casual experience but is a fun arcade-style vertical shooter that offers electrifying cutscenes, innovative visuals, content, and good replay value.

10. Mushihimesama


2004’s Mushihimesama is an insect-themed, bullet hell virtual experience.

Players assume Reco’s role, riding the golden Koujuu beetle in the Shinju Forest to save the Hoshifuri people from the oversized poisonous insects that prey on them.

The gameplay features a vertical scrolling shooter, with single-player and two-player co-op multiplayer.

9. Crimzon Clover: World Ignition

Crimzon Clover: World Ignition

Perhaps, you’ll enjoy Crimzon Clover’s World Ignition if you enjoy fast-paced bullet hell video games.

World ignition is challenging, so be prepared for a non-stop firearm action, dodging bullets, bombs, and beams.

However, you must also attack, using the uncomplicated and functional game mechanics to focus shots and lock on enemies.

8. Cho Ren Sha 68K

Cho Ren Sha 68K

If you want to play one of Enter the Gungeon’s classic alternatives, we have Cho Ren Sha 68K. Cho Ren Sha 68K is one of the oldest bullet hell video games we’ll consider in this article.

The 1995 scrolling shooter allows players to control the Zanki space fighter craft combating enemies and bosses across several levels.

Newer games in the genre have more advanced features, but Cho Ren Sha 68K’s popularity can be attributed to how it captivated bullet hell fans for many years.

7. Nuclear Throne

Nuclear Throne

Nuclear Throne is one of the best roguelikes in the gaming industry, with fluid combat and satisfying gameplay.

It’s a bullet hell game with post-apocalyptic elements to spice it.

Fight against mutants and monsters as humanity is extinct, and these hostile characters roam the game world, using advanced weapons and radiation to mutate new abilities.

Nuclear Throne is an exciting combination of Arcade, Action, Adventure, Indie genres.

6. DoDonPachi Resurrection

DoDonPachi Resurrection

The DoDonPachi game series has earned widespread recognition in the bullet hell genre for its intense gameplay.

DoDonPachi Resurrection takes after that intensity, with a classic, puzzling format that absorbs players.

Players will engage in retro-futuristic events that involve saving humanity. DoDonPachi Resurrection is a 2D video game, but its inspiring soundtracks and smooth graphics make it worth playing.

5. Tyrian 2000

Tyrian 2000

Tyrian is more akin to casual gamers; just scroll and shoot!

To defend yourself from the Terraforming company’s attacks, engage in the shoot ’em up gameplay.

However, it would be best if you were alert because enemies can be situated at different locations (flying, fixed, and on-rails) and can take different forms.

Players can create their ship and boss outer space with easy-to-learn game controls.

4. Beat Hazard

Beat Hazard

Enjoy Beat Hazard’s music-themed action as you control a spaceship, maneuvering and defending it from other spaceships and space refuse.

Music is an integral factor of the game, controlling its pace and intensity, determining its overall gameplay, and spawning enemies.

Many players have tailored Best Hazard to the rhythm genre; however, the bullet-hell gameplay is the primary factor that supports the storyline.

Players that find extreme sensitivity medically dangerous can change the strobe effect in the settings menu.

Moreover, you can share your game success and compete with several players via steam achievements on global leaderboards.

3. Jamestown


Jamestown is a well-developed Shoot ’em up video game with a co-op multiplayer game mode.

Players have a plethora of characters and ships at their disposal, aiding gameplay change and replay value.

Some peculiar Jamestown featured are scaling the game’s difficulty to suit a player’s ability, the classic arcade action, and the well-orchestrated soundtrack.

2. Undertale


Undertale impeccably blends role-playing bullet hell and turn-based elements with mind-blowing characters, inspirational soundtracks, and smooth graphics.

Your choices determine your overall gameplay, but you can choose to focus on the bullet hell or engage in tactical dialogues.

Critics have praised that feature because of how it allows players to handle situations differently.

Amazingly, there are several secrets to discover in the game, so you don’t run out of objectivity and get bored.

Undertale is an intelligent choice if you want a tactical bullet hell game or an Enter the Gungeon alternative.

1. Bullet Heaven 2

Bullet Heaven 2

Maneuver your character through ten worlds and five levels, shooting spawning enemies and dogging their bullets, which implies that you have to balance your attacking prowess with good defensive tactics.

You can use any of the eight characters available and their sub-weapons to vary your playing techniques.

The costume customization feature allows you to change your character’s appearance and earn game bonuses.

Moreover, you can enjoy the four-player local multiplayer designed with multiple controller support.

Bullet Heaven is no doubt, one of the best bullet games, it’s also one of the best games like Enter the Gungeon.

Final Words

Hope you enjoyed our collection of games like Enter the Gungeon?

If you are a fan of Enter the Dungeon, these games would keep you entertained.

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