10 Games Like Dragon City for Android, iOS & PC

10 Games Like Dragon City for Android, iOS & PC

Are there any games like Dragon City? Check out our collection of similar and alternative games to Dragon City.

Breeding, raising, and subsequently selling off your dragon is part of gameplay activities in the popular free-to-play social network game Dragon City.

A variety of quests and tournaments await players to compete against several other players, and customization is a great touch the game offers.

It is no surprise Dragon City is one of the dominating social network games on mobile devices.

Boasting a large following, with millions of players down the line hounding every breed of dragon, the game has proved to be a tremendous hit since its first release in May 2012.I

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of games like Dragon City, which gives players the opportunity to breed creatures and build cities as it is in Dragon City.

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The Best Games Like Dragon City; Similar & Alternative Games to Play

10. Tiny Monsters

Tiny Monsters

In this zoo simulation game, players get to build the largest yet most lucrative monster park.

Its gameplay requires players to construct buildings, farm and hatch, and breed monsters.

Also, in discovering some rare breed of critters, players have to collect, feed, and raise monsters.

There is a balanced mix of creatures in Tiny Monsters, with every single creature possessing its own unique animation.

The purpose of Tiny Monster is to hatch, raise, and breed.

Its easy-to-operate interface is another reason that endears gamers to this game.

9. Dino Pets

Dino Pets

There is plenty of breeding opportunities in Dino Pets.

Overall, it is about creating your own Jurassic Park.

And more crazy is the fact you can combine different species to develop an entirely different breed.

Players will have to assist a human tribe in building a home to accommodate dinosaurs and their little ones.

With about 50 dinosaurs and 20 mythical creatures waiting to be discovered and created, Dino pets is another breeding game with great similarity to Dragon City.

Its graphics are great and will even appeal to mature gamers.

If you are a fan of pet-raising simulation games, then Dino Pets is for you.

8. Dragon Story

Dragon Story

Dragon story is all about creating an inhabited spot for dragons.

These dragons would be in a player’s care, and they would be responsible for their growth.

In order to get a dragon to raise, players would be required to purchase a dragon egg and hatch them.

There are four colored types of dragons in this game (white, red, yellow, blue), and each has its own special habitat.

Although raising and caring for your dragon is the primary focus in Dragon Story, the forest also plays a crucial role in the wellbeing of dragons, so players have to customize the forest to look great.

Dragon Story is straightforward and entertaining.

7. Dragon Mania

Dragon Mania

Dragon Mania is a casual mobile game developed and published by Gameloft.

It digs deep into the dragon breeding and building gameplay style.

Taking place in a fictional world known as Dragalandia, players are to build habitats for dragons in their care while buying other habitats with the use of in-game currency.

As expected with games with synonymous gameplay to Dragon City, feeding and training monsters are the theme, except that in this case, the sole purpose of training them is to build an army to battle rival monsters.

There are tons of quests that make for more gaming fun.

There are tons of quests that make for more gaming fun. Also, its combat system is immersive, and its graphics are excellent.

6. Monster Legends

Monster Legends

Monster Legends is another perfect alternative to Dragon City published by the same gaming studio that published Dragon City.

It takes the same formula as Dragon City but differs from it in the several mysterious monsters it features.

The objective of the game is for players to hatch different beasts to create a powerful combination of creatures that will make up a player monster squad.

This monster squad will battle other rival players in the game’s adventure mode.

The stronger your squad, the higher you ranked in the game’s player rankings.

5. Monster Story

Monster Story

The gameplay mechanism of Monster Story is the very same building of habitats, island-decoration, and embarking on quests style that is evident in most dragon breeding games.

However, in Monster Story, aside from breeding monster creatures, players have to transform them through a four-stage process to make them more lethal and stronger.

Every monster in Monster Story possesses a unique trait of its own.

The game holds huge content thanks to its weekly updates on new quests and monsters, so this makes it a worthy alternative to Dragon City.

4. Giant Realms: Battle Arena

Giant Realms: Battle Arena

If, for a change, you long for something outside the breeding and training dragon scene, then Giant Realms: Battle Arena is worth your while.

While still holding to the traditional Dragon City gameplay style, Giant Realms: Battle Arena deviates a little from the scene.

Players get to hatch giants and create a hell of creatures by combining giants with monsters and dragons.

Also, players get to collect mythical giants for battle, including the legendary Goliaths giant.

Although Giant Realms: Battle Arena visual isn’t much something scenery, the various breeds of giants it offers make it a great game to indulge in.

3. Dino Island

Dino Island

Dino Island will likely appeal to kids for its comic-style visuals.

The game has no battle mode; rather, its gameplay dwells on social features such as trading gifts and visiting other islands to earn in-game rewards.

Despite this, its gameplay does not exclude the breeding and training style. Players are to raise baby dinosaurs and create different breeds of rare prehistoric creatures.

In raising the hundreds of dinosaurs Dino Island has to offer, players will have access to many habitats.

2. Pocket Frog

Pocket Frog

This is the most casual breeding game on this list.

It doesn’t require any form of combat or building of any kind of structure.

Players are to breed frogs in a bid to create cute amphibians, which in turn would be traded or sold to fellow game friends and in-game customers.

Although the Pocket Frog game may seem the odd one from the majority of breeding and building games, its gameplay still shares similarity to Dragon City, only adhering to a calmer pattern.

It is one of the best pet simulation games.

1. Dragons World

Dragons World

You wouldn’t be wrong to name Dragon World the best 3D dragon breeding games on Android devices.

Its graphic is eye-catching, and its interface is user-friendly.

However, it features a new gaming mechanism called “perk” that allows players to select special boosters for monsters and breed monsters at a faster rate.

Aside from the “perk” feature, everything in Dragon World is quite familiar.

Gamers already accustomed to Dragon City will find this game intriguing, and to fresh new gamers, Dragon World will easily become their favorite.

Final Words

Hope you enjoyed our collection of games like Dragon City.

If you are a fan of Dragon City, these games will keep you entertained.

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