10 Games Like Coin Master That’ll Keep You Playing

Are there any games like Coin Master? Check out our collection of similar and alternative games to Coin Master.

Coin Master is a strategy, single-player, casual mobile game developed by Moon Active gaming studio for Android and iOS devices.

Its objective is for players to build up beautiful villages by winning coins through a number of lucky spins in the in-game fortune wheel.

Since the game’s official release in 2015, it has recorded more than 81 million downloads.

As of 2019, the game became the top-grossing game in Germany and UK.

It is without a doubt there are millions of gamers that are ardent fans of Coin Master.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of several games like Coin Master. Read below.

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The Best Games Like Coin Master; Similar & Alternative Games to Play

10. Coin Boom: build your island & become coin master

Coin Boom: build your island & become coin master

Developed by Candy Grill, Coin Boom is another game with similar features and gameplay to that of Coin Master.

The objective of the game is to win coins and build islands.

So it gameplay includes spinning wheels, getting coins, and gathering collectible needed to build islands.

The in-game wheel allows players to win a jackpot once daily.

On a lucky day, your jackpot award could be a treasure box filled with coins.

After you’ve built your island in Coin Boom, you are to protect and defend it from the enemy’s threat.

Overall, Coin Boom offers exciting adventures, multiple islands, revenge modes, and jackpots.

9. Piggy Boom

Piggy Boom

Piggy Boom is set in a world of fantasy.

A player has to build and develop islands and form a team with beautiful tiny creatures.

These creatures will assist in your attack against the game antagonist, pigs.

While this is Piggy Boom’s objective, it doesn’t miss out on the spin and wheel style.

The game offers players the fun of spinning a magical wheel to win rewards that will help achieve their goal in the game.

The game boasts impressive visual and intriguing gameplay.

8. Spin Voyage

The objective of this game is simple: spin and win.

Players will spin a slot machine and win coins, which they will use to build an empire of their own.

However, spinning and winning isn’t the only activity in Spin Voyage.

You get to use your coins to colonize little villages and rise among the social rank to become one of the powerful Kings of a great empire.

There are features to be unlocked in Spin Voyage and a lot to loot.

Additionally, Spin Voyage also holds several mini-games players can also indulge in, such as Piggy.

7. Coin Beach

Coin Beach

Another game with similar gameplay to Coin Master is Coin Beach.

Players will build kingdoms, attack, and spin in this game, and gladly, it allows for multiplayer play mode; thus, you can enjoy this game along with friends and family or random online players across the globe.

The game features a slot machine known as the fruit machine in the game, where players can spin and win coins.

Players get to enjoy Coin Beach gameplay experience in different lives, fairy tales, cultures, and countries just by earning tons of coins.

6. Coin Trip

Coin Trip

Coin Trip is all about retrieving puzzle pieces from around the globe in a bid to unlock new lands.

You will build and develop locations in your control. Locations could be monuments, buildings, or other well-known landmark spots.

There are always new locations for players to add to their list.

You can attack, raid, and steal from other players to build your location.

Not exempting the spin and win style with most games similar to Coin Master, players expectedly have the chance to win great fortune such as protective shields that will prove useful in their plights in the game.

5. Coin Kingdom

Coin Kingdom

Coin Kingdom is another worthy alternative game to Coin Master.

Its gameplay is highly addictive.

Players get to raids and attacks, especially in team play with other online gamers.

You get to build your kingdom, and you can do that by attacking other players to get the needed coins in building your kingdom.

Building isn’t the only thing in Coin Kingdom.

After building, you have to defend your kingdom as other players or in-game Kings will no doubt attempt to break your kingdom.

You will need to win shields as it is the required tool in defending your kingdom.

Also, you can avenge players who invaded or attempt to invade your kingdom.

If you were blown away by Coin Master, Coin Kingdom would intrigue you even further.

4. Island King

Island King

Similar to Coin Master, Island King is a casual coin game.

Its story plot dwells on the game’s protagonist Luna in search of her missing father.

Luna’s life has been a peaceful one with her friends and her father in a beautiful forest until a dragon disrupted that peace and took off with her father.

Now it is up to her to rescue her missing dad, and she has to achieve this by traveling through several islands.

In tackling whatever difficulties of the journey, a player has to attack, spin, and steal from island to island to earn coins.

3. Pirate Coin Master: Raid Island Battle Adventure

Pirate Coin Master: Raid Island Battle Adventure

Do you ever dream of becoming a pirate and not just pirates but the world’s richest pirate?

Then Pirate Coin Master: Raid Island Battle Adventure is for you.

It fulfills all your fantasy of the pirate’s life.

Players will embark on a wild pirate adventure filled with challenges and obstacles which they must persevere through.

Gameplay has players facing up in battlefront other pirates ship, which they must attack and raid off their coins.

There is also the part where players spin a slot to win.

2. King Boom: Pirate Island Adventure

King Boom: Pirate Island Adventure

This real-time strategy game is set in a world made up of several islands.

Players will play as a pirate with the goal of becoming the wealthiest pirate in the world.

They will sail, build up their empire, attack counterpart players to earn gold, and defend themselves from attacks from enemies with the use of shields as defense tools.

Looting, building, and attacking are basically themes that make for most of King Boom’s gameplay.

Notwithstanding, there is still the spin for fortune play as well.

Fans of Coin Master will find King Boom appealing.

1. Rich Pirates

Rich Pirates

Developed for mobile play only by Cookapps, Rich Pirates is an action game that implements a touch of strategy in its gameplay.

Players step into the role of a pirate and sail a ship into the vast ends of the ocean, embarking on series of adventures in their attempt to seize control of several islands filled with treasures.

In accordance with its gameplay, players will build a kingdom of their own, lead a crew, and colonize islands where they can loot golds.

They also bear the responsibility of defending their kingdom from enemy threats or attacks.

The game doesn’t exempt players from the usual spin play associated with this game genre; hence there is a daily spin for players to win a fortune.

Final Words

Hope you enjoyed our collection of games like Coin Master?

If you are a fan of Coin Master, these games will keep you entertained.

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