10 Games Like Call of Duty Mobile for Android & iOS

Top-10 Games Like Call of Duty Mobile for Android & iOS

Are there games like Call of Duty you can play on Android and iOS? Check out our collection of similar and alternative games to Call of Duty.

In the gaming world, shooting genre games, mostly known as shooters, boast a vast amount of followings.

A typical example of a shooter game with immense success is Call of Duty Mobile, which recorded 100 million within its first seven days of release.

However, one might wonder if there are other shooter games with similar gameplay as Call of Duty Mobile.

Of course, there are several shooter games like COD Mobile, be it first-person shooter and third-person shooter.

This article list out few shooter games with similar features to COD Mobile that you can indulge in.

Take note the list below is ranked in no particular order.

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The Best Games Like Call of Duty; Similar and Alternative Games to Play

10. Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 offers endless action from the first-person shooter perspective.

Players get to develop a fighting squad and slug it out in a gruesome battle with other online players across the globe.

You can choose to go on your own battle adventure solo.

Modern Combat 5 gameplay will keep you on your toes.

It is an exciting game and the ideal alternative to COD Mobile.

9. Black Survival

Black Survival

Black Survival is almost as popular as COD Mobile and boasts of a massive following in the gaming community as well.

This is to be expected, considering its intriguing gameplay.

As an anime character, players will find themselves in a constricted island that holds 22 different locked locations, including a beach, forest, and hospital.

Within the limited time of approximately 20 minutes, players will have to battle amongst themselves to seize control of these locations.

Its gameplay challenges players to achieve in-game goals and tasks quickly.

Black Survival is an action-packed adventure game waiting to thrill gamers with its compelling gameplay.

8. Afterpulse – Elite Army

Afterpulse – Elite Army

Following an EMP catastrophe, the world leaders, in a move to balance power, deploy elite squads in combat, which the players would be part of.

Players would be thrown into the battlefield; however, you get to choose the character you want to play as in the game prior to that.

There is a range of customizable weapons at a player’s disposal.

The interface of Afterpulse is friendly.

At the onset of the game, players would pose a question that gives a general idea of what they are about to get into: “Will you be able to restore peace or to ignite the largest conflict war in history?” the question says it all as regards Afterlife story plot.

Overall, players are in for an exciting game treat.

7. Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends

In Shadowgun, the antagonist is an alien invader.

The player’s objective is to save the human race, and to do that; a player needs to complete countless missions across four different territories in the game.

Players would be equipped with a variety of weapons and accessories, and skills needed for the mission.

The sci-fi touch in the game gives Shadowgun Legend an interesting outlook.

It is a recommendable alternative for COD Mobile.

6. Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2

Among the most played games in the shooter genre, Dead Trigger 2 is another popular game.

And thrilling to know, it is totally free. In this action game, players will kill countless zombies.

The weapons players would be equipped with is quite stunning and does a murderous killing job compared to other shooter genre games.

But that isn’t the point here.

Its gameplay offers intense gaming excitement, plus it is similar to COD Mobile, and its graphic is amazing.

5. Infinity Ops

Infinity Ops

Infinity Ops open world is set in a futuristic dehumanized settlement in a world dented with interplanetary chaos.

It offers players the chance to choose between four characters, namely: Recruit, Tank, Killer, and Medic, and six-game mode, namely: Base Defense, Duel, Launcher Battle, Hardcore, Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch at the onset of the game.

Its graphic is great, control is easy, and availability of several weapons and accessories.

However, the impressive feature of Infinity Ops is it optimization that allows all kinds of mobile device, either weak or powerful to enjoy its gameplay at their considerable and most suitable graphics.

Gamers who fancy the shooter genre of games would be missing a great deal not checking out Infinity Ops.

4. Modern Strike Online

Modern Strike Online

This first-person shooter game offers eight combat modes where the terrorist and counterterrorists battle against themselves.

Players can fight their battles alone or in groups.

Its gameplay is beyond intriguing, filled with never-ending action, and boasts quality graphics with excellent control.

Modern Strike Online will pique the interest of fans of COD Mobile as it’s one of the best games like Call of Duty.

3. Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival

Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival

Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival is another COD Mobile alternative with survival as the major theme of its gameplay.

You would find yourself in an Asian aesthetic open world that would serve as home to you.

Part of the possibility of your game avatar includes features as being able to fly a helicopter, land in new spots, and fight in the games’ fatal battleground to win a deathmatch.

While Hopeless Land gameplay may highlight the significance of combats with guns and weapons as a necessary tool to survive and progress in the game, strategy play is also a necessary skill to be utilized.

You would be constantly followed by a danger zone; hence you need to always be within the safe zone for continual progress in the game.

As captivating as Hopeless Land is, it is also challenging yet fun to play.

2. Modern Combat Versus

Modern Combat Versus

This game puts you into the shoe of agents whose aim is to eliminate all his enemies on the battleground.

The game allows for a 4v4 multiplayer battle, or you can decide to create your team and slug it out with other online players across the world.

Its gameplay is captivating, graphics are incredible, combat is mind-blowing, and the control is easy to master.

It really is a great choice when seeking alternative games to COD Mobile.

1. Fortnite


A list of shooter games without Fortnite is incomplete. Fortnite made a tremendous hit in the gaming world.

No doubt it played a role in popularizing the shooter genre.

The game has three different modes of play, namely, Fortnite: Save the World, Fortnite: Battle Royale, and Fortnite Creative.

Whichever you desire to play, be rest assured you are in for a similar gaming experience as COD Mobile.

Nonetheless, you should bear in mind; this game can no longer be downloaded via the Google Play Store; rather, you would have to visit Fortnite gaming developer site, Epic Games, to download it on your mobile device.

Still credits to Epic Games for this amazing game.

Final Words

Hope you enjoyed our collection of games like Call of Duty.

If you are a fan of COD, these similar games would keep you locked in.

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