20 Addicting Games Like Bejeweled You’ll Enjoy

20 Addicting Games Like Bejeweled You’ll Enjoy

Are there games like Bejeweled? Check out our collection of similar and alternative games to Bejeweled.

Most times, video game enthusiasts are stuck with combat, action, and adventure and undermine the amusement and captivation of tile-matching puzzle games.

If you want to enjoy a tile-matching puzzle game strategy, the Bejeweled video game series is a highly recommended option.

However, many other games offer the same excitement as Bejeweled — we will consider these games in this article.

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The Best Games Like Bejeweled; Similar & Alternative Games to Play

20. Cruel Jewels

Cruel Jewels

Cruel Jewels offer wide-ranging similarities to Bejeweled, especially in the jewel-matching aspect.

It is a captivating game with various game modes and attention-grabbing tunes and voice-overs that absorbs players.

19. Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga is most similar to Candy Crush but has varied gameplay mechanics notwithstanding game scope similarities.

Farm Heroes Saga is a tile-matching puzzle game like Bejeweled, but the earlier requires players to gather farming resources specified as objectives for each game level.

18. Monster Busters

Monster Busters

Monster Busters features various challenging levels, power-ups, and unique boosters that fosters gameplay excitement.

Players must pair at least three same-color tiles to explode, refill power-ups, and earn points.

17. Mystic Marbles

Mystic Marbles

Mystery is tricky, which translates to Mystic Marbles’ tactical requirement to guarantee victories.

Mystic Marbles offers tricky puzzles through many game levels in single-player and multiplayer game modes.

An exciting feature is the sixty-second score multiplier, where players can gather gems to boost their powers within sixty seconds.

16. Yummy Mania

Yummy Mania

Yummy Mania has similar objectives, game scope, and gameplay mechanics as the games listed above.

However, its difference lies in its ‘limited moves’ system, which requires tactical movements and conservativeness.

Yummy Mania’s primary objective is to connect at least three items to earn points as the other match-three games listen above.

15. Gummy Drop

Gummy Drop

Gummy Drop requires matching at least three same-color items to earn points.

Hundreds of levels are available, with each having its distinct objectives and special effects.

A 2-star reward based on achieving the level’s goals guarantees progress to the next level.

14. Lil Quest

Lil Quest

Lil Quest is a casual puzzle game for your pastime where your main goal is completing tasks to move to the next level.

The gameplay isn’t so challenging; all it requires is connecting tiles to earn points.

13. Chew n’ Pop Tales

Chew n’ Pop Tales

Become Alice in the wonderland in Chew n’ Pop Tales, a well-designed match-three puzzle game with a simple storyline and role-playing elements.

You must connect same-color items to earn points and find your way out of the gummy wonderland.

12. Disco Bees

Disco Bees

Disco Bees is a perfect choice from the puzzle genre, featuring a unique hexagonal design grid, constant theme change, and an inspiring disco soundtrack.

The number of levels and their distinctiveness also keep the game fresh as you meet new challenges.

11. Muffin Quest

Muffin Quest

Muffin Quest offers something distinct from most of the other games on this list.

The game incorporates rows and columns movements instead of tiles.

There is an abundance of levels available, and each of these levels costs you one from five lives.

You can keep playing so far you can finish levels with a 2-star rating.

However, your lives will replenish or can be repurchased from the in-game store if you run out of them.

10. Jelly Splash

Jelly Splash

Many players have become addicted to this game because of its simple gameplay mechanics and appealing sound effects.

Jelly Splash requires players to connect same-color jellies horizontally, diagonally, and vertically through various levels.

9. Best Fiends

Best Fiends

What if you have a puzzle game with RPG elements?

Best Friends offers you a role-playing sensation in its primary match-three puzzle genre.

Players must connect at least three same-color tiles, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

However, they must also beware of slugs that’ll block their path as they progress.

Soon, you’ll be gaining monster upgrades and bountiful rewards to upgrade your team.

8. Jewel Mania

Jewel Mania

Jewel Mania has an exciting, lighthearted storyline artfully illustrated in an outstanding match-three puzzle game where a boy, girl, and dog lick your screen as you progress to the next level.

Your ultimate goal is to become the Jewel Mania King or Queen, and you can share your game success on Facebook.

7. Candy Blast Mania

Candy Blast Mania

Candy Blast Mania offers you candy-matching gameplay more similar to Candy Crush instead of diamond paring gameplay like Bejeweled.

However, these three games follow the same tile-matching principle under the puzzle genre.

The game contains many game levels with the basic candy-smashing principle and various colorful candies to pair and smash.

6. Candy Crush

You may rightfully say that Candy Crush is one of the most addictive match-three puzzle video games in recent years.

In fact, it has increased the popularity of this genre.

Players enjoy the challenging gameplay of pairing at least three candies to smash and gain points through hundreds of levels.

Each level contains objectives that players must meet to progress to the next. King developed Candy Crush and released it in 2012.

5. Juice Jam

Juice Jam

Experience the grand adventure of a match-three puzzle by Jam City that focuses on fruit.

Your primary objective is to match fruits to create tasty fruit juice combinations.

Juice Jam is modified with advanced gameplay mechanics, a superb variety of mixtures, improved shades, and extra game levels.

4. Cookie Jam

Cookie Jam

Explore wonderlands inside your traveling bakery in cookie jam, an exciting, addictive, match-three puzzle video game developed by Jam City.

You aim to solve thought-provoking puzzles and create delicious food item mixtures.

Moreover, the game is content-filled and has many difficulties to experience.

3. Magnetica


Magnetica is a Nintendo published puzzle game with single and multiplayer game modes.

It is entertaining, offering unique gameplay to stop marbles rolling through a distorted path before they reach their goal.

You are to pair at least three marbles of the same color to wipe out previous marbles.

Each stage maintains a similar principle but with increased difficulty levels.

2. Book of Life: Sugar Smash

Book of Life: Sugar Smash

Sugar Smash immerses you in a sugar candy and rainbow drop-matching adventure.

You are to complete challenging tasks and gather delicacies with game characters, Maria, Joaquin, and Manolo’s help.

Each stage has an increased difficulty level where you’ll gain premium rewards for completing objectives.

The game is an exciting puzzle adventure game developed for mobile devices.

1. Hungry Babies Mania

Hungry Babies Mania

Hungry Babies Mania is an exciting color block game where the primary objective is to supply greedy animals with delicacies through multiple levels.

The principle of every stage in the game is the same, notwithstanding the different goals.

The varying food types, challenges, and cute characters are captivating, while the familiar gameplay mechanics makes the gameplay more effective.

However, Hungry Babies Mania is void of a storyline like many casual tile-matching puzzle games.

Final Words

Hope you enjoyed our collection of games like Bejeweled.

If you are a fan of Bejeweled, these games like Bejeweled would keep you locked in.

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