Top-15 Games Like Age of War You Can Conquer

Top-15 Games Like Age of War You Can Conquer

Are there games like Age of War? Check out our collection of similar and alternative games to Age of War?

Age of War is one of the most prominent titles in the strategy genre that offers you a virtual experience through human civilization on a military basis.

Your primary objective is to build an army that can destroy the enemy base and defend your settlement across several ages.

Game mechanics and weaponry progress concerning age, featuring melee weapons, special abilities, power units modeled according to a player’s age.

Age of War’s prominence in the industry and strategy enthusiasts can be attributed to its engaging gameplay and satisfying experience, prompting several gamers to seek games that offer similar elements.

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The Best Games Like Age of War; Similar & Alternative Games to Play

15. Epic War 3

Epic War 3

Epic War’s third primary installment offers you the opportunity to lead the attack on opposing forces, implementing several military strategies and techniques to win.

There are a plethora of weapons at your disposition, including melee weapons, firearms, and comets.

Your game success is rewarded with money and experience points that you can spend on various upgrades to level-up your hero.

14. Army of Ages

Army of Ages

The army of Ages offers over fifty units and turrets to build and control through various ages.

Destroy alien invasion and other menacing characters while you expand your colony with game currency and experience points that you earn.

13. Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends

Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends

Rise of Legends impeccably blends mechanics and innovations that hooks players to its real-time strategy and picturesque game world. Fantasy and sci-fi, and technology are incorporated in Rising of Legend’s gameplay, but these elements retain the Rise of Nation’s series’s originality.

The game features three diverse races to play in to capture territories to expand their selected race.

Certainly, Rise of Legends is one of the strategy genre’s big-name titles but offers elegance, fun, and gameplay variety.

12. DomiNations


Savor the excitement and satisfaction of using strategy to dominate surrounding nations during the stone age.

Players must use available technologies concerning the current era to dominate competing nations.

Amazingly, DomiNations ideally presents historical nations, leaders, units, and buildings, drawing comparisons to prominent titles like Clash of Clans, Age of Empires, and Rise of Nations.

11. Lumberwhack: Defend the Wild

Lumberwhack: Defend the Wild

As the name implies, Defend the Wild allows you to use wild animals to scare off lumberjacks from the jungle.

Defend the Wild contains several upgrades and various animals, with a tower defense branching level design.

Players assume Koko Kornelius’ role, recruiting and summoning up to ten animals to help with micromanagement activities and defend the jungle from lumberjacks.

10. Cat War 2

Cat War 2

Become the Cat Kingdom’s commander in chief as you lead the cats to war against dogs, fighting through stages and engaging in boss battles.

You can play up to three heroes with special abilities.

The game implements a gem system as a core component in its gameplay, used for purchasing upgradeable units, new heroes, and temporary boosts.

9. Castle Crush: Epic Strategy

Castle Crush: Epic Strategy

Epic Strategy beguiles players to challenge themselves in a castle defense online multiplayer layout.

Players use the forty available game cards, upgradable card, deck design, and three-lane formula on a real-time card basis to summon troops and cast spells for castle defense.

Castle Crush: Epic Strategy is an exciting and highly addictive strategy video game available for mobile devices.

8. Krosmaga


Krosmaga remarkably introduces a fantasy story in a board and card synopsis.

A player will act like a god, using his skill and strategy to subdue enemies by summoning demi-gods, fantasy creatures, and other mortals.

Players have an abundance of cards to design their decks, exploiting the Tower Defense elements.

7. Rise of Legions

Rise of Legions

Rise of Legions feature five unique legions, possessing the ability to formulate unique strategies.

You can enjoy Rise of Legions’ competitive strategy in solo and duo modes, involving player vs. environment and player vs. player game modes by leveling cards supporting their ultimate strategy.

Rise of Legions uses a deck-building outline, where players collect cards, craft decks, and eliminate enemies.

Like Age of War, Rise of Legions’ primary objective is to attack enemy bases using military strategies.

6. Tower Conquest

Tower Conquest

Tower Conquest is a strategy-based card video game where simple actions could significantly affect the results.

The game features five distinct factions with several cards that offer various options for a strategic escapade.

Players can combat through an extensive campaign with various factions, upgrading their cards for upsetting units.

Tower Conquest is available on mobile platforms and contains a player vs. player mode.

5. Circle Empires Rivals

Circle Empires Rivals

Circle Empires Rivals offer challenging strategy-based combats in casually generated circle maps through a six-mode ultimate conquest.

The game offers an eccentric style and layout in single-player, co-operative, and competitive multiplayer game modes as you control addictive characters with novel special abilities.

Circle Empires Rivals incorporates aggression, balanced strategy, and economic elements with a three-resource system containing gold, wood, and food.

4. Spellbinders


Spellbinders is a simple strategy concept that impeccably balances attack and defense with well-developed game mechanics, unique abilities, and well-designed playable titans.

You can combat in player vs. player and player vs. environment modes, but remember to focus more on defensive strategy.

Players gradually earn amulets per game progress to boost their tactical options.

Remarkably, each of the four playable titans has unique, special abilities and some play-style variety.

Spellbinders is indeed one of the most-suitable Age of War alternatives.

3. Stick War: Legacy

Stick War: Legacy

It would be more appropriate to focus on Stick War: Legacy’s similarity to the Age of War in-game scope aspect.

Both games contain rudimentary strategy elements, requiring players to summon military units to attack enemy colonies and defend their settlement.

However, Stick War: Legacy is a 2D side-scrolling game with stick-figure characters.

Nevertheless, it’s a mobile-based fun-filled, challenging, and addictive virtual escapade.

2. Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations remains one of the best military-based strategy games, regardless of the time it was released.

The 2003 title offers accessibility and strategic depth, the core components of a real-time strategy (RTS) video game.

The game implements a territory system as players build colonies, inventing defense technologies and structures to capture and hold communes.

Intelligent non-playable characters, economic advancements, and other noteworthy game-mechanic implementation make Rise of Nations one of the best Age of War alternatives.

1. Age of Empires (Series)

Age of Empires (Series)

The foremost Age of War’s alternative is “Age of Empires.” The Age of Empire titles are undoubtedly among the most prominent and exciting browser games in the strategy genre.

The series feature several engaging game mechanics, several playable civilizations from the middle ages, and a slice of role-playing elements.

Age of Empires II seems to be the most prominent, but its sequel, Age of Empires III, features a more advanced multiplayer mode.

Age of Empires III specifically illustrates unique features from various civilizations and an advanced game design.

Final Words

Hope you enjoyed our collection of games like Age of War.

If you are a fan of Age of War, these games would keep you locked in.

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