Final Fantasy VII Remake Review

Final Fantasy VII Remake Review

Final Fantasy VII Remake Review

Final Fantasy VII, developed by Square Enix, is an action role-playing game and the first of a planned series of games based on the 1977 PlayStation game Final Fantasy VII.

The game is set in the metropolis of Midgar and will see a player step into the role of a mercenary who joins AVALANCHE, an eco-terrorist group, in a bid to resist the powerful megacorporation Shinra drain of the planet’s life essence as an energy source.

Final Fantasy VII gameplay is a combination of real-time strategic action and role-playing elements.

Final Fantasy VII Remake
Platform:PlayStation 4
Developer: Square Enix Business Division 1
Publisher: Square Enix
Genre:Action role-playing
Release Date:April 10, 2020

Final Fantasy VII Remake Gameplay

Players would be in control of Cloud Strife, a mercenary who was once a Shinra soldier.

Cloud joins the eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE to fight against Shinra Corporation, who have been siphoning the planet’s life energy as an energy source.

The game’s environment element has been remodeled with the use of real-time polygonal graphics rather than the pre-rendered environment used in the original.

The story features noteworthy plot additions and sees considerable expansions to character development.

Similar to Final Fantasy XV, exploration and battle mechanics both happen in real-time. “Active Time Battle” system from the original features in the game and functions just the same.

Once filled, the ATB system allows a player to pause the game’s action and use specific abilities such as magic and special moves.

To avoid continually halting actions in the game, players can entrust rapid use of these abilities through shortcut buttons and allow them to play progressively in real-time.

However, every use of these abilities consumes a segment of the ATB bar.

In battles, players can switch between party members.

Individual party members possess a variety of skills unique to them.

For instance, Cloud’s is skillful in close quarters melee attacks and fellow party members, Barrett is adept in long-range distance attacks.

Aside from being able to use magic and call forth large creatures in battles, players can make use of a Limit Break gauge to execute a more potent attack once charged.

In addition to the game strategic element touch, it features more real-time elements.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Review

Final Fantasy VII Remake opening Bombing Mission is welcoming and captivating.

This game is very much its first attempt towards reimagining a much bigger story, but it strives to reveal a deepness that was heretofore left to imagine.

This game isn’t endearing to only fans familiar with the original; it possesses the power to hold appeal to gamers new to it play as they get intimately acquainted with the roles of various characters, all the while enjoying an action-packed yet thrilling role-playing game.

It delivers a new and powerful storytelling ambition in detail from perspectives that add meaning to its overall story plot.

Its narrative and characterization portrayal is easily aligned to gameplay that feels truly modern and found on classic role-playing games’ fundamentals.

Characters that were formerly relegated to the background are given more depth.

So players know more about other Avalanche members like Biggs, Jessie, Barrett, Wedge, and several others.

However, each of these characters has personal reasons for joining Avalanche and fighting against Shinra.

Short cutscenes in the game deliver an intimate moment of these characters through earnest lines and dialogues that are relatable and natural.

From a brilliant convey of its story plot, it interprets intense combat with a brutal viciousness common among its variety of enemies.

They work with a high level of synergy similar to that of player’s party members, aimed at paralyzing your various characters and forcing them to a trap position which disjoints a player’s overall battle formation forcing players to switch among characters abruptly to free trapped party member.

Assess material ability can prove useful in this regard.

This feature allows players to identify elemental weakness among enemies and exploit it, thus applying attacking pressure against them and rendering them defenseless if consistent.

In attacks, enemies can counteract by tactically avoiding your blows or moves.

Hence, a player needs to deliver attacks with precise timing or wind up utilizing attack resources on a failed attack.

Final Fantasy VII Remake combat can be physically and mentally demanding; however, it is immensely satisfying at the same time.

The unique ways characters work out are fun, behavior, skills, and weakness of enemies that necessitate quick thinking and strategic response is realistic, all this sum up together makes for a blazing, compelling, and enkindle momentum.

However, the camera, especially in tight corners during combats, can be a problem as it struggles to get the view of the action in frame; it isn’t much of a jilter to spoiled gaming fun.

Combat is amazingly free-flowing wrapped in stunning cinematic visuals.

Players can also upgrade weapons and reinforce its features to be more potent.

In multiple chapters, between the exhilarating momentum, Final Fantasy VII slows the pace and gives players a more intimate insight into the game through its optional side-quests.

Players will spend more time in the slums and get involved with the community, meeting the people there and understanding their plights.

As much as this optional side-quests interferes with the game action pace, it is worth pursuing.

Every quest is an opportunity to understand the people of the community more. Players get to help the people of society in solving a particular problem.

It is merely a “go here, kill the enemies, interact with the person involved, or help retrieve an item, and return,” however, as Cloud accomplishes his mission, he becomes drawn into their world.

From an ex-soldier turn mercenary, who takes on odd jobs depending on the pay, he becomes a caring being learning to fight for the people and not just himself.

His stern demeanor from the outset is softened as he completes the various quest and becomes the community hero.

Final Fantasy VII Remake sees a player developing a sense of care and awareness towards the people as he invests in the world around him.

Notwithstanding, a gamer’s history with the original game, Final Fantasy VII Remake, makes for fantastic gameplay.

It delivers just perfect in its multifaceted storyline, with perfect character depiction and music.

The wait for it was a long one but worth it. Square Enix did a great job of remaking Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Verdict

Final Fantasy VII story is captivating; it tells of the protagonist struggle for survival from a personal view.

Its characters are explored in-depth, intertwined to a creative and sparkling narrative.

Combat is intriguing, action-packed, strategic, fast, and slow were needed to be and challenging.

However, optional side-quests can break in the game’s exhilarating momentum, and the camera occasionally poses a threat to gaming fun; this can be overlooked.

Overall, Square Enix has created a combination of action and role-playing games to deliver an incredible gaming experience one mustn’t miss.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Review
  • Graphics
  • Control
  • Music/ Sound FX/ Voice acting
  • Play Value
  • Overall Rating- Must Buy

Final Fantasy VII Remake Summary

Graphics: Graphic of Final Fantasy VII Remake is fitting, eye-catching, standard, no lags or imagery snafus.

Control: Control is fun and reflects the skill proficiency of the gamer.

Music/ Sound FX/ Voice acting: Every scenario that requires a music track nicely touches, especially a combat scene with the right tempo tune, the dialogue is clear and holds meaningful content.

Play Value: Gamers are in for memorable gameplay. From the story plot to the combat, it syncs perfectly.

Overall Rating- Must Buy: Although just a piece of the original Final Fantasy VII, this remake takes it a notch higher, presenting a beloved game and revitalizing it into something iconic.

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