FIFA 21 Release Date, Platforms, Price, Top Features

FIFA 21 Release Date, Price, Platforms, Features, Information

Here’s everything we know so far about the new video game, from the FIFA 21 release date, price, and platforms, to features and other important information.

Previous editions of the FIFA game have been a global success that prompted the next edition’s anticipation.

The FIFA 21 is no exemption.

Hot gossips, rumors on the latest of FIFA 21, set to grace the gaming world, are already making waves.

The next FIFA game is launching in 2020. EA Sports and other software developing companies and parties involved are working out the final touches on it.

In past years, the FIFA game has lived up to its hype and expectations delivering an engaging gaming experience to gamers.

Already eager players have placed FIFA 21 on their wishlist.

FIFA 21 Release Date

The FIFA 21 release date was initially scheduled for September.

However, the crisis of the pandemic disrupted the planned release; hence the date has been pushed further.

The FIFA 21 would officially be released on 9 October 2020.

New editions of the FIFA game upon release are usually available for sales on the last Friday of the release month.

This year will, however, be an exemption to the norm.

The exact date of the release would see the availability of sales of the game.

As usual, too eager die-hard gamers who have pre-ordered the game, the advantage of early access never falls short to them.

On October 6, early access would be granted, which would allow gamers who pre-order to begin enjoying the FIFA 21 gaming experience before its official release date. 

FIFA 21 Price

The price of the standard edition of the set to be released FIFA game would be £59.99 in the United Kingdom and $59.99 in the United States.

In previous years, EA Sports has launched aside the standard edition, other editions such as the Ultimate Edition and Champions Edition, which cost a bit more than the standard edition.

The FIFA 21 Champions Edition would cost £79.99 in the United Kingdom and $79.99 in the United States.

The FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition costs £89.99 and $99.99 on PlayStation and Xbox official stores.

The reason for the difference in the range of price of the various FIFA editions is the extra features available for the FIFA Ultimate Team players.

Gold packs, special FUT kits, and Icons are a few of the additional features responsible for the slight difference in prices.

FIFA 21 Platforms & Consoles

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC would support playing of the FIFA 21.

Next-generation consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X would see a specific release date for the gameplay availability.

Reports gather launch date of the FIFA 21 game is scheduled sometime in December 2020.

However, it hasn’t been confirmed.

EA sports would likely work for hand in hand with Sony and Microsoft to see through the availability of play of the game upon release.

Google Stadia developed by Google, which was launched last year, November didn’t feature the FIFA 20 likely due to its timing of it been launched; however, there’s the possibility the FIFA 21 would be available on the platform.

The Switch version of the game would feature no new game modes.

It’s still a ‘Legacy Edition’ with updated squads and kits.

Its gameplay changes also remain untouched.

When to Pre-order FIFA 21

Gamers know the advantage that comes with pre-ordering the FIFA 21.

Early access to enjoy its gameplay before its official release as well as lower prices and Ultimate Team perks.

The period to pre-order FIFA 21 began on June 18, which coincided with the game’s launch announcement.

Pre-order FIFA 21 now!

FIFA 21 New Features

Next-Generation Console

On PlayStation 5, Players’ responsive haptic feedback, faster load times, intricate designed and improved lighting system for a more realistic outlook, in-dept audio for an equivalent stadium game experience, and off-ball humanization are little features that add more colors and liveliness to the game.

Also, the career mode has seen some improvements. Career mode on the FIFA 20 had several issues, and gamers were unsatisfied.

However, improvement has been made. Gamers would be more than happy to explore new features and improvements in this mode. 

‘Quick Sim’ is a new option that is available on career mode as well. It allows gamers to get into games and out of at will to influence the season’s output results.

A new Active Training System is another unique feature on the FIFA 21.

It enables gamers to improve squad players’ abilities and offers the option of group training sessions to enhance players’ skills and work on an area of weakness.

During transfer bidding and negotiation, AI opposition will go about transfers in new ways.

Loans-to-buy with a fixed or optional future fee is one of the new transfer tactics for artificial intelligence control.


FIFA 21 Gameplay

The FIFA 21 gameplay boast of new attacking styles.

More tactical positioning, improved dribbling, and creative runs.

The game Competitor mode gives the opposition an insightful tactical understanding to add more fierceness to the game’s competitiveness.

New FUT Icons

Every new FIFA title features new Icons joining the roasters of heroes from previous seasons, and FIFA 21 is no exemption.

Eric Cantona is an Icon in FIFA 21 featuring in some promotional imagery.

Other popular potential new Icons include Oliver Kahn, Francesco Totti, David Beckham, and Franz Beckenbauer.

FIFA 21  doesn’t miss the FUT Co-Op. This mode allows a gamer to team up with fellow gamers in order to fulfill Co-Op objectives and win FUT rewards.

Below is a list of new FIFA Ultimate Team icons

  • Eric Cantona
  • Xavi
  • Phillip Lahm
  • Ashley Cole
  • Petr Cech
  • Samuel Eto’o
  • Davor Suker
  • Fernando Torres
  • Bastian Schweinsteiger
  • Ferenc Puskas
  • Nemanja Vidic


The FIFA’s street football addition Volta will boast social features to its Volta Squads that allows a gamer to play with up to three friends online and join up the community of other players in Volta.

In the Volta mode, there are additions of more playing venues, which include Dubai, Sao Paulo, and Milan.


The Video Assistant Referee has seen its usage in football matches more recently, and EA may emulate some VAR aesthetic to its gameplay.

More Official Leagues & Clubs

FIFA, still in license war with rival brand Konami, would be looking to add more clubs and leagues in the FIFA 21.

FIFA 20 subtly name famous soccer powerhouse Juventus, Piemonte Calcio, and Barcelona are omitted with home stadium, Camp Nou stadium.

FIFA can’t be faulty for this as rival brand Konami owns substantial exclusive rights to the use of most football club names.

However, with bidding right always a never-ending war between the two brands, gamers are in for surprises on the clubs and league to be featured in the FIFA 21 game.

FIFA 21 Cover Star

The FIFA 21 sees a new face as its cover star in the person of French and Paris Saint-Germain forward, Julian Mbappe.

He would appear on all three edition covers.

Mbappe was more than happy being chosen by EA Sports to grace the cover and expressed his gratitude on his official Twitter page. 

The FIFA 20 standard edition and Champions edition cover stars were Eden Hazard and Virgil van Dijk.

The last sole cover star of the FIFA game series was Cristiano Ronaldo in FIFA 18 and 19.

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