List of All Far Cry Games

List of All Far Cry Games

What are the Far cry games released so far?

Far Cry is among the most prominent and continuing first-person shooter series in the gaming industry.

Since 2004, when the Original Far Cry game was released, the series has featured games with survival and RPG elements.

The open-world game areas are always impressive, and its diversity certifies that no two titles offer the same escapade.

Few series have recorded the illustrious success Far Cry has enjoyed.

Without further ado, let’s take you through a detailed review of all the entrants in the Far Cry games series.

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All Far Cry Games

12. Far Cry Release Year: 2004

Far Cry

The game that kicked-off Far Cry’s signatory politically-centered storylines and the success the franchise has enjoyed.

Far Cry (2004) is an innovative shooter game that featured jungle locations, automobiles, weapons, and fast-paced gunplay.

While Far Cry’s mechanics are analogous to its successors, it had exclusive features.

Players had the freedom to violently or tactically use weapons and gears to complete missions. A.I. enemy characters modified to players’ progress make combat unpredictable and sensational.

The open-world concept aids realism and diversity, enabling players to complete missions through diverse techniques.

Since its release, the Original Far Cry has sold over2.5 million copies globally.

11. Far Cry: Instincts: Release Year: 2005

Far Cry: Instincts

One year after the release of the series’ first entrant, Far Cry: Instincts was appropriately released for the Xbox console as a console version for the Original Far Cry, which could not run on sixth-generation systems.

Although both titles feature a similar storyline, Instincts offered new weapons, skills, and a multiplayer mode.

However, it was criticized for lacking quality in levels, open-end design, and visuals.

Far Cry: Instincts was created and released by Ubisoft and received general critical acclaims.

10. Far Cry Instincts: Evolution Release Year: 2006

Far Cry Instincts: Evolution

This game is an immediate sequel to Far Cry Instincts.

Evolution is an adored extension over its prequel.

It maintains analogous gameplay mechanics, open-world game area, and a multiplayer mode as Instincts, but advancement in the story.

Evolution contains an arsenal of new weapons, new automobiles, and an extended map-maker.

Although it may not be the best in gameplay or narrative aspects, Ubisoft’s Far Cry Instincts: Evolution was a good game overall.

9. Far Cry Instincts: Predator Release Year: 2006

Far Cry Instincts: Predator

Far Cry Instincts: Predator can rightly be referred to as an expansion of Far Cry: Instincts and Far Cry Instincts: Evolution, released on the same day as the latter.

However, Predator was exclusively released for the Xbox 360 console to offer a better-optimized H.D. title.

This feature was complemented with entertaining and gratifying gameplay.

Although there have been visual enhancements in pursuits, enemy vehicle A.I., and adrenaline-driven actions, some critics have criticized its graphics components.

This criticism may be linked to its release on the Xbox 360’s multi-core next-generation engine compared to the level of quality the game offered.

8. Far Cry: Vengeance Release Year: 2006

Far Cry: Vengeance

Yet another exclusive in the Far Cry series, this time, on the Nintendo Wii console. Far Cry: Vengeance is Far Cry Instincts’ Nintendo Wii’s exclusive.

Although Far Cry: Vengeance has the same storyline as Instincts, it offered new vehicles, gameplay levels, controls, and weapon mechanics.

Vengeance seemed to be the poorest of all the Far Cry Instincts, having poor graphic qualities, unreliable motion controls, and a bad A.I. mechanic.

Creating a Far Cry game for the Nintendo Wii console is a commendable act, but the outcomes of what seems to be an underdeveloped game were subpar.

7. Far Cry 2 Release Year: 2008

Far Cry 2

Considering the era Far Cry 2 was published and its features, Far Cry 2 is no run of the mill game.

Permadeath, weapon mechanics, and the survival elements are features that are now considered “universal” in gaming.

Far Cry 2 is the second primary entrant of the Far Cry series; it was created and released by Ubisoft in 2008.

The game offers player freedom, an African scenery, weather changes, and the day/night feature.

Far Cry 2’s open-world features Africa’s wastelands, jungles, and grasslands, encouraging exploration while encaging in gunplay missions.

However, Far Cry 2 earned negative reviews for its bugs, schemes, and script.

6. Far Cry 3 Release Year: 2012

Far Cry 3

The series’ third main title organized and improved most of the franchise’s primary gameplay mechanics.

The game features a dynamic and exciting open-world in a virtual humid archipelago.

Wildlife is a significant element that can benefit or hamper a player’s progress.

The gameplay centers on crafting and exploring the open-world and combating pirates and wild animals, granting player freedom, and allowing players to use different methods to accomplish objectives.

Far Cry 3 offered new stat elements like skill trees and XPs in the series’ signatory first-person shooter format.

5. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Release Year: 2013

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Blood Dragon is a spin-off from the Far Cry 3 title that featured action and sci-fi elements.

Although it’s a sub-title in the Far Cry series, Blood Dragon was entirely independent in its storyline.

However, it was developed based on Far Cry 3’s primary mechanics.

Blood Dragon featured most of its stories and genre elements from the 1980s’ classic movies.

The game was earned general acclaims and was named the “Best Downloadable Content” at the VGX award in 2013.

4. Far Cry 4 Release Year: 2014

Far Cry 4

This entrant is one of the most acclaimed in the Far Cry series, with the developer avoiding deviance from the series’ successful model.

The game features a fictitious country call Kyrat which earned praises for its unique environment.

In the mountainous game area, players will climb mountains to complete missions while enjoying descending with the newly-introduced wingsuit.

Other features like capturing enemy headquarters and riding war elephants to seize their stations are exciting and creditable.

3. Far Cry: Primal Release Year: 2016

Far Cry: Primal

Far Cry Primal was good at keeping the hopes of the series’ enthusiasts high when most felt its scope is outdated.

Primal was set in the Mesolithic era and was complemented with a historical language to aid its realism.

Other elements like weaponry and wildlife were all modified to suit the primeval times the game depicted.

Although the switch from a modern-day setting to an ancient one was massive and risky, it was quite welcomed.

2. Far Cry 5 Release Year: 2018

Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 is an open-world shooter game set in a post-apocalyptic scene in Hope County, a fictionalized region of Montana.

It’s one of the most-significant open-world shooter games available as players are stimulated to explore the game area rather than unraveling central points.

The graphics are quality, the story and music are inspiring, the gameplay is smooth, and the character/gun control physics is spectacular.

Far Cry 5 became the best-selling entrant in the franchise’s history.

1. Far Cry: New Dawn Release Year: 2019

Far Cry: New Dawn is set in a post-apocalyptic Hope County, featuring expeditions, co-op gameplay, and a neon-colored open-world.

It offered several highpoints and gameplay elements included in previous titles in the series.

Like other spin-off titles like Blood Dragon, and Primal, New Dawn is an independent, solid action-adventure game that contains elements of RPG.

Although New Dawn achieved commercial success, its sales were lower than its direct prequel.

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