Doom Eternal Review

Doom Eternal Review

Doom Eternal is a sequel to Doom 2016 and the latest entrant in the Doom franchise, developed by id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks.

The fifth, in the Doom series, continues on its precursor’s success, glinting on its legacy and revivifying the first-person shooter’s genre of game.

Doom Eternal is set sometime following the Doom 2016 game’s events, with Doom Slayer on a mission to rescue Earth from Hell’s consumption and thwart the plans of the alien Maykrs to wipe out humanity.

The game, founded on its precursor’s initial ideas, now serves a complete twist of gaming experience for a different but intriguing vision of what Doom truly is while still featuring its signature fast-paced combat, terrifying demons, and loud weapons.

Below we give a review of the game, but first, let get you familiar with its gameplay.

Doom Eternal
Platforms:Microsoft Windows PlayStation 4 Stadia Xbox One Nintendo Switch PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X/S
Developer: id Software
Publisher:Bethesda Softworks
Genre:First-person shooter
Single-player, multiplayer
Release Dates:WindowsPS4StadiaXbox One
March 20, 2020
Nintendo Switch
December 8, 2020
PlayStation 5Xbox Series X/S

Doom Eternal Gameplay

Similar to Doom 2016, Doom Eternal encourages players to adopt simple but effective tactics.

The player would control Doom Slayer, the main protagonist of the game, and would fight against demons and forces from hell from a first-person perspective.

Players would need to loop around every advantage offer in fight arenas, counts on bonuses, and overall play smart to emerge victoriously.

A new type of enemies makes Doom Eternal features while still bringing on other enemies, the likes of Pain Elemental, Archvile, and Arachnotron from previous Doom series.

“Destructible Demons” is another new exciting feature in the latest Doom series.

This feature gradually destroys and devolves enemy bodies in combat as they are inflicted with threatening damage by players.

This system also allows players to eliminate a demon’s ability to exploit a more potent attack.

In the scenario, a Doom Slayer dies in combat; Doom Eternal makes things easy in that the Slayer simply rises from the spot he perishes rather than restarting from a nearby checkpoint.

In Doom Eternal multiplayer scene, it features a number of playing modes, including “Battlemode.”

The Battlemode sees two players controlling demons pitted against one player, a loaded Slayer in a muti-round match.

Invasion mode, which is currently under development and would be released as a post-launch update, later on, will see players playing with other single-player counterparts, fighting them as demons.

However, the invasion is optional, and players who choose to play solo can turn it off.

“Fortress of Doom” also is another new exciting feature in the game.

The “Fortress of Doom” area is accessible to players between missions with rooms containing various upgrades and gears behind locked doors.

Doom Eternal Weapons

Players are in possession of various firearms, including Combat Shotgun, Super Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Heavy Cannon, Plasma Rifle, Chaingun, BFG 9000, and Ballista.

For Melee combat, chainsaw, the doom blade, and the crucible blade are available for use.

The doom blade is advantageous for a quick, violent kill to deal a significant blow to the enemy’s health.

The Super Shotgun now features a meat hook that can propel a player towards an enemy upon been hooked.

This new feature can also be used in environment navigation.

Doom Slayer armor isn’t just an armor; it features a shoulder gear launcher useful in tossing grenades and ice bombs.

The game has also introduced new movement mechanisms such as wall-climbing and bar swinging.

Doom Eternal Review

Doom Eternal focuses primarily on a player’s effective use of the number of murderous weapons available.

Protective and life-saving gears such as health, armor, and armor pickups are a rare sight and available at the barest minimum at Doom Eternal’s various combat arena; instead, players would have to get these protective gears by slaying monsters in the game’s brutal killing fashion.

Staying alive in the game also requires a tactical fight approach, and the right weapon for the right kill.

At first, Doom Eternal may seem unwieldy in its gameplay with the several weaponry in a player’s catalog and brutal killing of hundreds of demons.

However, it is a good thing as it does get gamers hooked on with the utmost attention and focus.

As gamers dwell more in the world of Doom Eternal, they get accustomed to the game run-and-gun, violent approach.

In between battle, players navigate Eternal’s tricky levels to find the hundreds of secret locations that rewards with hidden upgrades and weapons.

Navigating, as exciting as it is, could be a little unforgiving, as there are abyss that sucks out a small amount of player’s health if fallen into.

There are more platforms to get through the puzzling environment, and this platform can sometimes be a challenge, especially when getting through to distant monkey bars.

All of Dooms Eternal game element makes up for an exciting blend of mayhem that changes a player into a swift killing machine.

It often attacking tempo will push you beyond the boundary of comfort and have you plotting and executing at the same time to stay alive while aiming to make everything around you dead—every moment and move made by a player count for survival.

Analyzing the battlefield for the next enemy, figuring which enemy to attack first, what weapon required to take on the strike and how to attack are part of the norm of progress and survival in the game.

The mental calculation of devising to stay alive is a massive part of Doom Eternal game fun.

Major fights are fought in a multi-level arena filled with countless swing bars and jump pads that a player could use in getting around quickly.

With the double-jump and horizontal dash move, a player can escape attacks and cross over distances.

However, a few of this arena could be a thorn to players as you could easily get trapped to a corner.

Still, generally, it is more exploring, with the player always on a prudent move to make the next kill and contemplating the method to make that kill.

Every fight is high tempo, brutal, and feels more like a narrow escape from the claws of death that will have a player’s heart racing during combat but relieved after coming out victorious.

Once a player can resonate with the brutality rhythm of Doom Eternal, it becomes endless gaming fun, proving to be a brilliant sequel of Doom 2016.

Doom Eternal Verdict

Doom Eternal is great; it boasts an exceptional combat style that feels realistic, with players always plotting and calculating tons of ways to kill before the kill.

The finding secrets aspect is a welcoming change and breaks to a high tempo fight.

However, the arsenal of weapons in a player’s control could be overwhelming, and its story plot is confusing and unnecessary too serious.

Overall, it is a brilliant sequel to its predecessor and worthy of a gamer’s attention.

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Doom Eternal Review
  • Graphics
  • Control
  • Music/ Sound FX/ Voice acting
  • Play Value
  • Overall Rating- Must Buy

Doom Eternal Review Summary

Graphics: Without any doubt, Doom’s Eternal graphic looks spectacular.

Control: Interesting and phenomenal.

Music/ Sound FX/ Voice acting: Not something that stands out; however, it is fitting and standard.

Play Value: Although violent in nature, it strikes the perfect balance, combining mental calculation and actual gaming.

Overall Rating- Must Buy: Whether you’re a newbie or veteran in the gaming world, Doom Eternal is a delightful treat of a gaming experience.

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