5 Dirty & Inappropriate Roblox Games 2021 To Be Aware

Top-5 Dirty and Inappropriate Roblox Games 2021 (Effect on kids & what parents can do to protect their kids)

What are the top dirty and inappropriate roblox games?

When it comes to gaming, ROBLOX offers endless options.

However, there are games not suitable and inappropriate to play among these options, especially for kids.

As parents, you are tasked with ensuring that your kids stay away from such inappropriate games.

This article lists out a few of the dirty games on ROBLOX and gives details about them.

Most games on the ROBLOX platform are usually the Lego type animation kind, and naturally, children are drawn to this animation kind of game.

So in a short while, as much as they enjoy the gaming experience, they begin to explore the ROBLOX site.

Exploring and checking other gaming content is not a bad thing, but the downside is that kids may stumble upon inappropriate games in their exploring.

Games with adult contents, games which depict cartoon in sexual intercourse, games with images and videos relating to violent and pornographic contents.

Children who developed the habit of playing such dirty and inappropriate games would be affected psychologically and reflect in their behavior and academic life.

Therefore parents need to monitor their children’s activities whenever they are on the ROBLOX platform so as to avoid severe problems relating to exposure to illicit and inappropriate games.

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Reason parents should be aware of bad games on ROBLOX

Whenever faced with a problem, the most efficient way to tackle such problems is to understand the problem.

Similarly, for parents to be better equipped to protect their children from the dirty and inappropriate games of ROBLOX, they need to be aware of the dangers such games pose.

There is no other way to achieve that than by researching and investigating the various video game site your child usually visits.

A statistic report by Nielsen 360 shows that two-thirds of the United States kids population between the age of 12 to 15 spend over 12 hours a week playing video games.

A larger percentage of this age group are addicted to video games.

Children between the ages 3 to 5 also play games with the use of smaller version game gadgets.

They spend an average of 5 hours playing games.

Last year’s (2020) report from the ROBLOX corporation showed that two-thirds of American kids had played the ROBLOX game, and most American kids under the age of 16 have played ROBLOX.

Effect of ROBLOX inappropriate games on kids

1. Lack of sleep

Because of the frequent exposure to the screen when gaming, when it is time to sleep, children may find it difficult to sleep, and this can lead to sleeping deficiency and disorder, which can create psychological problems.

2. Academic performance

As children spend more time playing video games, they knowingly or unknowingly lose interest in their academic studies, and this will result in poor performance at school and low grades.

3. Aggressive behavior

Because of the exposure to violent games, children begin to exhibit aggressive behaviors.

They tend to lose patience easily and want to reenact what they have seen or experienced gaming in real life.

The Popular Dirty and Inappropriate Roblox Games

1. Shedletsky’s dirty Place

Shedletsky's dirty Place

This game is designed for pre-teen kids, i.e., kids under 13 years of age.

In Shedletsky’s dirty Place, children connect and play together via a game server where they are kept in the house they engaged in several dirty activities.

The shocking thing about Shedletsky’s dirty Place is that it features a lot of adult content.

Kids who played this game may not realize the effect of their gaming activity, but it is bound to have a devastating effect on them in the long run.

2. Dance Club

Dance Club

The idea of the Dance Club game is not bad. It is all about players exhibiting their dance moves.

However, the negative side to this dancing is that a lot of sex influence moves are expected to be performed, and romantic scenes are often a common sight in this game, which can corrupt the minds of little kids playing this game.

3. Shower Simulator

Shower Simulator

Shower Simulator is widely recognized as one of ROBLOX’s best games.

Nonetheless, it is one dirty game parents should watch out for.

Players are expected to take a bit together, not minding the gender, and the swimsuits which a player would be required to be dressed in for the bath is not something appropriate.

Aside from that, the game features a lot of erotic and sexual content, not healthy for a kid.

4. Obby Games

Obby Games

In this game, there are connected pages where kids will have to get through by completing the various task they will be given.

Every page has its own challenges, and to proceed to the next page or next level, a kid has to complete the given tasks.

At the onset of the game, everything seems okay.

Still, certain inappropriate content like horrific evil toys that can cause enormous fright to a kid comes into play as a kid advances and progresses.

5. Survive the killers

Survive the killers

Violence is the theme word in this game.

Kids are in possession of weapons that include guns.

Now the gameplay of Survive, the killers have a serial killer on the tail of the players, that is, the kids playing the game and catching up with the players, murders them in the most brutal way possible.

The animation and graphics of this game are horrific, and thus, it is not the ideal game for kids to play, especially kids below the age of 13.

It is scary, horrific, and violent.

The ways kids find dirty and inappropriate Roblox Games

Simply by typing “Cons” on the ROBLOX search engine, a kid will be exposed to all kinds of inappropriate games on the ROBLOX platform.

At first, a key would not know about the dirty games on ROBLOX.

However, with consistent gaming on the platform, they will come to know about all the stuff concerning ROBLOX inappropriate game.

Also, they could be invited to join in several games, and some of these games may be adult games.

A kid will have no idea that a game they have been invited to play along with features adult content, so they innocently fall into these traps.

What parents can do to protect their kids from harmful and inappropriate games on ROBLOX

1. Assist your Kid

Educate your kid on the games they should play on ROBLOX.

Always be closeby whenever they are playing video games on the ROBLOX platform and check on their activities.

Make efforts to know the types of games your kid is usually attracted to

Ask them a variety of questions concerning their gaming activities on ROBLOX, including their anonymous friends.

This way, you could tell of the awaiting dangers of the inappropriate game your kids may stumble upon and tackle them ahead of time.

2. Get Involved in the ROBLOX gaming experience with your kid

It might sound off the rail, but indulging in the gaming experience on ROBLOX along with your kid like being his/her co-participant gamer will give you the opportunity to know the lurking danger of what lies beneath just gaming on ROBLOX.

Also, it will present you with the opportunity to educate your child about proper gaming.

You can use this medium to point out the do’s and don’ts while gaming on ROBLOX.

3. Privacy Settings and Report Abuse

The privacy settings and report abuse option on ROBLOX is made for gamers to report any inappropriate videos or text they may stumble upon.

Teach your child to use these tools whenever they perceive any inappropriate or even violent feature in a game.

Also, you can enable the account restriction option in the privacy setting if your kid is below 13 years.

Age setting of 13 years and below on ROBLOX automatically filter explicit gaming content.

Ensure that if your kid is below the age of 13, the right age is filled in.

Your kids can become a crafty little genius and fill in fake age.

4. Use the FamSafe feature

The FamSafe feature allows parents to monitor and restrict their kids’ activity on ROBLOX.

This feature helps to filter inappropriate game search results.

A parent can block access to certain games with the use of this feature.

Final Words

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