Days Gone Game Review

Days Gone Game Review

Days Gone is an action-adventure survival horror game developed by SIE Bend Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Released in April 2019, Days Gone is a laudable first effort from Bend Studio and a great introduction to the league of significant post-apocalyptic video games.

The game centers on survival, featuring a post-apocalyptic Oregon two years after a global pandemic had turned people into zombies called “Freakers,” and wiped out civilization.

As Deacon St. John discovers the likelihood of his wife, Sarah being alive, he embarks on a journey to find her.

Despite varied evaluations, Days Gone became the eighth highest-selling video game of the year two months after its release.

We’ll give a review of Days Gone in this article, but first, let’s get you acquainted with its gameplay.

Days Gone
Platform:PlayStation 4
Developer: SIE Bend Studio
Publisher:Sony Interactive Entertainment
Genres: Action-adventure, survival horror
Release Date:April 26, 2019

Days Gone Gameplay

Days Gone is played in a third-person perspective as players assume Deacon’s control in search of his wife, Sarah.

Players will explore and travel through the beautiful, open-world volcanic damaged desert of the Pacific Northwest, completing missions and objectives through their journey.

As players travel, they’ll come across hostile creatures called freakers, which they’ll defend themselves from, with various weapons provided.

The game features a pre-programmed weather-system and a day-night cycle; freakers are weak and sluggish by day but wild and destructive by night.

Players can either use firearms or stealth weapons, switching between weapons to avoid putting themselves in danger.

A survival kit is also provided, including a vacuum bottle, leather jacket, tactical ax, survival radio, and rim boots.

The primary mode of transportation is a modifiable motorcycle whose parts can be customized to enhance its speed, durability, or maneuverability.

The bike can also be modified regarding its efficiency during bad weather conditions. Deacon’s motorcycle not only serves as a means of transportation but as the player’s inventory.

Random objects like weapons, motorcycle upgrades, and clothes can also be collected to survive in a brutal game world.

Stealth kills are very useful in Days Gone as it gives almost twice the experience points kills with firearms give.

Players can collect alarm or sirens from abandoned cars or other electronic devices that make noise to distract freakers.

Days Gone is exclusively a single-player game, and there haven’t been any plans for a multiplayer feature.

However, some downloadable contents have been released.

These contents include roaming around on a golf buggy rather than a drifter bike, and new sub-objectives and challenges to complete.

Days Gone Weaponry

Players can use firearms like the M14, Liberator, Lil’ Stubby, .50 BFG, and SMP9; melee weapons like Fire Axe, Spiked Bat, Hatchet, and 2×4; and stealth weapons like the crossbow and knife.

Players can also craft weapons that can be repaired after extended use and pick up already prepared weapons from enemies.

Days Gone Review

Days Gone may be snubbed at first glance, but could be enjoyable and give quenching surprises.

The zombie catastrophe could be captivating, and the open-world display can add to the spice, but there are lots of bugs against the game.

These pros and cons will be considered below.

The eccentric zombie-slaying combat and enjoyable motorcycle gameplay are impeccably incorporated, like merging action, adventure, strategic, and post-apocalyptic genres in the same game.

This blend’s realism is ideal as these skills and events are what would be expected if perhaps an actual apocalypse should occur.

The game also offers players the right atmosphere, an interesting humane character, frightening hordes, decent graphic elements, and striking originalities.

With a beautiful setting and some exciting concepts, it’s quite entertaining but very imperfect.

Days Gone has impoverished shooting systems, faulty weapons, janky animations, inferior stealth weapons, an awful first act, and many technical issues like the tottering frame rate.

Firearms may feel toy-like and vague, while killing is very inconsistent.

Scrounging comprehensively from other open-world post-apocalyptic video games, Days Gone seems like an artificial-lengthened horror game.

It borrowed too many theories from open-world adventures, and the execution would have been better if the developers were less assertive.

Days Gone requires a player’s persistence and insistence to enjoy the wishful game experience.

The story begins to open up and develop depth the longer it is played, leading to players discovering more vital information.

Players might not have this patience even if there are highpoints and amusing tools available.

Since the game doesn’t supply enough content and depth initially, players are left with superfluous time to deal with boredom and an empty experience.

Likewise, the gameplay stays virtually the same throughout the entire game.

Although combat seems too tedious as expected, tactical and strategic incorporation to avoid repeated battles is commendable.

However, repetitive missions and excessive obligatory objectives may piss players.

Days Gone Verdict

Days Gone is a plagiaristic but entertaining action-adventure game with a stunning game environment and exciting zombie horde battles.

But its scope and story seem unevenly structured and written below standard. It is a fun and ferocious game – it can be a roller-coaster, but is directed at nothing.

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Days Gone Review
  • Graphics
  • Control
  • Music/ Sound FX/ Voice acting
  • Play Value
  • Overall Rating- Must Buy

Days Gone Summary

Graphics: Days Gone is filled with a great atmosphere and beautiful, explorative open-world display, is abridged by its unsteadied frame rate and recurrent technical issues.

Control: Basic controls are direct. Days Gone has received acclaim for its controls and is an excellent game for the PS4 console.

Music/ Sound FX/ Voice acting: Music is stimulating, one of the things that have received the most praise in the game.

Play Value: Although combative and filled with horror, Days Gone centers on survival and exploration. Players can even avoid combat with some simple but effective strategy.

Overall Rating- Must Buy: Not the best of games in any aspect, but it’s worth a trial. Newbies may find it fascinating, but veterans may find it lacking content, get pissed with the technical issues, or find it dissimilar from other post-apocalyptic, horror, or survival video games.

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