Top-16 Best Tiger Woods PGA Tour Games

Top-16 Best Tiger Woods PGA Tour Game

What are the best Tiger Woods PGA Tour games?

The month of August no doubt was a fruitful one for golf game addicts as the PGA Tour game makes a comeback on the scene after years of inactivity.

PGA Tour 2021 was released on August 21, and golf gamers over the world must be clinking wine bottles in celebration to the return of the game since it was stopped back in 2015.

In this article, we rank the precursor of the game series that partnered with the Tiger Wood brand.

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Best Tiger Woods PGA Tour Games

16. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006

2006 version is one of the incredible Series of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour video game.

Its game play features a simulated PGA Tour environment that highlights the development of golfers, renowned golf courses and players and includes the Stroke Play, Skins Play, Match Play among numerous styles of play.

The game also gives players the ability to customize golfer avatar as well as advancing the avatar through several stages of the game.

The PGA Tour 06 was an unforgettable experience, however the rising popular use of new generation game consoles in it year of release (PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360) proved to be a hindrance to the success of the game as it was available on previous generation consoles, the likes of PlayStation 2.

Notwithstanding, the 2006 version still garnered a generally favourable review on all platforms and even won PC Gamer US’s “Best Sports Game 2005” award.

15. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2000

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2000

PGA Tour video game 2000 was developed by EA Redwood Shores and published by EA Sports.

It was quite a success back in the day and fairly surpass the PGA Tour 06 in ratings.

It received average reviews on all platforms according to GameRankings.

The game which was made available for the Game Boy Colour version, PlayStation version, and Microsoft Windows sold at least 100,000 copies in the United Kingdom alone.

It received a”Silver” sales award from the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association.

14. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2002

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2002

2002 PGA Tour golf video game seemed more developed and improved in every aspect of it game play.

It was obvious it had undergone change from the previous version of radically improved swing interface and use of 3D golfer animation to an intriguing camera visual that allows access to the rendered courses in the game.

In summary, EA Sports took a step upnotch in producing a more realistic golfing gaming experience in PGA Tour game 02.

The result, an addictive golf video games appealing to both authentic hard-core PGA Tour video game fans and totally hooking to newbies.

13. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003

EA Sports and developer studio, Headgate Studios continued the innovative and excellent golfing gaming experience in PGA Tour 03.

It was a superior compared to it previous version.

More exciting, creative, and evolving than any other golf game in the gaming industry at the time of its release.

It gives gamers a drop dead-gorgeous golfing world experience and offers more courses, a bushel of playing options and impressive camera perspective along with several new perks not found in previous version that sum up to a whole immersive gaming delights.

12. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011

PGA Tour 11 was a good improvement of it precursor.

Most gamers who played the PGA Tour 10 wouldn’t hesitate recommending 2011.

It was perfect follow up if 2010 version.

The new Ryder Cup and online team mode was a big buzz and made it more realistic.

Tiger Wood OGA Tour 10 was great and set the pace for the anticipation of the 2011 version which gained equivalent acceptance in the gaming world as it predecessor.

11. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 1999

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 1999

The very first of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour games series was quite a hit back in the day.

However, compared to modern gaming its a whack.

The graphic was under par with Tiger’s character and several other golfer animated not too well.

They looked something like cardboard cutouts.

However, out of respect of the PGA Tour 99 been the onset to great development of its descendants versions, it place 11th in this ranking. EA Sport did try in imitating the exuberance and vigour young Tiger Woods then brought into the sport of golf in the virtual golf game although the difference wasn’t quite notable.

The game which was first released in August 31, 1998 and made available for play on Microsoft Windows and the PlayStation 1 garnered favourable positive review for PC gamers while the PlayStation version received average review.

10. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001

PGA Tour 2001 was the first of the golf series game that feature on the rising PlayStation 2 at that time.

Had stronger graphics unlike it predecessor and look more like the modern video games of today although it still featured the swing meter gamers of the series now consider obsolete.

From the financial perspective, PGA Tour 2001 made quite the hit peaking 230,000 copies in sales and profiting $5.5 million by 2006 in the United States alone after it release in 2000.

Review ratings were average on all gaming platforms.

9. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009

A more user-friendly control and impressive courses as well as plenitude of challenges and game modes in PGA Tour 09 sum up to an incredible gameplay worthy of carrying Tiger Woods name.

Although there exist a few feature that could see some improvement.

The delay of head to head play as CPU golfers play turn can’t be skip.

It is more troubling if the computer controlled golfer can’t figure how to get around a tree obstacle which tends to happen often.

The new announcing team on the microphone also is another ache of the game.

It is as dull and depressive to the ears and gamers would no doubt benefits listening to the game’s soundtrack.

Aside this little technical err in the game, PGA Tour 09 is fantastic.

It offers wide range of courses and golfers with quality animation.

There’s very little not to like in the 2009 version.

8. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008

The biggest and most hyped feature of the PGA Tour 08 was the EA Sports Gamernet, a feature that allowed gamers to save their favourite shots be it the best or worst and share them to friends and other golf gamers.

It doesn’t stop at sharing them, it allows gamers to turn it into challenges for other gamers to attempt.

The graphics also is something similar to the impressive 2007 version graphics that bears feature golfers similar resemblance to their real-life counterparts.

Although the touchy analog swing and several other features that don’t work well makes the the gameplay a little discomforting, all-round review of the PGA Tour 08 suggest widely acceptance.

It featured more courses and golfers than its previous year version.

7. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007

2007 was the birth year for the PGA Tour game series in presentations and graphics as it featured on one of the latest popular game console at the time .

Personally though I experience more fun on the PS2 version which I still own till the moment of writing this article.

PGA Tour 2007 had lots of great courses as anticipated, plenty of licensed golfers 53 in total, 21 of which are real and the remainder 32 being fictional and overall an indulging gameplay that keep you hooked for hours.

The game received favourable reviews on all platforms it was released.

6. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010

2010 PGA Tour version was the hit for numerous reason since the series debut in 1999.

For one, it had best, eye-catching cover of the game series which displayed a picture of Tiger’s famous U.S Open celebration at Torry Pines course, the double-fisted style.

Also for the first time, the game featured the U.S Open, the USGA Championship and the USGA’s Rules of Golf.

It also featured a new Tournament Challenge mode that allowed gamers to imitate famous shots from real live PGA Tour event and lastly an addition of renowned golf courses that had hosted prestigious golfing event existed in the game.

Seeing courses such as Torrey Pines, Pinehurst, Banff Springs, Hazeltine National, Bethpage Black, Oakmont, and Turnberry was definitely an appetite boaster.

5. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2013

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2013

PGA Tour 13 is more of a continuation of the 2012 version.

It feature a new game mode where gamers can control Tiger Woods avatar through various points of his life called “Legacy Challenge”.

It also allow for team play where gamers can compete with friends in an online Country Club or better still create their own.

The 2013 version also boast of a revamped gamepad controls with impressive accurate putting.

Overall, PGA Tour 13 is a continuous warm bite of golf gaming fun.

4. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012

The 2012 version which featured “The Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club” in its career mode definitely took golfing gaming experience to a whole new level.

It isn’t surprising PGA Tour 12 ranks in the top five.

A few might question it not placing in the top three considering the massive impact it made in its year of release.

Professional golfers Rickie Fowler, Zach Johnson, and Bubba Watson made their debut in the game.

Jim Nantz of CBS Sports commentary also featured in the game.

3. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005

PGA Tour 2005 was another favourite of the gaming series that golf gamers were endeared to.

It gameplay bears similarity in it features as to the previous year.

However, it still offers a change and improvement such as gamers been able to adjust stance/ball position to allow for a higher or lower hit.

It was also the first year of the “Tiger Vision” feature that gives players insight to see exactly where to aim the putt.

The legend mode of the PGA Tour 05 is more addictive as it allows gamers to unlock several prestigious golfers the likes of Jack Nicklaus, Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer and ofcourse the great Tiger Woods.

New courses also are up for players to unlock in the legend mode.

2.Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2014

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2014

The last of the PGA Tour video game series that featured Tiger Woods was a memorable experience to gamers.

It included Legends of the Majors mode, a feature that allow gamers to compete in tournaments from the 1870s till present day.

With the change in different era in the sport of golf, equipment physics and player outfits are changed to tone in with the difference and condition of each era.

In the game career mode, Kraft Nabisco Championships and all four Men’s major golf championships was featured in for the first time as well as a new “Quick Tournament” mode.

PGA Tour 14 which was released in March 2013 received favourable review from critics.

In summary it was a continuation of gaming success for the series.

1. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004

Everyone familiar with the PGA Tour video game series, knows the 2004 version was a winner.

Everything and the game was perfect.

It featured 20 courses which happened to be the most in the PGA Tour game till that point.

Prestigious course like Sahalee and Bethpage were a sight in the game as well as six fantasy courses.

The peak of the ice was the “Game Face” feature.

It allowed gamers to create players to their preference.

This feature stepped up golf gaming experience.

PGA Tour 04 was a memorable one.

Being a memorable game, it stands gallantly at the top of our best Tiger Woods PGA Tour games.

Final Words

Hope you enjoyed our collection of the Best Tiger Woods PGA Tour Game you can play right now.

Think we missed out any top game?

Tell us in the comment section.

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