Top-10 Best Roblox Shooting Games 2021

Top-10 Best Roblox Shooting Games 2021

What are the best Roblox shooting games?

Popular game creation platform Roblox is home to numerous games that cut across different genres and are available on several platforms.

From scary games, role-playing games, adventure games, simulation games, survival horror games, to shooting games, Roblox has it all.

That, coupled with the safe gaming environment Roblox creates for its users, has made the platform record unprecedented growth in the last few months.

The growth Roblox has experienced has led to the increased popularity of the platform as well as the various genres of games on the platform.

One of such genres that seem to benefit from Roblox’s success is the shooting genre.

For most gamers, shooting games can be one of the best, and it’s no different for Roblox users.

In light of this, Gamingtell presents the ten best roblox shooting games.

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Best Roblox Shooting Games

10. Wild Revolvers

Wild Revolvers

For lovers of the wild west, this free to play Roblox game will give you a cowboy feel, just the way you like it.

The gameplay starts in a Team deathmatch mode, with an arcade shooter with one-shot kills.

As players progress in the game, a free for all mode is unlocked. Multiple updates, such as reduced reload time, improvement in mobile and Xbox versions, kill shots for power, and other bug fixes, have been added to the game.

The game, which boasts of five levels, was launched in August 2017 by Nolvany Studios, and since then, its popularity has soared.

The game has been visited over 97 million times and has been added as favorite 983,059 times.

9. NERF FPS 2017


Few shooting games involved shooting with a nerf dart gun, but the NERF FPS 2017 is one such game, which makes it look fun.

The game involves shooting fellow gamers with a nerf gun, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

The bullets in the game are affected by gravity, making it a bit difficult to hit your target.

To successfully hit targets, gamers have to get close to the target for a clear shot or calculate the bullet’s trajectory.

Players can choose from 32 different guns, which can be customized, and play in different game modes and maps.

Since the game was launched on Roblox in January 2017, by developer IsaacThePooper, NERF FPS 2017 has garnered over 38 million visits and have been marked as favorite 385,295 times.

8. Call Of Roblox

Call Of Roblox

Though not as close to the Call of Duty game, Call Of Roblox is the closest Roblox gets to COD.

For every COD fan, this game is a must-try.

The game emulates the campaign mode in the Call of Duty video game and relies majorly on teamwork.

According to the game’s description, Call of Roblox simulates World War 3, where the US invades North Korea.

The Players objectives are to shoot enemies and develop their flow.

Call of Roblox has been on Roblox since February 2013 and has been visited over 12 million times.

It has been added as favorite 144,304 times.

7. Q-Clash


Formerly known as Quantum Clash, Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch heavily inspired Q-Clash creation.

In the game, players can choose from eight different characters, all of which are free, except two.

Each character has a unique weapon and the ability.

There are about three game modes, each requiring a different game map.

The Escort Payload mode requires the peaceful forest and the castle maps. King of The Hill game mode requires The New Castle and Bacon Dam maps, while Capture the Point mode makes use of the Neo Tokyo mode.

Q-Clash, which has its name changed due to copyright issues, was created in July 2018 by dorkarmor and has been visited over 22 million times.

The game boasts of 359,656 favorites.

6. Bad Business

Bad Business

One of the most popular shooting games on Roblox, Bad Business, boasts of amazing gameplay and visuals that players may easily forget they are playing a Roblox game.

Though the game requires lots of improvements, Bad Business involves shooting, running, and overall surviving.

The game has four game modes, namely KOTH, TDM, Randomizer, and Gun Game.

Bad Business also has multiple weapons, with more and more weapons constantly being added.

Since the game was created in May 2019, it has garnered over 100 million visits and has been marked as favorite over 1 million times.

5. Phantom Forces

Phantom Forces

One of the best Roblox shooting games, Phantom Forces, can be said to be another Roblox take on Call on Duty.

The game primarily involves the fight for dominance between two teams, Phantoms, and Ghosts.

Players thus have to shoot opponents or be shot.

There are over 100 guns available to do this.

Players are rewarded with weapons when they win a battle.

However, for gears to be unlocked, Weapon crates have to be bought.

Though this is required, players can continue playing even without purchasing anything.

The addictive game created by StyLis Studios in August 2015 is very popular among Roblox users.

The game has over a billion visits and over 4 million favorites.

4. Mad Paintball 2

Mad Paintball 2

Mad Paintball 2 is the sequel to the Mad Paintball game.

The game saw a lot of upgrades, particularly in its graphics, which made it more fun than its predecessor.

In the game, players can customize their avatar rather than choosing a character.

Players can be customized with up to three accessories such as hairstyle,body-color, and pants, one outfit, and one face.

The gun in the game is fully animated that they look so real.

The game was created by MAD Studio in August 2015 and boasts of 38 million visits and 390,098 favorites.

3. Armored Patrol

Armored Patrol

One of the few shooting games that date as far back as the early days of Roblox, Armored Patrol involves shooting opponents from a vehicle to earn points.

The vehicle can be an armored tank or jeep. Shooting opponents from vehicles can be difficult, but continuous firing makes the opponent’s vehicle vulnerable.

Should a player’s vehicle get jammed, the player would have to shoot from the ground, without the vehicle’s safety.

This lowers the player’s chance of survival, but depending on the player’s skills, he can survive, as the player would be armed with grenades and other weapons.

As a player progresses in the game, other vehicles, jets, and choppers are unlocked, which places the player at an advantage.

The game was launched on Roblox in April 2007 by developer wingman8.

Armored Patrol has over 67 million visits and 736,690 favorites.

2. Zombie Rush

Zombie Rush

Few games can contend with a zombie apocalypse game that involves shooting down endless waves of zombies.

In the game, players appear in a game lobby to view other players in the round and shop for weapons.

As the round is set to begin, players would vote for a map.

Once the map has been voted for, all players in the round spawn on the map and are met by the first wave of zombies, which are often the weaker zombies.

The size and strength of the zombie increase as the wave continues.

If a player gets killed by the zombie, he becomes a zombie and has to fight the other players.

Players have to kill numerous zombies to level up and get more weapons.

Beacon Studio created Zombie Rush in July 2013, and since then, the game has over 607 million visits and over 3 million favorites.

1. Island Royale

Island Royale

This game bears starks similarity to Fortnite’s Battle Royale.

In the game, players first appear in a lobby, where they customize their character.

After which, a party bus ferries all players to an island.

Players can choose to jump out of the bus with a parachute.

The objective of the game lies in getting as many weapons and resources so as to survive.

Players have to be on alert to shoot enemies before they are shot.

The popular game was by LordJurrd in August 2018, and since then, Island Royale has recorded about 376 million visits and over 1 million favorites.

Final Words

There you have it!

The Best Roblox Shooting Games to play right now.

Which of these games are your favorites?

Tell us in the comment section.

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