Top-20 Best Roblox Games of 2021

Top-20 Best ROBLOX Games of 2021

What are the best roblox games?

What is a Roblox game, you might wonder?

In summary, it is an online gaming platform that offers various types of games for play.

However, ROBLOX isn’t just any random gaming platform because it allows users to create games with the aid of a specific toolbox; thus, users can convert imaginative ideas into an exciting game experience with the use of an easy programming language.

After creating or developing their games, users can share their gaming creations for other users to play and enjoy.

Although there are other similar gaming platforms as roblox, roblox is still one of the most popular, boasting an average of 90 million active players on a monthly basis in at least 200 countries and over 11 million games created on the platform.

In this article, we list out the 20 best roblox games based on popularity.

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20. Bad Bussiness

Bad Business

Its game title may have you thinking if it’s a good game.

However, contrary to its name, Bad Business is an interesting first person shooter Roblox game.

There are several modes of play in this game, including deathmatches and a variety of weapons at your disposal for different challenges in the game.

Bad Business will keep you hooked on for hours; it is certainly one of the best games on the roblox platform.

19. Counter Blox

Counter Blox

Counter Blox is an amazing player versus player game.

It is quite similar to Counter-Strike or Fortnite.

Its several game modes and engaging maps serve a gamer an unforgettable gaming experience.

However, Counter Blox may be quite old, but its regular updates ensure it is still addictive and intriguing to play.

It is one of the best shooter games on the roblox platform.

18. Mad City

Mad City

Mad City is another intriguing game on the ROBLOX platform.

It is similar to the Grand theft Auto game.

At the game’s onset, players will have to choose either to play as a cop, criminal, or a superhero.

You can cause a lot of wreckage in the City or help maintain peace and justice in the City, depending on the character you choose at the game’s onset.

It is a first-person shooter game, and thus, you are allowed only for weapons in the game.

17. Ghost Simulator

Ghost Simulator

As the name implies, the role-playing game Ghost Simulator is all about ghosts.

The antagonist, in the form of ghosts, is taking control of the world.

The only protagonist to stop them is you, the gamer.

Your job is to capture these ghosts.

You would need a lot of equipment and sometimes pets to aid with your endeavors. Its gameplay is fun and addictive.

16. Royale High

Royale High

Quite similar to Roblox high School, Royale high is a high school game that plays to your high school fantasies.

You will interact with several gamers online via the roblox gaming platform, thus bringing to life the high school experience where you can make friends, attend the prom and explore a whole lot of high school content.

It is a great game and very addictive with impressive gameplay.

15. Speed Run 4

Speed Run 4

Speed Run 4 is a sprint race game.

Players are required to complete 31 race levels as quickly as possible.

You will be in competition with other roblox gamers.

At the initial stage of the race, it all begins slow and simple; however, it becomes difficult as you progress.

It is ideal for short gaming fun.

14. Dungeon Quest

Dungeon Quest

Dungeon Quest is a highly popular role-playing game on the ROBLOX platform.

It boasts a massive online presence.

Its gameplay focuses on a player battling through the dangers and darkness of the dungeons with fellow gamers.

Varieties of weapons, armors, and a whole lot more would be needed to plot through the dungeons successfully.

It is a must-play for every role-playing game fans.

13. Roblox High School

As the name implies, Roblox High School is all about living school life.

Gamers take on the role of a high school student and interact with other gamers on the platform.

The longer you stay on in the game, the more in-game money you win.

It is one of the best games on the roblox platform.

12. Bloxburg


Another intriguing game on the ROBLOX platform is Bloxburg.

Bloxburg is simply all about building, designing, and having fun.

Gamers would be tasked with building houses.

Also, the game holds several side play missions.

It is something similar to the Grand theft auto games.

Gamers can also explore the in-game City.

Bloxburg is simply a great game that will get you addicted to it within a few minutes of gameplay.

11. Q-Clash


Q-Clash is something similar to the game Overwatch.

In Q-Clash, players come together to form a squad.

This squad goes into the battlefield to battle to victory.

Victory largely depends on strategy, teamwork, and compelling gameplay.

There are several roles squad members can play in order to ensure victory.

Overall, Q-Clash is one of roblox’s best games.

10. Floppy Fighters

Floppy Fighters

If you are a fan of wrestling games, then you are definitely going to love Floppy Fighters.

This game is similar to wrestling games.

Your gaming Avatar baby food in an arena full of other fighting players.

You will have to fight against each other as done in the usual wrestling game.

Because the game involves fighting does not mean it is necessarily violent.

Children of all ages can play this game.

It is one of roblox’s popular games.

9. Vehicle Simulator

Vehicle Simulator

Vehicle simulator is all about racing. In an open-world environment, players will compete in a series of car races.

The more raise they win, the more rewards they earn.

Rewards can be used in unlocking new cars.

To win races largely depends on a game is driving skills and the vehicle used for racing.

Vehicle simulator is one of roblox’s popular games on mobile devices.

8. Phantom Forces

Phantom Forces

For fans of the first-person shooter game, Phantom Forces is good news.

This game pits two teams, namely: phantom and ghost, fighting against each other for dominance.

Its gameplay is smooth, efficient, and highly addictive.

One wouldn’t be wrong to name phantom forces the best FPS game on the roblox platform.

7. Natural Disaster Survival

Natural Disaster Survival

Natural Disaster Survival, as its name implies, is a survivor based game on the roblox platform.

It is quite similar to PUBG.

Players or gamers find themselves on an unknown island and must stand against natural disasters’ daunting odds to survive.

Players have to employ several strategies to ensure their survival.

The disasters could be in the form of an earthquake, flood, etc.

It is one addictive game that will keep you hooked for hours.

6. Murder Mystery 2

This is one of ROBLOX’s popular and addictive game.

At the onset of the game, users have to choose either playing the role of a sheriff investigating a murder crime or the murderer trying to escape the investigative sheriff.

Either way, you are in for one of the best crime adventure roblox games.

5. Hide and Seek Extreme

Hide and Seek Extreme

Hide and seek extreme is another intriguing game on the ROBLOX platform.

It is similar to the real-life version of hide and seek.

The game involves online users from two different teams.

The first team at the ones hiding.

The second team is the ones seeking.

So the seeking team would have to seek out the hiding thing in various hiding spots in the game.

So far, the game has garnered over 1 billion visits.

It is especially popular among children.

4. Adopt Me

Adopt Me!

Adopt me is a game about pets.

This role-playing game will have a user raising an adopted pet.

You have a chance of picking your choice of animal to raise; it could be a parrot, monkey, dog, etc.

Users have the option of trading their pets.

Adopt me is an addictive game that will keep you hooked on for hours.

3. Theme Park Tycoon 2

Theme Park Tycoon 2

Theme park tycoon 2 largely depends on gamer creativity.

Gamers with be given a piece of land to create a theme pack.

A well-designed park will attract large attendance; however, a poorly designed park will receive fewer attendees.

Whatever revenue made from visitors visiting your park would be used in the expansion of your pack.

The game challenges a user’s creativity skills.

Above all, it is one of roblox’s best game.

2. Jailbreak


Are you a fan of the prison break movie?

Jailbreak is something similar to the prison break movie.

At the onset of the game, players have to choose to play as a cop or a criminal.

If the choice is to play as a cop, your primary mission in the game will be to stop criminals from breaking out of prison.

If the choice is to play as a criminal, your primary mission is to break free from prison.

Either way, the game holds a lot of intriguing fun with several side missions.

It is one of the best games on the roblox platform.

1. Work at a Pizza Place

Work at a Pizza Place

The number one on our list is Work at a pizza place.

This is the ideal game for gamers who want to play something simple but intriguing.

This role playing game, as its name implies, is all about managing a pizza shop.

You can either work as a pizza chef, pizza boxer, cashier, supplier, or delivery boy.

However, it doesn’t end there; there are loads of places you can explore after your work hours.

Also, you can switch to different work positions of your choice.

There are tutorials in the game associated with the various position you might choose and how to play effectively in these positions.

Work at a pizza place is one amazing game on the roblox platform with endless content to explore.

Final Words

Hope you enjoyed our top-20 Best Roblox games.

If you are a fan of roblox games, these best roblox games will keep you locked in.

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