Top-10 Best Roblox Games for Kids

Top-10 Best Roblox Games for Kids

What are the best Roblox games for kids?

Since the pandemic of 2020, Roblox has seen an unprecedented increase in users.

In August 2019, the game creation platform reached a new milestone, when it recorded as many as 100 million active users every month.

That milestone was phenomenal in the platform’s history as it put Roblox above one of its foremost rivals; Minecraft.

Majority of these active Roblox users happen to be children and teenagers below the age of 16.

This is evidenced by a July 2020 report by American technology news website, The Verge, where it was reported that about two-thirds of children between the age of 9 and 12, and nearly half of all Americans below the age of 16, account for it, active players.

This comes as no surprise as Roblox has made its platform a safe environment for children.

The platform abides by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and has all it takes rated Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) 10+.

Thus parents have begun to trust the platform, a key reason behind the platform’s growth.

Of the multiple games that kids are obsessed with on the game creation platform, Gamingtell selected the top 10, which parents can enjoy with their kids.

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Best Roblox Games for Kids

10. Welcome to Bloxburg

Welcome to Bloxburg

Created by Coeptus, Welcome to Bloxburg is a life-simulation game that centers on the life activities of players in a household set in a fictional city.

It’s safe to say, Welcome to Bloxburg is the Roblox version of EA’s SIM 4.

The open-world game is set in the fictional city of Bloxburg, where players take care of their characters by fulfilling their moods.

Players can acquire skills in the game, which can be used to work for money.

Players can explore the city, as well as build and customize their house.

The game’s beta version was first released in 2926, and since then, Welcome to Bloxburg has amassed as much as 3 billion visits and have been added as favorite 8,903,940 times.

9. Vehicle Simulator

Vehicle Simulator

Perhaps, Vehicle Simulator can be said to be the most exciting car game on Roblox.

The game allows users to explore the large maps with the car brand of their choice.

There are about 35 branded cars in the game, with more to come in the near future.

These cars can travel at lightning speed, thus adding to the thrill of the game.

At the start of the game, players are given a Chevy Impala, which can be used to earn money, to purchase other amazing cars.

There are multiple races scattered across the map, such as Highway races, Circuit races, and Drag races.

8. Work at a Pizza Place

Work at a Pizza Place

Since 2008, this job simulation game created by Dued1 has been around, and it’s popularity hasn’t taken a hit.Just as the name states, the game gives players the liberty to choose various roles.

Users can choose to work as a manager, cook, pizza boxer, supplier, cashier, or delivery mule in the pizzeria.

The money earned from working in the pizzeria can decorate and upgrade the characters’ houses, order as customers, and buy gears.

In 2018, Work at a Pizza Place clocked ten years on Roblox, and in October of its 10th anniversary, the game reached its one billionth visit milestone.

The game currently boasts of about 2,294,000,000 visits.

7. Super Hero Tycoon

Super Hero Tycoon

Kids lover superheroes.

So it comes as no surprise that a game that allows them to customize their superhero would be very popular among them.

Super Hero Tycoon is so popular that the game has inspired numerous other games, which are not so different from Super Hero Tycoon.

In the game, players can build their tycoons to look like heroes from Marvel and DC cinematic universes such as Ant-Man, Bat Man, Black Panther, The Flash, The Hulk, Spiderman, Superman, and so many more.

Players earn in-game money by defeating other heroes or getting hold of a crate of cash or weapons that falls dimly from the sky.

Since it was published on Roblox in 2016, the game has garnered about 1.2 billion visits.

6. Royale High

Royale High

Initially known as Fairies and Mermaids Winx High School, Royale High is a fantasy role-playing game that allows users to play in various realms.

Players enroll in the game and have to complete various home works, which are mini tasks.

There are multiple realms to explore in the game.

These realms include Divina Park, Enchantix High, Classic Campus, the apartments, Royale High New Campus, Fantasia Getaway Resort, Earth, and Sunset Island.

There are also temporary realms, such as Autumn Town, which is only available during Halloween.

Royale High, which was published on Roblox as Fairies and Mermaids Winx High School in October 2017, has multiple developers with callmehbob acting as its lead developer.

5. Natural Disaster Survival

Natural Disaster Survival

One of Roblox’s oldest games that retained its appeal, Natural Disaster Survival, is one of the most popular survival games on Roblox.

Natural Disaster Survival involves players surviving 11 disasters, including fire, flash floods, thunderstorms, acid rain, blizzard, meteor shower, tsunami, earthquake, sandstorm, volcanic eruption, and t

Thesee natural disasters are set 16 presets maps which appear on an elevated green island in the game.

The game was created by Stickmasterluke in March 2008 and has accrued over 1 billion visits.

4. Islands


Formerly known as SkyBlox and Sky Block, Islands was inspired by Minecraft’s SkyBlock game mode.

In the game, players appear on an island with necessary tools and materials, as well as wheat.

Then, the player will be guided through tutorials, after which the player would be free to craft his island.

Players can kill mobs and mine ores in the game.

To complete furniture crafting recipes, players have to complete tasks for merchants on the island.

Farming of crops and food can also be done.

The game, which was created by in April 2020, was previously brought off Roblox for copyright infringement but was later restored.

The game boasts of as much as 646,900,000 visits.

3. Hide and Seek Extreme

Hide and Seek Extreme

This adventure game can be a better version of the previous hide and seek Roblox games such as Hide n’ Seek XL: Living Spaces.

In the game, a player is chosen as a seeker, while the other players take up the hider roles.

The game chooses a random map and a random player as the seeker. The hiders often appear at secluded places on the map at the same time as the seeker.

But, the seeker would be frozen for a brief period and only have the ability to watch the hiders run.

After the period elapses, the seeker is unfrozen and have to find all the hiders before the set time elapses.

The seeker can find the hider by making contact with the hider.

The seeker emerged winner if all the hiders are found before the set time elapses and if the seeker doesn’t, the hiders who are yet to be found win.

The game was created in January 2015 by Tim7775, and since then, it has amassed over 1 billion visits.

2. Epic Minigames

Epic Minigames

Epic Minigames involves players playing multiple mini-games of different types in several rounds.

Players who won a Minigames are awarded 10 points, or 15 points in the Pro servers, which can be used to purchase items in the in-game shop.

After a round is completed, the players would appear in the game lobby, where a new mini-game will be selected after 10 seconds.

The mini-game last between 30 to 90 seconds.

Epic Minigames, which was awarded the Best Game Logo, and Best Free-for-All Multiplayer game at the 5th Annual Bloxy Awards, was created by worthyshiningkazoo, TypicalType, and TheSteelEagle in July 2015.

The game has over 1 billion visits.

1. Adopt Me!

Adopt Me!

Roblox’s most popular games, if not the most popular Roblox game, Adopt Me!, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that involves adopting pets.

Players can adopt pets from five classes: common, uncommon, rare, ultra-rare, and legendary.

The pet’s rarity and cost determine the classic pet.Players can also design their homes as they prepare to receive their pets.Fulfilling the needs of a pet earns players the game’s virtual currency known as Bucks.

The game, which was released in July 2017, was developed by Dreamcraft.

The game has been played over 14 billion times and averages about 600,000 simultaneous players as of June 2020.

Due to its popularity, we can say undoubtedly that’s Adopt Me! sits at the top of the best Roblox games for kids.

Final Words

Hope you enjoyed our top 10 Best Roblox Games for Kids you can try out with your kids.

Which of them is your kid’s favorite?

Tell us in the comment section.

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