Top-10 Best Roblox Anime Games to Play in 2021

Top-10 Best Roblox Anime Games to Play in 2021

What are the best Roblox Anime games?

The unprecedented rise of game creation platform, Roblox, can be credited to its safe cyber practices, as well as it’s easy to use programming for game creation.

However, while those factors play a large file in Roblox success, one factor that overall contributes significantly to Roblox’s growth is the availability of a variety of games that cut across various genres.

From BrickBattle games, roleplaying games (RPG), first-person shooter games (FPS), to anime games, Roblox has it all.

No wonder children and teenagers alike find the platform incredibly amazing.

The ability to collaborate with other gamers on projects and engage in multiplayer modes in the anime games on Roblox makes the platform home to an endless number of game enthusiasts.

Anime games happen to be one of the most played games on Roblox, and for that reason, Gamingtell has sought to present the top-10 best Roblox anime games.

These anime games present as much fun as playing fully licensed anime games on consoles.

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Best Roblox Anime Games

10. Dragon Blox Ultimate

Launched on Roblox on June 15, 2019, Dragon Blox Ultimate, often abbreviated as DBU, is one of the most played anime games on Roblox.

The game, created by Pengo, is based on the Japanese anime series Dragon Ball, created by Akira Toriyama.

The online anime game gives players the liberty of creating a franchise, who goes on an adventure, where he trains with other favorite characters, and of course, fight against enemies and friends.

At the end of the game, depending on the player’s success, the player is crowned Ultimate Warrior.

The game, formerly called Dragon Ball Ultimate, has more than 70 million visits and has been added as favorite 303,775 times.

9. Hero Academy Tempest

Though this anime Roblox game is over a decade old, it still is popular among Roblox users.

The game, which is based on the Japanese Superhero manga series, My Hero Academia, is of the roleplaying genre.

In the roleplaying game, players are born with special abilities known as quirk, which have to develop until they become the most successful hero or the most dreaded villain.

At most times of the day, a fair number of people are always on the game’s server, doing what they know how to do best.

The game has a lot of range of attacks that can be unlocked with in-depth skills.

8. Swordburst 2

Fans of this Roblox roleplaying game find it hard to resist the urge to jump into the argument regarding which game is a better representation of the Sword Art Online series.

Often the Sword Art Online video game series is on the opposite end.Swordburst 2 is the sequel of the Swordburst Online Roblox game.

The game is based on Reki Kawahara’s Japanese light novel series, Sword Art Online.

In the game, players have to explore an extensive map, discover swords and other gears, level them up to their characters, and fight several non-player characters (NPCs) and bosses as they make it to the 100-floor layout.

The game, which was created in 2017, has had as many as 70 million visits.

7. Heroes Online

Another Roblox anime game based on the Japanese Superhero manga series, My Hero Academia, Heroes Online, is a supernatural fighting game.

The game was created by the Bloxxit Studios Development group and initially required Roblox users to pay 25 Robux to access the game before it was released for free on August 19, 2019.

In the game, players start out in the Hosu City area, and after completing 100 levels in the area, players advance to the Beast’s forest area, where they are to complete another 100 levels.

The third and final map in the game is the Unforeseen Simulation Joint, where players have to complete another 100 levels.

Players make use of their special ability, quirks to fight mobs or opponent players.

6. Anime High School

Anime High School is one of the light-hearted anime games on Roblox.Unlike its anime counterparts in this list, there’s no need to fight Anime High School enemies.

Instead, the anime game, which pays odes to several top anime shows, features school life, where players can cause trouble.

One more thing, there’ll be no need to write tests.

5. Attack on Titan: Downfall

Attack on Titan is by far one of the very best anime series ever, and as a result, it’ll be a big shortcoming on Roblox’s part if there’s no anime game based on the viral show on the platform.

Attack on Titan: Downfall is thus that game that every AOT fan on Roblox must play.

The quality of Attack on Titan: Downfall seems to be so good that it’s stealing the fan of its predecessor, Attack on Titan: Liberty.

In the game, teamwork is necessary as players have to work together to protect the city from the ferocious titans in order to upgrade weapons and get XP.

4. Ro-ghoul

Based on the anime series Tokyo Ghoul, the game can be likened to a cop and robber roleplaying game.

The game gives players the liberty to choose to be ghouls who are tasked with eating the non-player character humans or be a member of the Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCG) faction, who are tasked to protect the humans.

Players who succeed the most in any of the objectives, either as a ghoul or a CCG faction member, would become the top-ranked player in their group and build their reputation.

3. Anime Fighting Simulator

Anime Fighting Simulator

By all means, Anime Fighting Simulator most likely may top this list in the near future, as it’s one of the most popular anime games on Roblox.

In the short time since its release, the game has garnered as many as 400 million visits. Mind-blowing, right?

The one selling point of this anime game is players’ ability to customize their avatars to look like their favorite anime character.

Besides that, fighting with your customized avatar in an online fighting tournament in the game adds to anime lovers’ thrill.

The game has some bugs that are yet to be fixed on the downside, but as new contents are added regularly, we can be sure the bugs will be fixed.

2. Blotch

Based on the Japanese anime series BLEACH, Blotch took a while before it debuted on Roblox, but despite that, that did little to stop anime lovers from playing the game.

The roleplaying game that boasts numerous player movements and weapons seen in the bleach show is quite interesting.

The fun part of the game can be said to be surprising enemies with sword slashes as players drop down from the roofs.

The game was published on Roblox in 2019, and since then, it has attracted an impressive number of visits.

1. Anime Cross 2

Unlike most anime games on this list, Anime Cross 2 is not based on an anime series or character but follows the same Anime Fighting Simulator pattern in revolving around every big name in the anime world.

But Anime Cross 2 does it better than Anime Fighting Simulator. The game allows users to customize their avatars, but there are about 60 pre-made characters, each with its own unique skill.

Anime Cross 2 does not follow the roleplaying genre but rather is based on objectives that can be accomplished by team-based efforts.

The anime game boasts of multiple sole battle royale and solo modes.

In all, Anime Cross 2 boasts of a lot of quality and content, more than any anime game on this list.

Final Words

There you have it, the best Roblox anime games that you’ll enjoy playing. What’s your favorite? Tell us in the comment section.

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