Top-10 Best Roblox Adventure Games

Top-10 Best Roblox Adventure Games

What are the best roblox adventure games?

ROBLOX platform is particularly known for its endless video game content.

From role-playing games to tycoon games and adventure games, ROBLOX does not fall short of gaming fun.

Gamers could spend hundreds of hours shuttling between thousands of games on the ROBLOX platform and yet still haven’t gotten to half the content of games on the platform.

The player content creation tool has transformed and taken gaming on the ROBLOX platform to a whole new level of entertainment.

Players have the power to create anything of their imagination and share their games with others, and they so far haven’t failed to fulfill the use of the creation tool.

There are countless adventure games on the ROBLOX platform that have been developed or created by several ROBLOX gamers.

In this article, we explore some of the best roblox adventure games.

The game’s ranking system in this article is based on the number of downloads and play each game has had as through this way, game quality and influence can no less be verified other than this.

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The Best Roblox Adventure Games Out There

10. Lumber Tycoon 2

Lumber Tycoon

Lumber Tycoon 2 is the sequel to Lumber Tycoon, which was developed in 2008.

It was a hit from its first day of release boasting 10,000 online players.

It is one of ROBLOX’s popular and top game.

Lumber Tycoon 2 gameplay has players chopping off woods of trees and purchase items for in-game cash.

Various trees for chopping down with different colors and values exist in the game.

For more efficiency in wood processing, a player would have to unlock several tools and machinery.

It is a difficult but enjoyable game with a simple goal.

The game was such a success it was introduced into the Xbox One version, and as of late 2020, the game has recorded over 600 million visits on the Roblox platform.

9. Speed Run 4

Speed Run 4

Speed Run 4 is another amazing game adventure game on the ROBLOX platform for fans of the Speed Run game.

Its gameplay requires a player to get through every stage as fast as possible.

A player can choose to go at average speed so as to get to the finishing point successfully; however, if a player goes too slow, they will pay for it in their overall time.

8. Apocalypse Rising

Apocalypse Rising

Apocalypse Rising is an adventure survival game that was developed by Gusmanak and released on the ROBLOX platform on July 1, 2012.

The game setting takes place in a zombie apocalypse world.

The objective of a player in this game is to survive the horror of this zombie apocalypse world.

To survive, players need to scavenge for food and drinks which are scattered across the area.

Failure to consume food or drinks will lead to starvation and dehydration.

A player will also need to chase off zombies that may have wandered into a residential area like small towns, hospitals, or even a military base.

7. The Normal Elevator

The Normal Elevator

The Normal Elevator is a very popular game on the ROBLOX platform.

In this game, players find themselves in an elevator.

This elevator takes a player to different floors at random.

This floor has mini-games that players can either watch or engage in.

Some of these mini-games are basketball, chicken-eating contest, etc.

Since the development of this game, it has garnered over 300 million visits as of February 2020.

It is one adventure game on the ROBLOX platform worth trying out.

6. Flood Escape

Flood Escape

This is more of a flood escape adventure. The objective here is for a player to escape a trapped room with water levels rising.

Failure to escape, the water level reaches you ever the player is trapped in the room and kills the player.

The game has three different modes and several difficulty levels to play.

The three modes are Training, Multiplayer, and Extreme.

Flood Escape was such a hit that a prequel was developed.

5. Hide and Seek Extreme

Hide and Seek Extreme

Hide and Seek Extreme is not so much different from the real-life version of the hide-and-seek game.

There are two teams of players in this game.

One team is devoted to seeking out various hiding spots on the game map and hiding.

The second team will search out for the players hiding in various hiding spots within the game map.

The in-game map of Hide and Seek Extreme holds various hiding spots, and so it will be a lot of fun searching for your counterparts.

The game, unsurprisingly, was a hit among several games on ROBLOX.

4. Escape From Evil Hospital Obby

Escape From Evil Hospital Obby

Another obstacle course game on the ROBLOX platform is Escape From Evil Hospital Obby.

The objective of this game is a player trying to escape from an evil hospital.

A player with a counter all kinds of puzzles and obstacles to stop him from escaping.

However, a player must do all within his power to navigate through this puzzle and obstacles in order to escape.

Escape From Evil Hospital Obby can be played with friends, which no doubt will add to the gameplay experience.

3. Mega Fun Obby

Mega Fun Obby

One of the most popular adventure games on the ROBLOX platform is Mega Fun Obby. It was developed by Bloxtun.

The game’s objective is for a player to reach the end of different stage paths filled with various obstacles along the way to hinder a player from reaching the end.

These obstacles are in forms of blocks which player must jump over.

Mega Fun Obby has 2305 stages in total.

Its gameplay is filled with various puzzles and stages to navigate through.

With Mega Fun Obby, there is no end to the amount of gaming content for gamers to devour.

2. Escape from Toys R’ Us

Escape from Toys R' Us

As the title implies, Escape from Toys R’ Us is all about escaping from a locked spot.

A player’s sole mission in this game is to escape.

However, escaping is no easy feat.

There are tons of obstacles waiting to ruin your chance of escaping.

A player has to combat and overcome these obstacles and challenges and make it out from the toy store.

The game was such a buzz when it was newly developed on ROBLOX and attracted thousands of users.

Its gameplay is not only impressive but addictive as well.

1. Pokemon Brick Bronze

Pokemon Brick Bronze

Pokemon Brick Bronze is an adventure game on the ROBLOX platform that plays in a similar way to the usual Pokemon game.

It was created in 2015 on the ROBLOX platform.

However, three years later, it was taken down from the ROBLOX platform due to copyright concerns as it did not have affiliation with the Pokemon Media franchise.

Nonetheless, it was a hit during its time of existence.

It boasts tens of thousands of users at its peak.

There were several kinds of Pokemon games on the ROBLOX platform; however, Pokemon Brick Bronze was the most expensive and popular of the lot.

It gameplay as a player on a mission to track the whereabouts of their kidnapped parents and thus journey through the Roria region to rescue them.

Final Words

Hope you enjoyed our collection of top-10 best roblox adventure games.

Have you played any of this games?

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