Top-12 Best PS5 Features

Top-12 Best PS5 Features

What are the best PS5 features?

With the release of PS5, came great funfare and jubilation for enthusiastic gamers.

After over a year of teasing, Sony has finally released the widely anticipated PS5. The recently released PS5 boast of new hardware features that will differentiate the console from previous generation console.

In this article, we list the new features in the newly released PlayStation 5.

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Best PS5 Features

12. DualSense Controller

Sony’s DualShock controllers over the years and generation of console game development have maintained similar designs.

However, the PS5 DualSense controller is different from its predecessors.

It doesn’t look any similar to the original with a significant difference in layout, pointer handles and broader lines, and a different two-tone color design rather than the usual all-black design.

The DualSense has an inbuilt microphone and includes a USB-C port.

It also features an adaptive trigger that simulates resistance in gameplay, for instance, giving the physical feel of tension when attempting a physical pull in the game.

11. Cloud Functionality

American Video game designer, producer, and lead architect of the PlayStation 5, Mark Cerny, revealed that the PS 5 would have some form of cloud functionality in an interview.

“We are cloud-gaming pioneers,” he quoted in the interview with wired.

10. Beyond Digital-only console

It’s a good thing the next-generation console, PS5 isn’t digital-only and will support the present form of disks.

Therefore fans of the PlayStation 4 would play cross-platform games on the new PS5 console from the PS4.

This is a sensible move by Sony, which PS4 fans would gladly appreciate.

The future of a digital-only console coming into reality yet still looks far ahead with most gamers still stuck with the trend of physical purchase of games.

9. 4K Blu-ray

Since the PlayStation 5 isn’t just a digital-only console, it definitely will include a CD drive so; therefore, last-gen games will be playable on the console, and we include 4k Blu-ray, which wasn’t a present feature on the PS4 Pro.

On PS5, the 100gb optical disks will double as a Blu-ray player.

8. Backwards Compatibility for PS4

Gamers still addicted to last generation games can still enjoy gaming fun on the PlayStation 5.

In a bid to compete with rival Xbox, the next-generation console has made it compatible for almost all last-generation console games; however, there still are few games that won’t be compatible.

Rival Xbox takes pride with this feature as there are endless games from the Xbox 360 and the Original Xbox, compatible and can be played on the Xbox One.

The existing PlayStation VR headset will also be backward compatible with the PS5.

7. 8K TV Support

High resolution is one factor that guarantees interesting gaming fun.

Over the years, this field’s development has gone from better to best with new gaming consoles providing better user experience.

The PlayStation 5 will deliver 8K support as confirmed by Sony, displaying content set at 4k at 60 frames per second as its baseline to accommodate TVs with lower resolution support.

So for gamers with 8K resolution TV’s, this is excellent news.

6. Virtual Reality

This is a significant feature that, if gotten right, will see PS5 taking the lead among gaming consoles.

Although it is not a new feature for Sony as virtual reality featured in the previous generation console, the PlayStation 4, however, what makes this special is topping the support for the PlayStation VR headset, is a PsVR 2 wireless follow-up headset.

Rival gaming console Xbox One doesn’t even have a console with virtual reality functioning, so this is a big significant change for Sony, and hopefully, they get it right.

5. Configurable Game Installations

Configurable Game Installation is another excellent feature confirmed for the PS5.

This feature allows gamers a heightened degree of freedom and flexibility in deciding their choice of game modes to install.

For instance, gamers who aren’t fond of installing the single-player campaign mode, which is a common feature in many games, can skip it and simply install the multiplayer mode with the help of the new SSD (Solid State Drive)

4. Solid State Drive (SSD)

Solid State Drive (SSD), which uses a new PCIe 4.0 connection, has been confirmed by Sony to be included in the PlayStation 5.

This feature will allow for games to load more efficiently and gamers to use in-game assets at high tech speed compared to the PS3 and PS4.

For instance, on the PS4 console, to load the modified version of the Marvel’s Spider-Man game, it takes about 15 seconds loading time; however, with the SSD’s inclusion on PS5, the loading time will approximately range between 5-8 seconds.

The SSD inclusion will also grant game developers to design a bigger open world in games.

3. 3D Audio Chip

There was not too much of a difference in the audio of the PS3 and PS4.

Notwithstanding, Sony has given gamers something to look forward to with the 3D Audio Chip’s promise on the PS5.

This will dramatically improve the audio depth and deliver a different audio experience compared to the PS4 with the application of horsepower.

The results, a more immersive sound as 3D audio, will guarantee sounds are heard from all angles, whether being played through TV speakers or headphones and thus an immersive gaming experience.

2. GPU & Ray-Tracing

The GPU & Ray tracing is an advanced graphical rendering system that boosts lighting techniques to effect a more impressive on-screen visual.

Usually, this tool is conversant with movie editors; however, Sony has confirmed that PS5 will feature a GPU with an inbuilt ray-tracing to enhance gaming visuals.

PS5 GPU will be an AMD Radeon Navi GPU to support Ray tracing from the hardware perspective.

Aside from enhancing gaming visual and graphic, this system will also improve the overall performance and speed of PS5.

1. Bespoke 8-Core AMD CPU

The Bespoke 8-, Core AMD CPU was the first feature on the PS5 Sony confirmed.

This feature is based on the third generation of AMD’s Ryzen line of processors and will produce eight cores and 7nm Zen 2 micro-architecture.

This feature, combined with the GPU & Ray tracing, will make up for a superb graphical content.

PlayStation 5 is going to much more than just gaming consoles.

This feature, which deals with a central element in gaming console; graphics, can be said to be at the top of the best PS5 features.

Final Words

Hope you enjoyed our collection of the best PS5 features.

Think we missed out any top feature?

Please share with us in the comments section below.

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