Top-10 Best Gaming Consoles 2021

Top-10 Best Gaming Consoles 2021

What are the best gaming consoles 2021?

As more individuals turn to video games, specifically console video games, video game creators battle with updating tech to meet the fantasies as well as tastes of online video gamer.

This comes as no surprise as video games particularly console video games attract a large number of gamers.

In 2021, it’s projected that about 676 million individuals turn to console video games.

With the majority of the world’s citizens restricted to their homes as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, that figure will be reached in no turn time.

For the console video gamers, getting the best gaming console is of great importance.

The gaming experience can be heightened depending on the speed, graphics, and portability of the consoles.

Since the first generation consoles hit the markets, gamers have not been satisfied, and in the 21st century, despite great strides in the production of game consoles, gamers still long for perfection.

While total perfection may be a fantasy, there exist the best game consoles which bring profound joy as well as action to the overall gaming experience.

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The Best Gaming Consoles 2021

1. PlayStation 5

The Best Gaming Console – PlayStation 5

The release of the PlayStation 5 was met with much funfare, and fortunately, it lived up to the expectations of gamers.

With Innovative upgrades in Certain upgrades such as the DualSense controller, the PS5 is a must-have for every enthusiastic gamer.

The upgrades in the controllers are even enjoyable as the PlayStation 5 arrived with an awaiting launch title; Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, an enviable position for Sony compared to Microsoft Xbox.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales brings to the fore the amazing features of the PS5, making it a noteworthy console.

However, the PS5 does have its shortcoming.

Storage is the major shortcoming of Sony’s latest gaming console.

Of the 825GB hard drive storage, only 667GB is available for games.

This leaves gamers with the painful decision of which games to the kept in the console and which to be deleted.

The improved DualSense controller consumes so much of the PS5 power that it drains so fast.

In all, the PS5 stands gallantly at the top of the best gaming consoles 2021.

2. Xbox Series X

The Best Gaming Console – Xbox X series

Microsoft’s big bet on the gaming console future undoubtedly is the Series X, which it released amidst a growing increase in the gaming community.

Posed to locked horns with Sony’s PlayStation 5, room for shortcomings in the Xbox Series X was very limited.

The Xbox Series X gaming console itself is a marvel, with multiple updates made that rectified the numerous shortcoming of Xbox gaming consoles.

But its widely publicized debut into the gaming community was dealt a major blow, thanks to software delays.

Microsoft can take solace in the fact that the gaming console has the right future.

In terms of storage, the X box One best its Sony rival, as it comes with 1TB of hard drive storage, with 802 GB, available after subtracting storage taken up by the OS.

The Xbox series X’s processing power, a unique feature of X box gaming consoles, is one to marvel.

It works at a really fast speed, and despite that, it cools fast.

However, the price to pay for that speed is size, as the Xbox series cannot for in an average A/V cabinet.

3. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Unlike previous versions of Nintendo gaming consoles, you don’t need to be tethered to a television to play the Nintendo Switch.

The console which was released globally in 2017, has a Joy-Con drift as well as directional buttons for control.

What’s a gaming console without internet connectivity?

Nintendo Switch comes along with features for gamers to engage in gaming via the Internet.

A noteworthy feature which reminisces previous versions of Nintendo gaming console is also updated in the version.

The feature in question is the ROM software cartridges where users are capable of playing variety of games.

The local wireless connection is also to keep in mind as gamers can connect.

This feature relies largely on physical closoure.

A downside about the Nintendo Switch though is the Joy-Con drift which have been said to be malfunction on several occasions.

4. Xbox One X

Xbox One X

For gamers whose determination of the best gaming console relies largely on speed and computing power, the Xbox One X is a must-have.

No gaming console currently to available rivals this gaming console in speed.

Graphics on this gaming console is also top rated.

The Xbox Game Pass is another incredible subscription based feature which gamers should take advantage of.

Think of it like a Netflix for games.

If you own previous editions of the Xbox gaming console series, playing games from your old consoles on this consoles isn’t a problem as the backward compatibility feature is intact.

Several top ganes are available onnthe Xbox One X gaming consoles such as the Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted.

A major downside of the gaming console is the expensive price.

The game costs about $500.

5. PlayStation 4 Pro

PlayStation 4 Pro

If you think the Xbox X One is incredible, wait until you see the PS4 Pro.

On this gaming consoles, Sony gave their all, well at least they did really well.

The graphics on the PS4 Pro supersedes virtually all of the gaming consoles currently released.

The amazing collections og game also makes a top choice ahead if the Xbox One X.

Try playing The Lastof Us on the PS4 Pro and you’ll forever clinch to it.

A major factor that helps gme consoles creators stay ahead of competition is the inclusion of new tech.

In the PS4 Pro, the VR Support is one feature that makes it one of the top gaming consoles right now.

But unlike the Xbox One X, the PS4 Pro doesn’t contain a service where gamers can access catalogs of games.

Also playing games meant for previous editions of the Play Station is not possible as the backward compatibility feature wasn’t included.

Aside that, the PS4 Pro remains one of the best gaming consoles 2021.

It also costs less than the Xbox One X.

6. PlayStation 4 Slim

PlayStation 4 Slim

For gamers who absolutely prefer the PS4 Pro to the Xbox One X but cannot afford it, the PS4 a highly rated choice.

The game experience in this consoles is as good as but not superior the PS4 Slim.

But in terms of performance, this gaming consoles is not a worthy choice.

Call it a low level version of the PS4 Pro. The game comes with the Virtual Reality Support as well as a VR headset.

The downsides in the PS4 Pro also applies here.

Aside not being as powerful as the Pro version of the Play Station, it’s good to go.

For beginners in console gaming, this is a recommended.

7. Xbox One S

Xbox One S

For avid gamers, the premier version of the Xbox Series was greatly flawed in its size and power rate.

The Xbox One S, makes us for the shortcomings noticed in the first edition of the game.

The design is also worthy for a new Microsoft gaming consoles, but despite improvements there have been concerns over it not being good enough.

Well you may wonder who can please gamers?

This consoles is particularly lacking in the best of exclusively games and perhaps it one reason why Sony appear be leaving inbthe gaming console world.

Backward compatibility is okay. But it’s power is less that the PS4 S.

8. Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo’s focus on portability comes to the limelight in this gaming console which was released in September 2019.

Just like Nintendo Switch, the Joy-Con and directional buttons are in place.

All games which are played on the Nintendo Switch is also playable on this lite version.

But for a lite version, it a little not as stanadee as the Switch version.

The Nintendo Switch lite has a small screen compared to the Switch version.

Its resolution is also reduced to 720p.

If all this doesn’t turn you off, then it’ll particularly please you that the the Nintendo Switch lite comes with a longer battery life.

9. SNES Classic

SNES Classic

The release of the SNES Classic is noteworthy because it further reveals Nintendo focus on portablity.

This game may be small, and games available on it limited to just 20, but it’s designed in a way that old folks who may be particularly turned off by the fancy tech of the latest gaming consoles will embraced the SNES Classic.

The another bait to attract young gamers is also the inclusion of a new game, entirely new to the gaming world, the Star Fox 2.

This small but amazing gaming consoles is also capable of connecting to the television so if you’re bothered about screen size, your TV is there for you.

A big catch about this console is that it was produced in small numbers and only few can be found.

You’ll be really lucky to stumble across a new SNES Classic.

More readily available is the refurbished versions which are sold at what I’ll call close to cut throat price for a small console.

10. NES Classic

NES Classic

For adult gamers who long to play games from their childhood, the NES Classic is the gaming console your should PROMPTLY purchase.

Yeah, you noticed the capital letters. That’s due to the fact that relics are priceless.

The NES Classic was the early gaming consoles which established Nintendo as a front runner in the gaming console world.

The production of this classic gaming console was a thank you gesture to gamers as this game was meant to just relive the early days as stated earlier.

The gaming console s limited to 30 games, and had the ability of connecting to your TV via the HDMI technology.

A new feature that makes it stands out is the game rewind feature.

You may find them at a very exorbitant price due to the limited amount available.


Hope you enjoyed our collection of the best gaming consoles right now.

Which of these consoles would be your go-to?

Please tell us in the comment section below.

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