Top-10 Best Games Like Minecraft

Top-10 Best Games Like Minecraft

Are there any games like Minecraft?

Check out our list of top similar and alternative games to Minecraft.

Since Minecraft was released in 2011 by Swedish game company Mojang, the sandbox game has risen to become one of the World’s most popular games.

Few games can contend with the engagement Minecraft has generated in its decade-old existence.

With over 126 million active monthly users, and over 200 million game sales across android, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation, and several other platforms, Minecraft stands gallantly as the best-selling video game all-time.

The critically acclaimed game has attracted both criticism and plaudits from critics, but overall, Minecraft can be said to be one of the best video games to play.

The game, set in blocky, procedurally-generated 3D World, has won multiple game awards such as the Best Downloadable Game, Innovation Award, and Best Debut game awards at the 2011 Game Developers Choice Awards.

Adaptations, parodies can inspire Minecraft’s popularity and the yearly held MineCon convention.

The success of Minecraft inspired multiple spin-off games, such as Minecraft Earth, Minecraft: Story Mode, and Minecraft Dungeons.

Aside from these, Minecraft’s popularity has also made fans inspired other games similar to Minecraft.

Gamingtell presents thus presents the best 10 of these games that look like Minecraft.

Not all games include in our top-10 Best Games Like Minecraft are sandbox games.

While most of the games are sandbox, a good number is of the survival genre, just like Minecraft.

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Best Games Like Minecraft

10. Eco


A lot similar to Minecraft, Eco, which was developed and published by Strange Loop Games, is built on the same foundation as Minecraft but focuses on a core message of protecting the environment.

The simulation game has only a multiplayer mode.

In the game, the open-world, Exo, is threatened by an imminent meteor impact.

Players have to do research and develop the level of technology in the game to destroy the asteroid before it brings doom to the Eco.

The open-world planet is a lot like earth, boast of resources buried deep in the ground, and Rivers, forest, and animals.

Eco is available on Microsoft Windows, Linus, and Mac platforms.

The game is lauded as an incredible entertainment and educational tool.

9. King Arthur’s Gold

King Arthur's Gold

Known as KAG, this survival game is often set in a 2D pixellated world and focuses on mining resources, destroying enemies, and building castles.

Players can choose from three playable classes, namely, builder, knight, and archer.

Each class has an objective, but cooperation is required for enemy teams to be successfully conquered.

Builders are tasked with erecting fortifications, while archers and knights are mainly for combat.

The latter is skilled at the close-range battle, while the former excel at hurling projectiles and scaling fortifications.

The game, which was developed and published by Transhuman Design, is available on Windows, Linus, and Mac platforms — launched in November 2005, KAG, which is similar to Minecraft mainly because of the blocky design and survival genres, has inspired the creation of other game.

8. Cube World

Cube World

Cube World offers a creative take on the block game world, with its dynamics so addictive that it was hailed as one of the most prominent Minecraft alternatives in the 2010s.

Though not officially released until September 2019, Cube World still appealed to an extensive fan base, as far back as its unofficial days.

Cube World is set in a voxel world, with various biomes, such as deserts, grasslands, oceans, and snow lands.

Castles and caverns are also standard sides in Cube World.

The game gives players creative freedom in character building, as it allows players to customize characters is based on sex and race.

Players can choose from four classes, namely mage, warrior, ranger, or rogue.

With numerous monsters, and creatures ready to devour players, players have to be equipped with armors, and weapons, which are upgraded as players defeat the monsters.

7. Vintage Story

Vintage Story

This sandbox game is similar to Minecraft in so many ways.

That’s not surprising as it’s based on a Minecraft game mod.

For Minecraft game mod enthusiasts, the Vintagecraft mode, which helps injects color and character to the game, is a familiar mod. Well, Vintage Story is a standalone but better version of the Vintagecraft mode.

The game was programmed by Tyron and Irena Madlener, the brains behind Aneho Studios, the game company that developed and published Vintage Story.

The gameplay of vintage story is focused on exploring the in-game world experience with a tall, blue humanoid, which is the game’s playable character.

As a seraph, the humanoid is used for resources, building, farming, and engaging in animal husbandry.

Vintage World, which was launched in September 2016, boasts of several realistic works with biomes.

6. Starbound


A bit similar to Terraria, Starbound can be said to be the Terraria equivalent of that Vintage World to Minecraft.

Starbound follows the sci-fi storyline and is set out in space.

The game mixes the perfect touch of survival action with a sci-fi glow.

Starbound engages players in multiple story-based missions in the game’s sandbox universe.

At the game’s outset, players are set in a space shuttle with which the player explores the galaxy.

The shuttle has a teleport pad, with which players teleport to various planets.

Player classes in the game are determined based on the item the player adorns.

5. Roblox


Roblox is the only game on this list that bears similarity to Minecraft, not just due to its playing style but due to the level of creativity and imagination the game gives to its users.

Roblox is undoubtedly one of Minecraft’s top rivals, and lately, the game, which dates back to 2006, has surpassed Minecraft in active monthly users.

Aside from the awesome games that have attracted billions of visits, Roblox boasts of, just like Minecraft, Roblox is modeling seasoned game programmers, which will do the gaming industry a good service in future years.

4. Survivalcraft


Survivalcraft was first launched in November 2011 on the Windows phone.

Survivalcraft has since extended to multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows.

The gameplay sees players married on an island and have to survive by farming, hunting, crafting items.

Players have to craft clothes, armors, and weapons.

Players also can create a World free from attacks from hostile animals and other threats in creative modes.

Survivalcraft can be said to be similar to Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

3. Terraria


Best explained as Minecraft in 2D, Terraria best starks similarity to the Microsoft game. But there’s a significant difference in how the contents of both games.

Terraria boasts rich game content and gameplay that revolves around exploration, crafting, mining, combat, and survival.

Players are set in a procedural, stated World, with essential tools to explore ores found in caves.

At the outset of the game, players have low health, which increases as players find specific items.

Players can find and create resources in the game to firm items at the appropriate crafting station.

The game support mods, which is facilitated by tModLoader, a third-party tool.

Terraria is available on multiple platforms and was published by 505 Games, but was developed by Re-Logic games.

2. CardLife


CardLife offers the best Minecraft nostalgic feeling than any other game on this list.

Unlike the block games on this list, every character and elements in CardLife is cardboard.

Though the game is not widely known, it offers a great sense of play, which unfortunately will most likely be experienced by only a few people.

Players can engage in lots of fascinating tasks, such as building cardboard mansions and creating cardboard characters.

1. Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included

The unity engine, Oxygen Not Included, is a simulation survival game released on Steam early access in February 2017.

The game, which was developed and published by Klei Entertainment, focuses on three duplicate, whose oxygen, hunger, and waste levels have to be monitored by the player to stay alive.

Players also have to create a sustainable space colony for the duplicates.The game has a procedurally generated world with various biomes.

The various regions and biomes in the game have different conditions such as breathable atmosphere, extreme temperatures, and diseases.

The primary reason why Oxygen Not Included can be said to be like Minecraft is that it involves the same building, exploration, and survival techniques as Minecraft.

Final Words

Hope you enjoyed our collection of games like Minecraft.

Every Minecraft fan is sure to find these similar and alternative games amazing.

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