Top-20 Best Fallout 4 Game Mods

Top-20 Best Fallout 4 Game Mods

What are the Best Fallout 4 Game Mods?

Fallout 4 is a classic apocalyptic action role-playing game released in 2015.

Although its voice acting, gunplay, player freedom, and word depth have received favorable reviews, game mods have been released by third-party mod creators and fans to better these features.

Being one of the most hypnotic games of this generation, these mods would only make the game more fun-filled.

If you’re up for more Fallout 4 exploit, let’s review the top-20 best fallout 4 game mods.

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Best Fallout 4 Game Mods

25. Better Settlers

Better Settlers

Ever been in a settlement with too many familiar faces?

Spark things up with this mod.

The Better Settlers Mod is a customizable mod that imports over 240 new settlers into the vanilla settler selections.

Players can also customize the settlers’ gender ratio, stats, and mortality.

24. Darkerr Nights

Darkerr night

This mod makes the night sky darker in the Commonwealth, offering players seven levels of darkness.

Players can also use the night vision option to see better at night and use the optional plugins to increase the NPC’s detection ability in low light conditions.

23. Looks Menu

Looks menu

This mod adds hundreds of new options to customize players’ characters such as face painting, tattoos, scars, makeup, brows, and hair colors.

22. Scrap Everything

Scrap Everything

Players can scrap houses, grasses, trash, roads, and sidewalks to build a better one again.

21. Lowered Weapons

Lowered Weapons

Hate it when your character points his gun forward always in the first-person perspective?

Install this mod.

With it, your character will have their weapons pointed down when it’s not in use; this will offer a more realistic feel as portrayed in action movies.

20. Alternativee Start

Alternative Start

As a role-playing game, players assume control of the Vault dweller in standard gameplay.

The ‘Alternative Start’ mod is a perfect mod to this genre as players can start the game as a different character.

There are over 800 dialogue edits, with voice and lip-sync, to create a unique character.

19. Beast Master

Beast Master

Want to command a Deathclaw and probably make it an acquaintance?

The Beast Master Mod is an exploitive gameplay mod that enables players to tame any creature found in the wasteland.

18. Settlement Supplies Expanded

. Settlement Supplies Expanded

In player’s houses, they can add the coolest new build sets, working planters, furniture items, snap-able doors, swappable chain link fences, and alternative power armor rack.

With over 1,000 craft-able items, Fallout 4’s enthusiasts can upgrade their settlements.

17. Armorsmith Extended

Armorsmith Extended

In standard gameplay, players cannot wear certain accessories when their armor is on.

The Armoursmith Extended mod enables players to put on clothes, hats, gas-masks, and bandanas when their armor is used.

Players can also use it to upgrade any clothing or armor they already possess.

16. Take Cover

Take cover

With this mod, players can effectively crypt behind low objects and precisely shoot enemies by leaning out.

15. Infinite Ammo for Your Companion

Infinite Ammo for Your Companion

Players can offer their companions unlimited ammunition with this mod.

However, at least one round of ammo in the player’s inventory is a prerequisite.

14. Craftable Ammo

Craftable Ammo

For a game of this quality, you might wonder why the Craftable Ammo feature wasn’t included in the first place.

Since it’s featuring an apocalyptic world, the Craftable Ammo Mod actually makes sense.

Players can create their ammunitions from a Reloading Workbench and fill their ammo stores with bullets and bombs, a feature that enhances the game’s realism.

13. True Storms

True storm

True Storms offer a total refurbish to the storm systems in Fallout 4.

Heavy rains, radiation rains, dust storms, new unique weathers, sound effects, particle effects, textures, and more are added.

It may provide the utmost exhilaration, but it is an amusing gameplay effect.

12. Legendary Modifications

Legendary Modifications

Players can modify existing weapons with the number of items from the legendary firearms or armor mod.

Players are advised to build and test weapons as some could be overbearing due to their fire-power.

11. Improved Map with Visible Roads

Improved Map With Visible Roads

The developers must have wanted to show the effects of the nuclear destruction leading to the game’s storyline and over reduced its contrast.

With the Improved Map with Visible Roads Mod, the contrast is increased; roads, topography, and waterline become more observable.

10. No Build Limit

No Build Limit

In standard gameplay, there are locations where buildings are restricted; these locations are signaled red during attempts to build.

The ‘No Build Limit’ game mod enables players to build objects in all settlements without restrictions.

Nevertheless, exceeding the limits could result in technical errors like the game slowing down or completely crashing, so caution is required.

9. Placee Anywhere/Everywhere

Place Anywhere/Everywhere

Placing objects at a preferred position is a problem faced by almost every Fallout 4 player.

However, players can place items in settlements everywhere they want and change whatever objects they like.

8. OC Decorator:

OC Decorator

This mod enables players to use looted materials to decorate their settlements.

Players can display these items as static decorations, showing them to the whole Commonwealth.

A good mod for showing-off the beautification skills you’ve got!

7. Intimidation Overhaul

Intimidation Overhaul

The Intimidation Overhaul is one of the most relaxed and most exciting modes with coercion as its main theory.

Players can directly interact with other settlers, putting them in handcuffs, shaking them down, and forcing them to run away.

6. MGS Aiming

MGS Aiming

This is a good mod for players that enjoy switching their game perspective.

Installing this mod enables players to play the game in third-person perspective while aiming in first-person perspective.

5. Any Mod Any Weapon (AMAW)

Any Mod Any Weapon

This mod encourages unlimited creativity and offers war-like realism, allowing players to create the weapons they wish, and keep on doing so till they tire.

4. Stronger Dogmeat

Stronger Dogmeat

The Vault dweller’s companion, Dogmeat, can only do around 1-2dbs in standard gameplay but can do up to 58dps after the Stronger Dogmeat Mod is installed.

3. Simplee Seasons

Simplee Seasons

Being an apocalyptic game, players may tire of looking at the game’s wasteland.

They can excite themselves by changing the visuals.

Installing the Simple Seasons Mod enables players to change the vast wilderness to a snowy plain or grassland.

2. Everyone’s Best Friend

Everyone's Best Friend

This mod allows players to have Dogmeat and a standard game companion at the same time without using hacks or console commands.

Players can switch between the two companions simultaneously.

1. Full Dialogue Interface

Full Dialogue Interface

Many enthusiasts of Fallout 4 do not like the standard dialogue wheel because it displays a hint of the player’s reply than an actual conversation.

The Full Dialogue Interface mod replaces the standard dialogue wheel, showing dialogue options in a list.

Players must use the number of keys/face buttons for input, depending on their control scheme.

There you have it.

The Best Fallout 4 Game Mods.

Feel anymore was left out? Tell us in the comment section.

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