20 Best Addicting Games Like Diner Dash

Top-20 Best Addicting Games Like Diner Dash

Are there any games like Diner Dash? Check out our collection of top-20 games similar and alternative games to Diner Dash.

Are you acquainted with the game Diner Dash? Its storyline alone piques interests.

Unsurprisingly, the amount of following it boasts in the gaming community and the number of games it has inspired to be created in its image.

It is a game that relies on time management and strategy to effects meaningful gameplay.

It centers around a former office worker Flo, who has set up her restaurant, although not something elegant.

Flo has to manage and maintain this restaurant properly to make enough profits to progress to the next level in the game, upgrades the restaurant by buying the necessary appliance needed, and open other restaurants.

Gamers will step into the shoes of Flo.

The amazing routine, strategy to put into play, and management process of Diner Dash make for realistic gameplay, and thus, it is not a surprise that there are tons of games that are made to reflect the same gameplay pattern of Diner Dash.

Below in no particular order, are 20 addictive games like Diner Dash.

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The Best Games Like Diner Dash; Similar & Alternative Games to Play

20. Cake Mania Main Street Lite

Cake Mania Main Street Lite

Cake Mania Main Street Lite is more of a strategic game.

A player will step into the shoe of in-game protagonist Jill Evans who manages a bakery that once belongs to her grandfather.

The cooking skills of players will be tested.

Players will use a combination of several ingredients in the game to prepare meals, and some of these ingredients will require players to perform a certain task to get them.

Overall, Cake Mania Main Street Lite is a great game and offers the same gaming thrill as Diner Dash.

19. Supermarket Mania

Supermarket Mania

Developed by G5 Entertainment, Supermarket Mania centers on the management of a grocery store.

You run a grocery store successfully, make earnings and open more stores.

It has two modes of play: Story Mode and Endless Mode.

Notwithstanding whatever mode you choose to play, you are in for a memorable gameplay fun.

Story Mode has over fifty levels for a player to get through, whilst Endless Mode puts you in competition with other online players.

18. Bistro Boulevard

Bistro Boulevard

Like most games similar to Diner Dash, Bistro Boulevard has you creating, managing, and decorating.

This game’s objective is to earn in-game cash to achieve your dream of building your five-star restaurant.

At the onset of the game, you build your restaurant and beautify it with different accessories at your disposal.

It is an enjoyable time-management simulation game with lots of content to explore.

17. Kitchen Scramble

Kitchen Scramble

Kitchen Scramble allows you to become a great chef with the skills to cook a variety of dishes.

It boasts of great and multiple difficulty levels and allows you the freedom to build your ideal restaurant and offer your cooking service to customers.

Keeping your customers happy with great cooking is a key factor to succeed in the game.

It is an enjoyable time-management simulation game with lots of content to explore.

16. Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Do You want to get the feel or experience of managing a Pizza Parlour and the responsibility that comes with the burden of management?

Good Pizza, Great Pizza offers just that, and it doesn’t miss out on taking a page from Diner Dash from the strategic points of view.

As you have to make tasty pizza to satisfy your customers’ needs, a player will have to employ tactics and a bit of strategy in doing so.

Also, you have to progress through the game at various levels to get through to the end, and each level brings to the fore certain tasks to be completed.

Overall Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a great time management game to indulge in and an excellent alternative to Diner Dash.

15. Cooking Academy

Cooking Academy

This is quite another version of Diner Dash, except it significantly highlight cooking as the main focus in its gameplay.

Players take on a chef’s role in a reputable culinary school who is striving to become the best chef in the world.

You’d have to learn over fifty recipes of cooking to achieve your goal.

With the challenge and difficulty that comes with it all, the levels in the game make the gameplay of Cooking Academy exciting and addictive.

It takes the whole cooking adventure a step higher.

14. Zombie Cafe

Zombie Cafe

Zombie Cafe gameplay blends a bit of action and time management.

In partnership with a corporation concerned with creating a cafe empire, you build your own cafe, use decors for a more beautiful outlook, and set off on the task of training and hiring zombies to assist you in catering to hungry customers.

Its gameplay seems a little different in comparison to Diner Dash, but the truth is, it follows the same fundamental creating and management style of gameplay present in Diner Dash.

13. School Bus Fun

School Bus Fun

As its name implies, school bus fun is all about fun on route to school.

You are a mother who is faced with the difficulty of transporting your child to school. throughout the journey, you will be in contact with several school kids, each with different behaviors that will put to the test your management and leadership skills.

However, the objective of the game is for you to earn money driving a school bus. the game was developed by fancy bytes and published by united independent entertainment.

12. Cooking Dash

Cooking Dash

The beginning of Cooking Dash is strikingly similar to Diner Dash, and also its gameplay follows a similar pattern to that of Diner Dash.

It put a player in the chef role.

You will create and decorate your restaurant with a number of accessories according to your taste.

Customers who find your restaurant attractive will visit, and you, in turn, have to satisfy their food curiosity and keep them happy and do all you can to increase the number of your customers.

However, the game is only available for play on mobile platforms.

11. Cooking Mama

This is the first major installment in the Cooking Mama series.

And just like Diner Dash, players will have to play as a chef who is running a restaurant and is required to cook delicious, tasty meals using a combination of different ingredients.

There are several levels that a player has to get through to progress in the game, and specific tasks are required to be accomplished to get through these levels.

For every task completed, a player receives points, which in turn can be used to unlock several items and ingredients in the game.

Cooking Mama gameplay is as fun to play as Diner Dash.

10. Breakfast Cooking Mania

If you enjoy cooking games and seek an alternative to Diner Dash, you no doubt will love Breakfast Cooking Mania.

The game open-world environment is set in Monstro Island, and its objective is simple; just cook and prove your worth.

Aside from its intriguing gameplay, Cathy’s Crafts background music, upgrades, items and achievement to unlock, and its Ultra-HD visual sum it up to the perfect alternative game to Diner Dash.

9. My Kingdom for the Princess

My Kingdom for the Princess whirl things up a bit and is more intense compared to Diner Dash.

It excludes the decorative touch present in Diner Dash but shares its time management and strategy perspective.

You assume the role of a warrior name Arthur, and you are tasked with fulfilling the dying wish of your king to rescue the princess from the hands of a vicious dragon, Firemouth, and restore balance and order to the kingdom.

You will have to combat enemies, collect resources, and rebuild destroyed buildings.

There are more than fifty difficulty levels in four different locations in the game to get through.

8. Cathy’s Crafts

Cathy's Crafts

Cathy’s Crafts follows the same management theme and gameplay in Diner Dash.

A player would be in charge of a crafting shop.

They have to maintain and properly manage the craft shop, which involves decorating your shop, giving it a stunning look, and satisfying customers in creating decorations for their taste.

You will earn points and money according to your decoration skills.

The game’s objective is to manage your crafting shop properly to get through each level in the game.

Aside from its intriguing gameplay, Cathy’s Crafts background music, upgrades, items and achievement to unlock, and its Ultra-HD visual sum it up to the perfect alternative game to Diner Dash.

7. Order Up!! To Go

This is another restaurant empire game.

Its storyline alone tells the similarity it shares with Diner Dash.

It’s all about a chef who arrived in Port Abello with dreams to set up his restaurant business.

The goal in this game is to create a restaurant, beautify it so as to attract customers, and manage it properly to make money.

Money earned would be used to create more restaurants.

To create, maintain, earn money and recreate, and, above all, keep your customers happy.

Their satisfaction is the key to progress in the game.

6. Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

From the decorative perspective, Home Sweet Home shares great similarities with Diner Dash.

Players step into the life of an interior designer who is tasked with renovating clients’ homes.

You create your team and go about the task of decorating.

A good decoration earns you lots of cash, and cash gives you the access to employ skilled workers to your team.

Home Sweet Home holds lots of contents awaiting your discovery.

Its gameplay is addictive, and its visuals stunning.

5. Happy Chef 2

Happy Chef 2

Developed and published by Nordcurrent and available cross-platform, Happy Chef 2 puts you in the life of a chef who cooks a variety of dishes from different locations across the world.

By default, your cooking adventure starts from Italy, and then you progress through the various levels and difficulty of the game discovering and unlocking secret recipes and advanced tools as you explore the world in your goal to become the best chef in the world.

4. Nanny Mania 2

Nanny Mania 2

This game is the second installment in the Nanny Mania series, which focuses on a nanny tasked with taking care of a mansion and other household activities such as bathing and watching over a kid left in your care, doing the laundry, and cleaning up the several rooms of the mansion.

You’d be required to clean the home within a time limit.

Meeting up with the time limit goes a long way in gaining your employer’s trust and proving you’re one of the best Nanny around.

In summary, Nanny Mania 2 stresses the employs the tactics of time management and strategy to progress in the game.

3. Bakery Story

Bakery Story

As with most games with similar gameplay to Diner Dash, Bakery Story requires a player to build and decorate.

However, in this game, a bakery is the subject of creation.

You get to create and design your bakery with the sole aim of attracting customers to your bakery.

To progress to various levels in the game, you need to keep your various customers properly fed and happy.

Strategy and time management is a factor to keep in check for success in Bakery Story. Fans of Diner Dash will no doubt find Bakery Story appealing.

2. Delicious: Emily’s New Beginning

Delicious: Emily's New Beginning

GameHouse developed this game.

Like Diner Dash, players will step into the shoes of a female protagonist, Emily, who is attempting to reopen a once closed restaurant after recently giving birth.

Delicious: Emily’s New Beginning will put your time management skills to the test, especially as you attempt to combine your restaurant duties with your motherly duties.

Its gameplay is not much of a difference from that of Diner Dash.

You create and design your restaurant and manage it properly, get through various levels with its sets of challenges, and above all, earn money.

Delicious: Emily’s New Beginning is one amazing management game with great graphics and game mechanics.

1. Restaurant Story

Restaurant Story

Talking of cooking adventure, then you are likely referring to Restaurant Story.

In this game, you start out by building the cooking cafe of your dream using a variety of in-game tools.

You simply play to your creativity in beautifying your restaurant with hundreds of items.

And it isn’t just about building and designing. Restaurant Story offers a whole lot more.

You make friends and communicate with other players, discover the mystery of secret dishes, cook delicious meals, and chat with in-game customers.

In summary, the game’s ultimate goal is to ensure your customers are happy and get through to the next stage of the game.

A well-decorated and managed restaurant will earn you in-game money and help to unlock new recipes.

Final Words

Hope you enjoyed our collection of games like Diner Dash.

If you are a fan of Diner Dash you will find these games entertaining.

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